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Hacking your investor pitch deck


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How to create a compelling elevator pitch, a 15-page investor pitch deck and tell your founder story

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Hacking your investor pitch deck

  2. 2. COMPELLING ELEVATOR PITCH @cherylyeoh@kellyhadous
  3. 3. A simple formula to creating a good elevator pitch is the following: “My company, _[company name]_, _[unique value proposition]_, is building a _[product solution]_ to solve _[problem]_, addressing the _[addressable market]_. Feel free to tweak the formula, but all the basic elements should be there.
  4. 4. For example: “My company MaGIC, that is run by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs, is building a platform for high-growth and social entrepreneurs to be exposed to a regional and global mindset, educated in specific startup skills, and for their startups to be accelerated to be investment-ready, addressing the 620M market opportunity in Southeast Asia that they can potentially capitalize on.”
  5. 5. Example of an expanded pitch: “In just one year, we’ve educated over 14,000 budding entrepreneurs via MaGIC Academy workshops and we’re specifically proud to have created over 200 new developers who can now code and build products. In fact, we just launched the MaGIC Accelerator Program (MAP), where we received over 1,000 applications from 26 countries, and selected 77 early-stage startups to be part of our first cohort over the 4-month program, making it Asia’s largest equity- free accelerator. Finally, 70% of our entrepreneurs who were part of our e@Stanford exposure program have raised funding. We’ve just published our 1-year impact report that you can find at”
  6. 6. 10-MIN INVESTOR PITCH @cherylyeoh@kellyhadous
  7. 7. STARTUP LOGO Startup Name Founders Names Date Taglines (if any)
  8. 8. PROBLEM STATEMENT Why is this problem important to the world?
  9. 9. FOUNDER STORY Why this problem is important to you, the founder? Why are you passionate about this problem?
  10. 10. PROPOSED SOLUTION Is this a “painkiller” or a “vitamin”?
  11. 11. PRODUCT SCREENSHOTS Show how it works. Visuals speak a thousand words.
  12. 12. WHY NOW? Why is this the right timing for your product to flourish?
  13. 13. UNIQUE PROPOSITION Why you’re better than existing solutions? Who are your competition?
  14. 14. INITIAL TARGET MARKET & EVENTUAL MARKET SIZE You can start with the addressable local market size, but need to show the larger ASEAN market opportunity for this to be interesting to investors
  15. 15. UNIT ECONOMICS & BUSINESS MODEL Here’s how the math makes sense CAC <<(3) CLTV Do you understand the costs and profit margins of your business at scale, even if the unit economics early on will be different?
  16. 16. USER ACQUISITION & DISTRIBUTION What are the different channels you’re going to use to acquire your customers and the costs for each. Are they scalable and sustainable?
  17. 17. TRACTION OVER TIME Growth chart since your product launch
  18. 18. VALIDATION FACTORS Testimonials or proof of concept from each customers
  19. 19. TEAM Credibility and background of your team. Why you’re the right team to execute on this vision?
  21. 21. CALL TO ACTION OR ASK How much are you raising? How much has been committed? What are you using the funds for?
  22. 22. CONCLUSION End with a bang!
  23. 23. FOUNDER STORY @cherylyeoh@kellyhadous
  24. 24. ONE PAGER (a tease) @cherylyeoh@kellyhadous
  25. 25. LAVAFLOWERS by environmentally friendly farmers Lava Flowers aim to shorten the supply chain between the farmers and consumers so that unnecessary logistical cost could be eliminated to ensure fresher flowers and happier farmers. PROBLEM People buy flowers all the time for various occasions. Unfortunately, the flower supply chain is extremely inefficient which results in poor quality flowers at a high cost. SOLUTION (Clearly Include USP) We work with the farmers from ground zero to source the supply directly from there. We are managing the whole supply chain and that will reduce the overall cost of the flowers. TARGET MARKET & MARKET SIZE Malaysians, aged 22-35: 7.0 million Indonesians, aged 22;35: 22 million Singaporeans, aged 22-35: 1.5 million BUSINESS MODEL We sell flowers online with minimal marketing to achieve a low customer acquisition cost. ACHIEVEMENTS We have received RM150,000 from Cradle Fund Sdn Bhd and have appeared on Shark Tank for a pitching competition. TEAM Azim Iskandar Founder, CEO 5 years of marketing experience, cofounded a social marketing platform for fashion accessories and a flower enthusiast. Wong Lai, Tan Founder, CTO Full-stack engineer, loves building beautiful websites and mobile applications. Other team members: Shahmi (Intern), Sharan (Intern) CONTACT INFORMATION Wong Lai, Tan Azim Iskandar Web: +6012-456 7891 +6017-143 2239 COMPETITION Other flower delivering companies such as TheBouqs, BloomThis and traditional retail florist shops. COMPANY REGISTRATION STATUS Sendirian Berhad NUMBER OF USERS/CLIENTS As of July 2015, we’ve acquired 10,000 active users. PAGE VIEWS We have 5,000 unique monthly visitors to our website KEY METRICS PROGRESSIVE GROWTH CHART
  26. 26. INTERNAL USE ONLY @cherylyeoh@kellyhadous
  27. 27. LAVAFLOWERS by environmentally friendly farmers FINANCIAL INFORMATION Cash Position The company has enough funds to sustain a period of 18 months. CAP TABLE Shareholder Common Common Fully Diluted % FDStock Options Founder #1 950,000 950,000 57.3% Founder #2 300,000 300,000 18.1% Employee #1 200,000 200,000 12.1% Employee #2 100,000 8,000 108,000 6.5% Pre-Investment Option Pool 92,000 100,000 6.0% Total 1,550,000 100,000 1,658,000 100% Current Valuation The company is currently valued at $1,000,000. How much are you looking to raise at demo day? And at what valuation? At the end of the program, we are looking to raise RM2,000,000 at a valuation of RM10,000,000. SHAREHOLDING Shareholder Amount (RM) Founder #1 50,000 Founder #2 20,000 Employee #1 20,000 Employee #2 10,000 Total 100,000
  28. 28. THANK YOU! @cherylyeoh@kellyhadous
  29. 29. 10 CORE TENETS OF MAP 1. Be a PURPOSE-DRIVEN founder. Remember why you’re here. Why you’re building this company 2. FOCUS on doing one thing really really well, one at a time 3. Be INSANELY OPTIMISTIC about possibilities but grounded with practicality 4. STAY HUMBLE: Always be CURIOUS and eager to LEARN 5. DARE TO FAIL: Be diligent about EXPERIMENTING with different strategies & methods every week: DOUBLE DOWN on those that work and cut out those that don’t 6. HUSTLE and try harder: Two of the most valuable characteristics of a great founder is RESOURCEFULNESS & PERSISTENCE. There are always 10 different ways of achieving something 7. PAY IT FORWARD: Give before you Take 8. When in doubt, ALWAYS CARE. Your platoon’s problem is your problem. Their success is your success 9. PERSONAL GROWTH is as important if not more important than COMPANY GROWTH 10.Don’t miss the FOREST for the TREES