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CWP Case Study - Digital Nations


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SilverStripe Head of Product, Nicole Williams and DIA’s GM of Government Information Services, Christine Bennett present on the success of the Common Web Platform and the impact it is making to government agencies.

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CWP Case Study - Digital Nations

  1. 1. The Common Web Platform Case study: Public and private sector collaboration The official web platform of the New Zealand Government Images: CC0 thanks to
  2. 2. Public + private collaboration
  3. 3. 50+ CMSes across govt
  4. 4. Solution sought: Common tools
  5. 5. DIA Product management Incapsula Web Application Firewall SilverStripe Open source CMS Revera Managed infrastructure The team
  6. 6. Web platform Agency Agency Shared practices and standards Agency Agency Agency Commonality without stifling Innovation
  7. 7. Expectations 5-10 Government agencies 60 Government agencies Results
  8. 8. Expectations Results 15-20 Websites and intranets 230+ Websites and intranets
  9. 9. Private and public collaboration The benefits realised
  10. 10. Increased Collaboration Co-designed solutions Shared innovations Open data/source commitment
  11. 11. 500+ hours/month for shared improvements
  12. 12. “We can build new tools like AskUs with confidence. This transformed how our visitors find information, reducing call centre enquiries by up to 50%. ~ Je Lan Brash, Office of the Privacy Commissioner
  13. 13. Sharing innovation ● Code open sourced ● Improved by others ● Knowledge shared beyond functionality ● Search focused content architecture
  14. 14. Saved Time and Money Lower procurement costs Fast to set up new sites Start with existing functionality
  15. 15. “An important outcome has been the business efficiency of hosting our digital channels… we can manage and maintain them more efficiently.” ~ Paul Giles previous Manager Communications Channels Services, NZTA
  16. 16. Increased Agility Able to rapidly deploy improvements
  17. 17. Reduced Risk Guaranteed uptimes Ongoing security testing Disaster recovery Web application firewall
  18. 18. Guaranteed Uptimes Stable under increased traffic load
  19. 19. Baking in best practices: Making it easy to do the right thing for people
  20. 20. Sharing best practices ● Design standards ● Accessibility standards ○ Forms ○ Menus ○ Tables ○ Themes
  21. 21. Where next?
  22. 22. What we’re seeing Start fast, stay fast
  23. 23. Informational Transactional Integrated Predictive Dynamic Government Digital Maturity
  24. 24. Common tools + collaboration drive better outcomes, both for government and people
  25. 25. Questions? Tēnā koutou, thank you for listening Images: CC0 thanks to