5 Steps Toward Digital Sanity


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Tips and Tricks for working more efficiently and effectively in a world of information overload

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5 Steps Toward Digital Sanity

  1. 1. 1 FIVE STEPS TOWARD DIGITAL SANITY by @jeremycaplan CUNYJ Orientation ‘14 2 FIVE STEPS TO A SUCCESSFUL FIRST SEMESTER by @jeremycaplan CUNYJ Orientation ‘14 SIMPLIFY Step 1 4 STREAMLINE YOUR STUFF Image By Justin Leibow 5 Pick. Stick. Dig. Image By Justin Leibow 6
  2. 2. Evernote A powerful, flexible, easy-to-use digital file cabinet Desktop: Store and Find Notes Web: Clip and Save Anything Email: Forward Key Messages Mobile: Collect on the Go 7 8 9 Evernote 10 11 EVERNOTE = NOTES GDRIVE = DOCS DROPBOX = BACKUP 12
  3. 3. TOODLEDO Simple Task Lists Specific, Small Next Steps Imminent vs. Someday Google Calendar Google Calendar Trello 18 Trello
  4. 4. TOODLEDO = TASKS GCAL = CALENDAR TRELLO = PROJECTS 19 Key Tools Some of the services I find useful 20 ‣ Dropbox ‣ Evernote ‣ Toodledo ! ! ‣ Gmail ‣ GDrive ‣ GCalendar ‣ GContacts ‣ GVoice SIMPLIFY Step 1 Step 2 BE AN EMAIL NINJA 23 Search, Don’t File Finding a message by hunting through folders takes 3.4 times as long as searching for it. FOLDERS Source: IBM Research 24
  5. 5. 25 Find Web Info = Google Search 26 Find Email Info = EMail Search 27 Use Email Tags: #fms #projectx @pat 28 Send @ 6am Not 4pm A message sent at 6am is three times as likely to have a link clicked on than one sent at 4pm Source: ReviveYourInbox.com 29 Be Super Brief 73 Seconds Email replies take an average of 73 secs to compose ! 47% of emails are read on a mobile device ! ! ! ! ! Source: Litmus Email Analytics Report April 2014 Source: ReviveYourInbox.com 30
  6. 6. 31 See five.sentenc.es = a plea for short email 32 4 Useful Searches: has:attachment from:caren subject:budget newer_than:2d 33 Or use a combo: has:attachment budget 4 Gmail Shortcuts C"="Compose" R"="Reply" A"="Reply"All" F"="Forward 34 35 Batch, Don’t Squirrel Focus on one thing at a time. Your attention is valuable. Don’t squander it. 36
  7. 7. Check email every hour, not every minute Schedule Email Time 12 substantial messages per day take an average of 90 minutes for reading & response Source: ReviveYourInbox.com 37 38 39 Act, Don’t Postpone 40 37% % of emails on which recipients defer action Source: Carnegie Mellon Research Do, Defer or Dump Inbox Diet = Filters 41 Do = <2 Min Reply Defer = Sked/Delegate Dump = Archive Sender’s Name or Address Subject Line Keywords 42
  8. 8. 43 Unroll.me 44 Use Email to Send to: Evernote Instapaper Pocket Dropbox Toodledo super.cc = Add to calendar by email 45 SendToDropbox.com = Email into Dropbox 46 Email Adoption Curve The hottest thing in email keeps evolving... Sparrow, Mailbox, Boxer New email tools are recognizing how email has changed 47 Hotmail The first mass-email product that got the attention of the masses The Chasm AOL The first email account many of us had: not fancy, but eye-opening Gmail Revolutionary. Rethought everything - from account size to conversations. Innovators Early Adopters Early Majority Late Majority Laggards Boomerang 48
  9. 9. Boomerang 49 50 Nudgemail 51 Nudgemail 52 Rapportive 54
  10. 10. Rapportive 55 WiseStamp 56 WiseStamp email signature 57 Step 2 BE AN EMAIL NINJA Step 3 SHARPEN YOUR PHONE
  11. 11. 8 Handy Mobile Apps for Efficiency Additional Notes: bit.ly/ninjamobile TASKS EMAIL CALENDAR READING TOODLEDO BOXER REFRESH INSTAPAPER NOTES PODCASTS CAMERA PHOTO EDITING EVERNOTE DOWNCAST CAMERA+ SNAPSEED 62 Snapseed 63 Quora Up to a two line subtitle, generally used to describe the takeaway for the slide 65 Step 4 UPDATE YOUR TOOLKIT
  12. 12. picmonkey.com bufferapp.com quickcast.io otranscribe.com typeform.com GetCloudApp.com
  13. 13. 73 otixo.com New Sites and Startups Useful resources for staying up to date 74 BetaLi.st ProductHunt.co JournalismTools New Sites and Resources New Startups Ranked pinterest.com/JournalismTools ProductHunt BetaLi.st 76 BetaLi.st pinterest.com/journalismtools 77 Tech Updates Useful resources for staying up to date 78 Netted Lynda.com MakeUseOf A daily tech tools newsletter Top-notch online learning Free guides and tip sheets
  14. 14. Netted Useful Tech Resources Top news sources for new sites, apps, and tools 80 ReadWriteWeb The Next Web Alltop Smart tech industry news Rising star in tech coverage Aggregator of top blogs Figuring Stuff Out Help for queries 81 Quora Lifehacker Mashable Expert questions and answers Great tech pointers Social media news 82 A good toolkit has more than a single hammer Image By Justin Leibow Step 5 CREATE TIME 84
  15. 15. 86 Agileroute.com/clipboardhistory 87 Up to a two line subtitle, generally used to describe the takeaway for the slide 88 Automate Typing Type something once, fine. Type it twice, fine. Type the same thing 50 times? You’re wasting time. 89 90
  16. 16. TextExpander IFTTT (IF This, Then That) The best way to create triggers to automate common tasks 91 92 93 94 95 96
  17. 17. 97 IFTTT (IF This, Then That) The best way to create triggers to automate common tasks 98 someone who gets things done Image By Justin Leibow 99 someone who has time to be creative … and time to savor life Image By Justin Leibow Image By Justin Leibow 100 First Things First Start the day with the most important project “Launching my work day by focusing first on whatever I've decided the night before is the most important activity I can do that day. Then taking a break after 90 minutes to refuel...”! ! - Tony Schwartz, ! Harvard Business Review
  18. 18. ! Tech Sabbath No-Tech Saturday Morning No Tech 1 Hour Before Bed No Tech Before Breakfast 104 jeremy@jeremycaplan.com Slides from this Schedule a Meeting: bit.ly/meetjeremy Follow Me on Twitter: @jeremycaplan Today’s Notes and Links bit.ly/ninjasanity @jeremycaplan