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CWP 2.0 Major Release Meetup


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Celebrate the release of CWP 2.0 with us! We cover where we have come from and where we are going with CWP, taking a closer look at what is new in this release and how your agency can leverage CWP 2.0.

Published in: Government & Nonprofit
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CWP 2.0 Major Release Meetup

  1. 1. #CWP2
  2. 2. #CWP2 The Common Web Platform Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing. Lorem ipsum dolor sit. 2018 CWP 2.0 released 2017 50 government agencies on CWP with over 200 websites 2015 CWP 1.6 released 2014 24 government agencies on CWP with more than 30 websites 2013 CWP 1.0 launched
  3. 3. #CWP2
  4. 4. #CWP2 Co-funded open source development ...and counting More than 14,000hrs
  5. 5. #CWP2 CWP 2.0 The second major release for the official web platform of the NZ Government Celebrating the launch of
  6. 6. #CWP2 Improvements for Content Editors
  7. 7. #CWP2 ● Look and feel ● File management ● Campaign publishing ● Asset versioning ● Responsiveness Improvements for Content Editors The CMS sees and number of improvements to make your job easier.
  8. 8. #CWP2 Look and Feel Enhanced the CMS interface. Ultimately keeping things simple, clean, and easy to use.
  9. 9. CWP 1 with SilverStripe 3
  10. 10. CWP 2 with SilverStripe 4
  11. 11. Responsiveness The main sections of the CMS are now responsive.
  12. 12. #CWP2 Drag and drop, Versioning, Campaigns Better file and content management
  13. 13. Streamlined File Management
  14. 14. #CWP2 ● Simplified interactions around file management, from inserting to updating and editing files ● Streamlined the publishing workflow to remove steps ● Added keyboard shortcuts, drag and drop functionality and bulk interactions Streamlined File Management
  15. 15. #CWP2 ● Easier publish of non-page content ● Cascade publishing of nested content ● Improved history and draft preview Better Content Versioning
  16. 16. #CWP2 ● Group new content together in “campaigns” to be released all at once ● Access controls allow several people to work together seamlessly Improving Team Visibility
  17. 17. Campaigns
  18. 18. #CWP2 Refined recipe construction
  19. 19. #CWP2 ● CWP 1 had a small number of meta packages which bundled the product into an easily installable kit ● Results in larger code base Old recipe construction
  20. 20. ● CWP 2 allows for a more customisable approach. ● Developers can selectively add bundles of functionality more appropriate to a site’s needs. ● Reduces the site’s code base ● Alleviates maintenance and upgrade requirements - you only have what you want! New recipe construction
  21. 21. #CWP2 Upgraded themes
  22. 22. #CWP2 ● Highly accessible theme ● Allows for a high amount of customisation and design ● Theme can be applied with minimal restrictions which can help developers speed up development CWP Starter Theme Included in the default installer.
  23. 23. #CWP2 ● More design elements than the CWP Starter theme ● Perfect quick ‘up and running’ option ● Cost effective solution for smaller sites or short term campaigns Wātea Theme Still available for new CWP 2 sites.
  24. 24. #CWP2 New functionalityWhat’s new is better.
  25. 25. #CWP2 ● PHP 7 is supported, improving the speed of your site. ● ReactJS has been introduced in building user interfaces, allowing you to edit content in the CMS faster. ● File and campaigns section are first examples utilising ReactJS Performance improvements Your site will be faster!
  26. 26. #CWP2 ● GraphQL has been introduced for APIs, improving what’s capable of bringing external content into your site. Share more content Smarter ways of providing content
  27. 27. #CWP2 ● The Translatable module meant that multiple language versions of a site needed to be managed independently by content teams. ● Fluent provides multi-language translation, without having to manage separate site trees. ● Use through a simple CMS filter. New Module: Fluent Replaces the Translatable module.
  28. 28. #CWP2 Content Blocks ● Allows content on a page to be broken into more maintainable and rearrangeable blocks. ● Moves Content Editors away from the restriction of managing content in a single editor field. ● Read the blog post: Google “SilverStripe content blocks” What are content blocks?
  29. 29. #CWP2 ● Allows content like banners, text and media to be independently managed within the CMS. ● For different design requirements, or for different content author groups. ● Flexible page structures. ● Creates consistency for content authors and developers working across multiple sites. ● Making it a supported module aligns the combined efforts of community contributions. Content Blocks The benefits.
  30. 30. Embedded in Page Authoring
  31. 31. Inline Editing
  32. 32. Embedded History
  33. 33. #CWP2 ● Content blocks also allow for: ● Content structure suited for search based nav and digital assistants ● Manageable serving of content with a Decoupled CMS But blocks aren’t just about layout
  34. 34. #CWP2 ● Provides a snapshot of the current build of your site. ● Helps you make faster and more informative decisions about site and module upgrades. ● Includes module information on features and code health. ● Easy links to user help documentation. ● Available this month in next minor release for CWP 1.9 and for CWP 2.1 Site Summariser Get to know the ‘health’ of your site.
  35. 35. Site Summariser
  36. 36. #CWP2 How to get CWP 2
  37. 37. #CWP2 How to get CWP 2 ● New CWP site projects will get it by default. ● Talk to your developers or vendor of choice about upgrading from an existing site on CWP 1.x
  38. 38. #CWP2 We support development teams through automation. Upgrading to CWP 2
  39. 39. ● It will: ● 'recompose' your requirements ● update your environment settings ● help you namespace your code ● help update your code to use new APIs ● alert you to any issues it may identify ● relocate your web root assets ● re-organise your project layout (more relevant with upcoming releases) Upgrader tool Supporting Developers
  40. 40. #CWP2 Extensive Changelog Step-by-Step guide for technical decision makers.
  41. 41. #CWP2 If you want to read more about CWP 2 improvements and features included in this slide More Resources ● Slides will be shared through the MeetUp page ● Check the CWP website for news and subscribe to the newsletter ● Regular updates on the SilverStripe blog
  42. 42. Thank you!