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Digital Games in European Libraries


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A presentation given at #IL2008 showing the connections between Europe and the USA, and how public libraries in the former are using video games.

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Digital Games in European Libraries

  1. 1. Digital Games in European Libraries John Kirriemuir
  2. 6. Kearney (Ireland) ‏
  3. 7. Finnegan (Ireland) ‏
  4. 8. McCain (Scotland) ‏
  5. 9. Dee (Ireland) ‏ William I of Scotland
  6. 10. Isle of Berneray Population: 126
  7. 18. “ No, but some of our public libraries have such media.” National Library of Austria
  8. 19. “ We collect a copy of every game produced in France.” National Library of France
  9. 20. “ We keep them within the stacks, in the same condition as the rest of the documents.” National Library of Catalonia
  10. 21. “ “ All the games are in Estonian and meant for children about 8 years of age.” Tallinn Central Library
  11. 22. “ No.” National Library of Belarus
  12. 23. “ We receive digital games through the legal deposit requirement. The public libraries of Spain lend computer or video games.” National Library of Spain
  13. 26. “ We offer 300 PC and 121 Playstation games. Every game is lent 30 times on average per year.” Leipziger Stadtische Bibliotheken
  14. 32. Folkbibliotek och TV-spel: En kvalitativ studie av hur införandet av TV-spel på svenska folkbibliotek relaterar till införandet av andra nya medier. Public libraries and video games: A qualitative study of how the introduction of video games in Swedish public libraries relates to the introduction of other new medias. Karin Edman Olle Engström
  15. 33. National vs local East vs west Independence of the local library
  16. 34. “ The revolution will be catalogued” Further results, Amtrak travels and library stuff.
  17. 35. Europe and the world Illustration Credit & Copyright: Planetary Visions Ltd.; Courtesy: Kevin M. Tildsley Largest ancestry by US county (2000): Barack Obama: Joe Biden: John McCain: Sarah Palin: Berneray from 30,000 feet: European Union Parliament: European Union map: Euro: Seventh European Framework Programme: National Library of Austria: National Library of France: National Library of Catalonia:
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