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How to be a Tizen Committer


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How to be a Tizen Committer by Jin Yoon

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How to be a Tizen Committer

  1. 1. How to be a Tizen Committer Jin Yoon
  2. 2. !
  3. 3. Open Source? vs Source Open?
  4. 4. Source Open Source Open
  5. 5. Internal Repository Open Repository clone pullpush
  6. 6. Open Source • Tizen 3.0 Reference :
  7. 7. Open Repository push pull
  8. 8. Where to Find Sources? •
  9. 9. Repository List adaptation/alsa-scenario-scn-data-0-base
  10. 10. ? 34% framework 16% profile 15% apps 9% toolchains 5% external 5% scm 4% sdk 3% test 3% adaptation 3% samples 3% Pkernel adaptation external famework apps
  11. 11. Hot Groups platform kernel adaptation upstream famework apps samples test scm sdk profile mobile wearable tv ivi
  12. 12. Bugs in Forum?
  13. 13. Bugssss
  14. 14. Clone * Reference
  15. 15. Branch • master • tizen_2.1 • tizen_2.2 • tizen_2.3 • tizen_2.4 • tizen
  16. 16. Modify Bugs 코드를 수정하세요. 참, 쉽죠?
  17. 17. SDK Build
  18. 18. OBS Build References "Git Build System" "[Tizen] 우분투에 타이젠 플랫폼 툴인 gbs & sdb 설치해보기" "[Tizen] 타이젠 gbs의 모든 것"
  19. 19. Roles Developers Write and submit code to the development branch of a Git project. Verify and review (vote "+1" or "-1") code changes for any project on any branch. Maintainers Create additional branches, such as upstream, development branch to profile projects. Rebase master branch to upstream branch. Review code, as well as approve (vote "+2") or reject (vote "-2") patches. Guidelines for maintainers are: Despite the granted power, maintainers must not accept their own changes without passing peer review ("+1") or ("+2"). The force push right is granted for maintainers to handle code rebase. Maintainers must not abuse the right to hide patch submissions that are supposed to be reviewed. Reviewers Review code, as well as approve (vote "+2") or reject (vote "-2") patches. Release Engineers Approve submission to OBS. Perform smoke-test of the resulting image and then transfer to the release area for QA engineers to perform further test. QA Engineers Perform thorough integration and verification of the image to eliminate regressions and bugs.
  20. 20. Submit a Patch to Gerrit • Push $ git push origin HEAD:refs/for/tizen t-usage • Gerrit Site
  21. 21. 1:n Review, Patches…
  22. 22. Reviewer’s Review Reviewing a Patch on the Gerrit To review a patch in the Gerrit web GUI, publish the comments and vote for the patch, the patch will be merged or discarded depending on the voting results.
  23. 23. Reviewers "타이젠을 말하다“ 박영주 연구원 : yjoo93.park at "Tizen Application Inside Out" 이세문 연구원 : sm79.lee at "타이젠 UI앱의 필수, EFL 파헤치기" 정우현 연구원 : wh0705.jung at "더 빠르고 더 유연한 윈도우 시스템(Wayland on Tizen 3.0) 문관경 연구원 : kk.moon at "바닥부터 만들어보는 Tizen(Tizen from scratch)" 우상정 연구원 : sangjung.woo at "타이젠 오픈소스의 커미터가 되어보자!" 윤 진 연구원 : jinny.yoon at "Tizen SDK를 이용한 Tizen Platform 개발" 이승환 연구원 : at
  24. 24. Practice • Repository git clone ssh://<username>
  25. 25. Hole #1
  26. 26. Hole #2
  27. 27. Hole #3
  28. 28. Hole #4
  29. 29. Telegram • Repository git clone ssh://<username>
  30. 30. Q&A