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CKAN Registry Module Presentation


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Cam Findlay, the Lead Product Owner at, and Guy Marriott, a developer at SilverStripe, joined us to speak about the new CKAN Registry Module that has been released to help keep data open across the government.

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CKAN Registry Module Presentation

  1. 1. CKAN Registry ModuleDemo of new SilverStripe module for CWP
  2. 2. Who are we? Immovable force meets unstoppable object... Guy Marriott Developer - SilverStripe SilverStripe “Core Contributor” @ScopeyNZ - GitHub Cam Findlay Lead Product Owner - Advocate for open data and open source @cameronfindlay
  3. 3. ● "CKAN" data catalogue is getting traction as an open data API provider. ● We found that "searchable data registries" were common. ● Data often locked away not open. ● Great alignment of two government wide products integrated. ● Plenty of options to do more integrations! Data vis, open data publish from CWP, baked in open harvesting standards etc. Why did we create this? Unlocking the datas
  4. 4. ● Product Owner talked to a number of other govt agencies with a similar problem to solve. ● Crafted a Common Web Pool submission using a combined understanding of what needed to be done. ● Workshops with the agencies, SilverStripe and Product Owner. ● product owner attended standups/demos over several 2 week sprints (active involvement in Agile delivery). ● Worked in the open from day zero. How did we work Common Web Pool fund to the rescue
  5. 5. We have a usable MVP data integration between and CWP. We can start opening up data and treating it like data and make use of it for end users easily. Content editor can use this out of the box, no devs or data geeks required. Outcomes Awesome source
  6. 6. Demo time
  7. 7. You can use it now! ● We’ve tagged a stable release 1.0.0 ● Passed a security audit ● The demo was just using that release ● CWP 2.2 / SilverStripe 4.3 is a requirement composer require silverstripe/ckan-registry Carpe diem
  8. 8. ● End users communicate directly with CKAN ● Faster for end users ● Less traffic on your own site ● The “out of the box” front-end is built with React ● Front-end is a fully functional “example” ● React brings a quicker feeling user experience ● We encourage developers that want to heavily customise to copy our code Non-functional Features Behind the scenes...
  9. 9. There are a few stand-alone “components” that can be used Select a dataset from a CKAN API What’s in it for a Developer? It’s not all about the “registry”
  10. 10. Fetch and refine a column from a CKAN dataset There’s a Javascript API for communicating with CKAN that we’ve built.
  11. 11. Other features not included in MVP could be added (maps, geolocation, proximity etc). The user stories are up publicly on GH. The concept opens up other ideas for integrations between govt open data and CWP (hint: you can submit to cofund too!). Work with the agencies that came along for the ride to start implementing real use of the module. What's next This is only the beginning.
  12. 12. Thank you! QUESTIONS???