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Tools for Internet Marketing


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Useful tools Ed Dale uses and teaches in The Thirty Day Challenge

Published in: Business, Technology
  • Thanks for the mention and recommendation Lunace. You're going to love the latest version upgrade with lots of new online persuasion tools added in to the system. We're movign more and more to BLOG i360 being a complete New Media marketing system.
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Tools for Internet Marketing

  1. 1. Research Made Easy Niche Market Research The Thirty Day Challenge Presented by Annie Anderson 1
  2. 2. Ed’s Tools !.&.teaches in the challenge . Tools Ed uses Wordtracker - broad phrase research Google Trends - niche phrase research Stumbleupon - networking, rank Facebook - networking, rank Twitter - networking, resources - networking, resources, rank 2
  3. 3. Wordtracker Use Wordtracker to find broad phrase matches for topics of interest 3
  4. 4. Google Trends Use Google Trends to find out what the traffic is for the niche phrase chosen from the wordtracker search 4
  5. 5. Stumbleupon Use Stumbleupon to rate websites and to network with people who have similar interests My stumbleupon page is here - http:// 5
  6. 6. Facebook Use facebook to network with like-minded people, to learn more about topics of interest, find and research people and sites that might be helpful and to have fun doing it all my facebook profile - http:// id=726507062 6
  7. 7. Twitter Use to “follow” other people who have similar interests, share information, discuss relevant topics (& more), and to network - all in real time My twitter page - silverlunace 7
  8. 8. Social bookmarking tool used to network, share interesting sites, and find useful sources on topics of interest my - silverlunace 8
  9. 9. Annie’sAnnie uses daily for business Tools Tools Basecamp - collaboration & project management tool Backpack - keep track of stuff, notes, etc Simple•ology - keeping organized Blog i360 - blogging tools NeoOffice - alternative to MS Office 9
  10. 10. Basecamp! I use Basecamp to keep track of projects, collaborate with clients, store documents and more Check it out and sign up here 10
  11. 11. Backpack Developed by the same company as Basecamp, I use Backpack for my personal notes, ideas, affiliate info, website management info and to store pictures, files and other items I need often You can check it out and sign up here 11
  12. 12. Simple•ology Developed by Mark Joyner, I use Simple•ology to keep me headed towards the big picture and to keep me grounded Learn more and sign up here 12
  13. 13. Blog i360 Really cool blogging platform that hosts your blog on your own domain name using Wordpress and Podpress as its base You can learn more and sign up here 13
  14. 14. NeoOffice An alternative to MS Office, NeoOffice is available for Windows, Mac and Linux users and includes a word processor, spreadsheet, presentation program, and more and is compatible with Office docs It’s free and is available here 14
  15. 15. I hope you’ve enjoyed my presentation! If you are interested in learning about internet marketing and have not yet signed up for The Thirty Day Challenge, I encourage you to do so. It’s 100% FREE! Please feel free to check out my blog about my experience in the Challenge - Thanks for viewing my slideshow! Annie Anderson silverlunace 15