The Bradford Legacy - Chapter 1


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The Bradford Legacy - Chapter 1

  1. 1. Welcome to the first chapter of my legacy, the Bradford Legacy. You may want to read the prologue to get up-to-speed on the back story, but it’s not necessary. Please enjoy.
  2. 2. Dear Father, Mother, Henry, and Arthur, Much has happened since my safe arrival in New Simland. Governor Gavigan greeted me upon my arrival, and helped me to select a large plot of land. With the meager funds I had after paying for my passage, I built myself a small home. It is not much, but I plan to someday build one as grand as the one in which I grew up.
  3. 3. I found a local physician who is willing to take me on as an apprentice. I spend much of my free time studying so that I will be able to advance more quickly.
  4. 4. It seems that I have much to learn in regards to medicine. I often find myself perplexed by what I am studying.
  5. 5. I am lonely, having little time to make acquaintances. So far, I have only had the time to get to know a few people aside from the Governor, and I have found him a hard person to like.
  6. 6. I have also begun to farm. It is very hard and exhausting work, but the sale of my crops will help to increase my income and, as I mentioned, I have big plans for what I want to build on this land.
  7. 7. I am continually planting more crops. Farming takes up much time, and the work does not end when the sun goes down.
  8. 8. I am hopeful for a bountiful harvest this fall.
  9. 9. One of the few people I have had the chance to get to know is Chris Chase, a server at the local tavern. She came to New Simland several years ago, and has been working off the cost of her passage since then.
  10. 10. I admit to being put off a bit at first by her outgoing nature, but have grown to appreciate her kind heart and love of learning.
  11. 11. She has become a great friend, and I believe that she would make an excellent wife. I must wait a time before I can ask her, as she still has a bit more of her passage expense that she must pay back. I hope my letter finds you well. Please write back with news from Simland. Your faithful son and brother, John
  12. 12. My Brother John, I hope this letter finds you well, and that you are continuing to setting into your new life. Mother is overjoyed to hear that you have met a suitable woman. Shortly after your departure, I married the lovely Phila Alden.
  13. 13. It is a good match for both of us, and already Mother is quite fond of her. I am certain that with time, I shall grow to care for her just as strongly.
  14. 14. Arthur has also married. His bride is Ester Lucas, daughter of our neighbor Lord Lucas. They are both settling in to their new life nicely. We all greatly appreciate your long letters, most especially Mother. Please continue to write us with your news, and we shall do the same. Most sincerely yours, Brother Henry
  15. 15. My Beloved Family, Thank you so much for your letter. I wish Henry and Arthur much happiness. Chris has finally finished paying off her passage debt, and now continues to work so that she can afford a dowry. On one of her evenings off, we went out to the tavern for a meal.
  16. 16. I confessed that I have grown to care for her, and she admitted that she is rather fond of me as well.
  17. 17. As we danced, I contemplated how she is the most remarkable woman I have ever met.
  18. 18. I looked into her eyes, and knew that I could not wait any longer to ask her to be my bride.
  19. 19. I brought her to my humble house, and she declared that it was one of the most beautiful place she had ever seen, as I had built it with my own two hands.
  20. 20. And then, my dear family, I dropped to one knee and asked her if she would do me the honor of becoming my wife. She made me the happiest man in New Simland when she said “Yes.”
  21. 21. The day before our wedding, Chris went shopping for suitable attire to wear.
  22. 22. We met at the town meetinghouse before sunrise to exchange vows.
  23. 23. I have given Chris the ring that Mother gave me before I left. She asks that I pass along her thanks for this generous gift.
  24. 24. ~
  25. 25. Chris is very happy. She appreciates a hard-working husband, and knows that I will provide for her and our family.
  26. 26. With what remained from Chris’ dowry, I have been able to make some additions to our home, and was able to purchase some furniture new arrived from Simland. Chris is very pleased with my plans for the farm and house.
  27. 27. I awoke the next morning with a feeling of contentment I have not known before. I am well on my way to accomplishing what I set out to do when I moved to New Simland. I have land, a small farm, an apprenticeship in medicine, and now, a lovely wife. The family that I long for is the only thing I need to make my life complete.
  28. 28. Chris has settled into her new role as wife quite nicely. Her years of at the tavern have left her with many skills in the kitchen.
  29. 29. She takes good care of our home, keeping it neat and tidy.
  30. 30. She even enjoys assisting me in my garden. She is truly more than I have ever hoped for. My letter grows long, so I shall close now. Most sincerely yours, John
  31. 31. My Brother John, It is with a heavy heart that I write to you of the passing of our beloved Mother. As you can imagine, we are all most distressed. Father has been especially difficult to console.
  32. 32. But in the midst of our sadness, a great joy has come into our lives. Phila and I have been blessed with a son. We have named him Henry John, after Father and you. We are pleased to hear that Chris has turned out to be the wife for which you have longed. Please continue to keep us updated on the goings-on of your new family. Most sincerely yours, Brother Henry
  33. 33. Henry, I too am most grieved at the lost of our beloved Mother. Please pass my condolences along to Father and Arthur. Much has changed since I last wrote. Chris suddenly began growing tired quite easily, and spent much of the day abed. I was quite concerned for her well being for a time.
  34. 34. It turns out that my concerns were unfounded. Over dinner one evening, she shared with me the news that she was with child. I was quite excited by her announcement, as I have always wanted a family.
  35. 35. I spent even more of my time studying, so that I would be able to complete my apprenticeship that much quicker. A baby would mean that I needed to move forward with my expansion plans for the house.
  36. 36. Chris resumed her care of the garden after a few months, despite how much it tired her. She insisted upon doing her part to support our child.
  37. 37. Chris was very excited about becoming a mother.
  38. 38. One afternoon as I was playing chess, I heard a cry from the kitchen.
  39. 39. Chris was laboring with our first born.
  40. 40. Several hours later, Chris gave birth to our first child, a son. He has my hair, and Chris’s dark brown eyes. We have called him Elias.
  41. 41. Elias spends much of his time sleeping. I did not realize that babies could be so boring.
  42. 42. Chris is an excellent mother. She cares greatly for Elias, and seems to know exactly what he needs before he has a chance to cry. Despite her constant doting on our son, she still managed to tend the garden and keep house. I shall close my letter now. Most sincerely yours, John
  43. 43. My Brother John, Again, I must pick up my pen to share sad news with you. Our beloved Father has died. We are grieved by his passing, but find solace in the knowledge that he has been reunited with his beloved wife, our loving Mother, once more.
  44. 44. I do have some happy news to share. Arthur and Ester have been blessed with a daughter, who they have called Charity, in honor of our late Mother. We all wish you congratulations on the birth of your son. I hope that he will grow into as brave and strong a man as his father. We also pray that you and Chris will be blessed with more children. Most sincerely yours, Brother Henry
  45. 45. Henry, How time does seem to be slipping by! I had hoped that I should be able to see Father again, but it is not to be so. I am much saddened by the news of his death. Elias grows quickly. I cannot believe that he is no longer a baby.
  46. 46. He will be a handsome man when he grows up. He is quite even tempered, and is a sweet little boy.
  47. 47. Chris spent many hours teaching him to speak and walk.
  48. 48. He learned quickly, and that turned out to be most fortunate for all of us.
  49. 49. It turned out that Chris was with child again. This pregnancy was even harder on her than Elias’.
  50. 50. Her labor began late one night…
  51. 51. …and she soon gave birth to a daughter. We have named her Primrose.
  52. 52. We were both quite surprised to find that her labor was not over…
  53. 53. …and then we were blessed with another son. We have called him Phineas.
  54. 54. Primrose was a curious baby, always wanting to see what was going on around her.
  55. 55. Phineas was much more content to sleep his babyhood away.
  56. 56. Elias grew up into a child. He bears a strong resemblance to our late Father.
  57. 57. We had quite a snowy winter, and Elias spent as much time as possible outdoors.
  58. 58. He spent so much time on one “snow man” he built that he missed the birthday of the twins.
  59. 59. Primrose was quite fascinated by the candles on her cake.
  60. 60. The resemblance she bears to Chris is quite remarkable.
  61. 61. I hope that she will grow up to be quite the lady.
  62. 62. I must not forget that Phineas grew up as well as his sister.
  63. 63. He seems to glow whenever Chris is teaching him something. I cannot yet decide if he looks more like me or Chris. I have little paper left, and will bring this letter to a close now. I hope to hear from you soon. Most sincerely yours, John
  64. 64. My Brother John, My wife Phila died in childbirth several months ago. I have been so overcome with sorrow that I have not had the heart to return your letters. Phila’s death is the largest event that has occurred since I last wrote. There are two other items I would note.
  65. 65. First, Henry has grown into a child. He does not take well to his studies.
  66. 66. Second, Arthur, Ester, and Charity have moved into the family home. Arthur has been ill with a cough for some time now, and can no longer manage his house alone. Ester is assisting with raising Henry in Phila’s absence. I apologize for sending such a short letter. I hope that next time I write I shall have better news. Most sincerely yours, Brother Henry
  67. 67. Henry, I am so sorry to hear that you lost beloved Phila. I cannot imagine what I would do if I lost Chris. Time continues to march forward for me. Elias began school.
  68. 68. He was very excited to learn as much as he could.
  69. 69. He was especially interested in geography. He said that he wanted to learn about the land of his grandfather.
  70. 70. With the children growing, Chris was able to spend more time pursuing her own interests. She has always been eager to learn as much as she can.
  71. 71. For many years, I passed my evenings reading Elias to sleep.
  72. 72. I tried not to favor any of my children, but I could not help but dote on Elias.
  73. 73. As my firstborn, I feel a special connection to him. He was the fulfillment of the greatest of my dreams.
  74. 74. Primrose and Phineas grew up into children as well. They spend a great deal of time together.
  75. 75. Primrose often went along with the games her brother wanted to play, but she found no great enjoyment in the game of chess.
  76. 76. Phineas could have spent the entire day at the chessboard. He has begun to bear a strong resemblance to me.
  77. 77. Chris has become quite the gardener. She has brought in a great deal of income to the family from her digging in the dirt.
  78. 78. Chris ensured that Primrose spent time studying the arts of cooking and cleaning. Primrose didn’t mind, as the parlor was the first room that we have fully finished, and she is already showing an affinity for the finer things in life.
  79. 79. Phineas would rather pass his time studying, and spent much of his time playing chess with whomever would join him.
  80. 80. And Elias had another birthday. I can hardly believe that I am old enough to be the father of a teenager.
  81. 81. He has grown into quite the handsome young man. His life ambition is to make as many friends as possible, and to my disdain, thinks of pursuing a career in the theater. He spends much of his time now studying in preparation for University, and I hope that he will change his mind in regards to his career choice. In order for this letter to make the ship leaving tomorrow, I will close here. Most sincerely yours, John
  82. 82. My Brother John, It seems that I always open my letters to you with sad news. Arthur’s cough did not go away, and he died. Ester was most distraught for a long time.
  83. 83. Charity has grow up, and she spends much time at the piano. The loss of her father has hit her hard.
  84. 84. Henry is now a teenager, and would rather play at cards than open a book. I worry what will happen when he attends University.
  85. 85. Ester was a great comfort to me after Phila’s death, and I have tried to return her kindness in the wake of Arthur’s passing. I did not expect to fall in love, but I could not help myself. She is a truly remarkable woman, and we were married about two years after Arthur’s death.
  86. 86. I have since begun to show my age. Growing old is no great joy. Brother, I am pleased to hear that the crazy scheme of your youth has worked out. I know what a blessing a home and family can be. Most sincerely yours, Brother Henry
  87. 87. Henry, I can hardly believe your latest news. My own brother! I have not words for my sorrow. My family wishes you and Ester the best. I hope that there is some happiness for both of you. A great deal has occurred since I last wrote, so it will take some time to get you caught up.
  88. 88. The twins grew up much too fast for my liking. It was hard to believe that there are no longer children in the house.
  89. 89. I cherished the last few moments I had with them in their youth.
  90. 90. I must say that I was quite pleased with how both of the twin grew up. Primrose has become quite the young lady. She seeks to find as much fun as she can from life.
  91. 91. Phineas would rather spend his time with his nose in a book. More often than not, I found him asleep on the settee in the parlor after dozing off during one of his marathon reading sessions.
  92. 92. Primrose took to helping Chris in the garden. Chris complained at Primrose’s lack of skill at first, but I think she was secretly pleased to have a companion in her labor.
  93. 93. It also freed Chris up to pursue other interests.
  94. 94. While Chris enjoys being a mother, I think she enjoys it much more now that her children can take care of themselves.
  95. 95. Phineas and Elias spend much time studying so that they can get into University.
  96. 96. The town continues to grow, and has attracted some rather undesirable characters.
  97. 97. After assisting Chris in the garden one of my mornings off, I found myself feeling quite off-color.
  98. 98. I found a cure for my ailment, and we never speak of it. I have not helped in the garden since then.
  99. 99. Late this summer, Governor Gavigan and his wife invited Chris, Primrose and I over to their mansion.
  100. 100. I had not seen their son Isaiah since he was a small boy. He has grown into a fine young man.
  101. 101. After dinner, we adults sat down in the Governor’s parlor. It turned out there was an ulterior motive for our dinner invitation. Mrs. Gavigan informed us that she wished for Primrose to marry her son.
  102. 102. I was quite shocked. Primrose had not yet shown any sign of being interested in any young man.
  103. 103. I was quite apprehensive about betrothing my only daughter at such a young age.
  104. 104. Chris took a broader perspective on the subject. She knew that Isaiah would be able to provide a stable home for Primrose, and that the Gavigan fortune would provide for all the “pretty little things” of which Primrose had grown so fond.
  105. 105. It still did not seem possible that my little girl was old enough for talk of marriage.
  106. 106. Chris assured me that Primrose and Isaiah had gotten to know each other during the afternoons Isaiah and Elias had studied together after school.
  107. 107. I knew that I was outnumbered. I owed Governor Gavigan a favor for how kindly he had treated me when I first arrived here in New Simland. Before we departed that night, my daughter was engaged to marry Isaiah Gavigan on her 21 st birthday.
  108. 108. I remained unsettled about betrothing my daughter without speaking with her, so I broached the subject over a game of chess.
  109. 109. Primrose assured me that she was very happy to be engaged to Isaiah. She was quite pleased about the prospect of being the one of the finest ladies in town.
  110. 110. After partaking in many birthday celebrations for my children, it was time to celebrate my own.
  111. 111. I could not decide upon a wish. I had a fine house, a lovely wife, and a beautiful family. There is little more that a man could ask for.
  112. 112. I was excited about moving into the next phase of my life.
  113. 113. I do believe that I am still the handsomest of the Bradford boys, even with my silver hair. Brother, I fear that I shall not hear much more from you. I pray for your health and the well-being of your family. Please keep writing as long as you are able. Most sincerely yours, John
  114. 114. John, We have never met, but I feel I know you through the letters you wrote your brother. I regret that I must inform you of some sad news.
  115. 115. Your brother Henry, my beloved husband, died in his sleep at the age of 70. He is greatly missed by all of us. The children and I bear the burden of his loss as best we can.
  116. 116. Young Henry has departed for University. I hope that he will be able to keep himself out of any major trouble during his time there.
  117. 117. Charity has grown into a lovely young woman. Her beauty is well-noted, and I worry that she will develop a reputation as a flirt.
  118. 118. My own health has not been good. The aches and pains of my age catch up with me quickly now. I do hope that you will update me on your family. Your letters are such a comfort to me, as they remind me of how excited Henry would be when the post came. Your devoted sister, Ester
  119. 119. My sister Ester, I am most grieved to hear of the passing of my brother Henry. I would be honored to continue my letters to you. It brings me comfort also to think that you care of the goings- on of my family, even though we have never met.
  120. 120. Phineas has found a lovely young lady, Nicole Thompson. He met her at the general store when she was tending the counter.
  121. 121. Elias has taken to rubbing his impending departure for University in the face of his sister.
  122. 122. She does not seem to mind, as she is focused on preparing the trousseau for her marriage.
  123. 123. Chris continues to pursue her love of learning.
  124. 124. Elias will depart for University this fall. We will miss him greatly. I now know that I shall never return to Simland, as I have build a life for myself here. Henry’s letters have kept me connected to a family that no longer exists as I knew it. Stay safe, and I hope to hear from you soon. Most sincerely yours, John
  125. 125. Uncle John, We have not been formally introduced. I am Henry Bradford III, son of your late brother, Henry Bradford II. I pick up my pen with a heavy heart to share that my step- mother, Ester Bradford, has passed away.
  126. 126. Charity has been most distraught, and I am doing my best to be a comfort to her in this time of sorrow.
  127. 127. I will be unable to pick up the correspondence that my late father and stepmother kept with you. My time at college has left the estate in disrepair. I must devote my energy to restoring it to its former glory. I also believe, that with the independence of the New Simland colonies, that it is inappropriate for a man loyal to the Crown to write to anyone from Simerica. Sincerest regards, Henry Bradford III
  128. 128. My son Elias, You will find this letter when you arrive at University and begin unpacking your trunk. There are some things that I am compelled to share with you that I could not say in person. My thoughts began at dinner this evening.
  129. 129. Primrose and Phineas put on brave faces, sharing in your excitement about your imminent departure. I could see how you could barely contain your own excitement.
  130. 130. I know how jealous Phineas is that you get to go to University first.
  131. 131. Your mother is especially proud of all you have accomplished. I know she will be over the moon when you return home with your diploma.
  132. 132. I meant what I said about finding friends during your time at University. Do not spend all your time studying. But I know that making friends has always been a priority of yours.
  133. 133. And I do hope that Primrose’s prediction of rain during your journey turned out to be untrue.
  134. 134. I have always been proud of all my children, but I am especially proud of you right now.
  135. 135. You are the realization of a dream I had many years ago, sitting in the parlor of my family home back in Simland. I feel blessed to have a son such as you.
  136. 136. Write to your Mother and I often. She will want to know all about everything that you are learning.
  137. 137. I know that you and Phineas have not been the closest of siblings, but I know he will miss having you in the house.
  138. 138. He is most anxious to join you at University when he has finished his studies here.
  139. 139. I also ask that you keep an eye on Isaiah Gavigan while you are at University. Your sister will appreciate knowing that her betrothed is behaving in an appropriate manner. Write often, my son. I wish you to know of all your joys and sorrows over the next four years. Most affectionately yours, Father
  140. 140. Thank you for reading The Bradford Legacy. Watch for Chapter Two! All of the CC that you see is from Mod the Sims and All About Style. If you have a question about where I got a particular item, please PM me on Boolprop, and I’ll try to identify it for you.