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oral diseases that depreciate the natural beauty of your smile.
“In many cases, we have patients coming to us with gum dis...
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The Dentist in Silver Spring MD Talks About Cosmetic Dentistry and Gum Aesthetics, PART 1


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This two-part article series focuses on the various cosmetic procedures specifically designed to improve upon the evenness and symmetry of one’s gums and gum line.

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The Dentist in Silver Spring MD Talks About Cosmetic Dentistry and Gum Aesthetics, PART 1

  1. 1. TheTheTheThe DentistDentistDentistDentist inininin SilverSilverSilverSilver SpringSpringSpringSpring MDMDMDMD TalksTalksTalksTalks AboutAboutAboutAbout CosmeticCosmeticCosmeticCosmetic DentistryDentistryDentistryDentistry andandandand GumGumGumGum Aesthetics,Aesthetics,Aesthetics,Aesthetics, PARTPARTPARTPART 1111 ThisThisThisThis two-parttwo-parttwo-parttwo-part articlearticlearticlearticle seriesseriesseriesseries focusesfocusesfocusesfocuses onononon thethethethe variousvariousvariousvarious cosmeticcosmeticcosmeticcosmetic proceduresproceduresproceduresprocedures specificallyspecificallyspecificallyspecifically designeddesigneddesigneddesigned totototo improveimproveimproveimprove uponuponuponupon thethethethe evennessevennessevennessevenness andandandand symmetrysymmetrysymmetrysymmetry ofofofof oneoneoneone’’’’ssss gumsgumsgumsgums andandandand gumgumgumgum line.line.line.line. Most people think of cosmetic dentistry as a suite of procedures and treatments that focus on improving the appearance and general presentation of the teeth. While this is absolutely correct, you are missing one fundamental element... the gums! Teeth whitening, crowns and veneers are all designed to enhance the appearance of, specifically, your teeth, but there are many procedures that can do exactly the same for your gums. We spoke to a qualified and experienced cosmeticcosmeticcosmeticcosmetic dentistdentistdentistdentist inininin SilverSilverSilverSilver SpringSpringSpringSpring MDMDMDMD to learn more about what can be done for those of us with less than perfect gums. YourYourYourYour GumsGumsGumsGums areareareare asasasas VisuallyVisuallyVisuallyVisually ImportantImportantImportantImportant asasasas YourYourYourYour TeethTeethTeethTeeth “The crowns of your teeth tend to hog the limelight as far as smile enhancement is concerned,” say dentists in Silver Spring MD. “When you think of improving your smile, you tend to focus exclusively on your teeth and not what can be done for your gums. But, healthy pink gums are just as important to overall smile aesthetics as even, symmetrical and white teeth!” Gum diseases, such as gingivitis and periodontitis, can really devastate the quality of your smile, not only by yellowing the teeth, but also by rendering the gums red, inflamed and swollen. Puffy gums also make the teeth look shorter and stubbier. This is why dentistsdentistsdentistsdentists inininin SilverSilverSilverSilver SpringSpringSpringSpring MDMDMDMD really emphasize the importance of good oral hygiene in the fight against
  2. 2. oral diseases that depreciate the natural beauty of your smile. “In many cases, we have patients coming to us with gum disease but who are interested in cosmetic enhancement, when in fact all they need to get their beautiful smiles back is the right treatment for their oral ailments! Instead of veneers or teeth whitening, we begin them on a course of treatment for infection and after a few weeks, they’ll find their teeth and gums looking infinitely better and more attractive. This is the great thing about dentistry: the close relationship between health and beauty!” But what about people who are “born” with uneven gums? What about those who are in good oral health, but who have “gummy” smiles? Or those who have larger than normal crowns, resulting in a “toothy” grin? Is there hope for these people? Of course there is! CosmeticCosmeticCosmeticCosmetic SolutionsSolutionsSolutionsSolutions forforforfor AestheticallyAestheticallyAestheticallyAesthetically ““““BadBadBadBad”””” Gums:Gums:Gums:Gums: CrownCrownCrownCrown LengtheningLengtheningLengtheningLengthening One of the common procedures prescribed for patients who present with excessive gum tissue and short, stubby-looking teeth is crown lengthening. This simple, straightforward and inexpensive treatment involves the removal of a thin strip of soft tissue along the length of the gum margin, revealing a greater portion of the tooth crowns. This has the affect of making the teeth appear bigger and restores a more natural tooth-to-gum ratio. “Crown lengthening is really very straightforward and yet the results it yields can totally change a patient’s appearance for the better,” say dentists in Silver Spring MD. “What we love about this job is that small changes can make huge differences, not only to the appearance of a patient’s smile, but also to the way they feel about themselves; to their confidence!” StayStayStayStay TunedTunedTunedTuned forforforfor PartPartPartPart 2222 To find out more about the various cosmetic treatments offered by Silver Spring dentists, stay tuned for the second installment of this two-part article series.