The Bradford Legacy - Asylum Week 1


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The Bradford Legacy - Asylum Week 1

  1. 1. Welcome to a project that I wasn’t expecting to be working on. However, several other funny asylums havecaught my eye, and got me thinking about how much fun it would be to try one of my own. All the Sims inare from my story, and have annoyed me somehow. Some will be more obvious to you than others. Andyes, they’re in modern clothes so I didn’t have different time periods running around.This will be very different from the legacy. There is no plot, and will be written as commentary. There willbe wall down, plumbbobs, and not-so-great-pictures. Hopefully, it will be fun for you as well.And now, enjoy One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest: A Bradford Legacy Asylum Challenge.
  2. 2. First up, let’s meet the inmates, shall we?This lovely lady is Nicole Thompson, former teenage cashier. She married into the family via generation 2spare Phineas. She was not a good wife or mother at all, and she was constantly grumbling because shewanted a job and I was not letting women work outside the home at that point. She’s the only elder whoever died not in permaplat, and I did that because I wanted her gone as soon as possible.Nicole is a Gemini 9/7/2/5/2, and her aspiration is Fortune.
  3. 3. This is Rebecca Thompson Ryan, the second of Nicole and Phineas’ three children. Rebecca married forwealth, attempted to convince generation 3 spare Eliza not to remarry after the tragic death of her firsthusband, and tried to marry her daughter Matilda off to a business associate of her husband’s when shewas in love with someone else.Rebecca is a Gemini 4/6/9/6/1, and her aspiration is Fortune.
  4. 4. And speaking of Rebecca’s husband, here he is too. Timothy Ryan, aka Mr. Big. He paid a man to takehis place in the Civil War draft, attempted to force his daughter Matilda into a marriage that would suit hisbusiness, and then disowned her when she eloped with the man she loved.Timothy is a Pisces 5/10/5/5/0, and his aspiration is Fortune.
  5. 5. You might not recognize this man, but picture him as an elder. It’s Professor Leonid Hutchins, husband ofgeneration 4 spare Henrietta. He was a mean, mean man, and made Henri miserable until he died, and hewasn’t exactly nice to his son Victor either. Victor had some major issues about marriage because of hisfather.Prof. Leonid is a Gemini 4/3/7/4/7, and his aspiration is Fortune.
  6. 6. The next inmate almost needs no introduction. It’s Matthew Bradford, my generation 4 heir. Why’s hehere? Well, he force his twin sister Henri to marry the no-so-good Professor Hutchins, beat up his littlebrother Alex over his choice of a bride, and gave his daughter Elizabeth a complex by ignoring her andtreating her as if she were worthless. He was evil to everyone he knew, and if anyone deserves to be in anasylum it’s him.Matthew is a Capricorn 10/2/3/9/1, and his aspiration is Fortune.
  7. 7. And if Matthew’s here, you know that his wife Jan Danaher Bradford is too. What can I say about Jan?Aside from assisting Matthew in all his nefarious deeds, Jan made life miserable for her daughter-in-lawMarsha because she wasn’t who Jan wanted her son Jefferson to marry. She tried to convince James, thegeneration 6 heir, that Marsha, his mama, didn’t love him.Jan is a Pisces 5/3/7/3/7, and her aspiration is Knowledge.
  8. 8. The last of the inmates is Muriel Gavigan Phoenix, one of the generation 6 cousins something-removed-to-the-somethingth-degree. She’s not really featured in the story, but that doesn’t mean she hasn’t annoyedme. First, she’s an unauthorized twin. Yup, her brother Harris was born first and then she came alongright after. When you’re six generations in and striving for a little population control, unauthorized twins arethe last thing you want. Second, she’s a gossip. In the story, she was the one who told James (generation6 heir with a quick temper) that Viola (his younger sister) was courting/dating Sterling (one of James’ twobest friends). So she gets to suffer too.Muriel is an Aries 5/8/6/3/3 and her aspiration is Pleasure.So, if those are the inmates, who’s running the asylum?
  9. 9. “Why me?”Aw, Melanie, you claim you’ve reformed. This is your chance to prove it.Meet Melanie Miller Alcott, wife of generation 5 cousin twice over George Horace Alcott. In the story,Melanie was the pretty face Jan put in front of Jefferson to keep him from marrying Marsha. Of course, hedidn’t go through with their wedding, and the jilting left Melanie a little bitter. Okay, downright psychoticallybitter. She kept her son Sterling away from the Bradfords for as long as she could, trying to convince himthey were evil. Then when she found out that Sterling was courting a Bradford daughter, she flipped andwent after Marsha and called Viola a hussy. She eventually went away “for her health,” and realized thatshe was wrong. She’s been nice to her new daughter-in-law Viola so far. But this is her chance to redeemherself in the eyes of many.Melanie is a Virgo 9/2/6/3/5 and her aspiration is Knowledge. Her LTW is to become a CriminalMastermind, which was also her LTW in the legacy hood. Coincidence? Who knows? Let’s move on withthe crazy.
  10. 10. And here’s the asylum. I suck at building, so it’s a glorified box. There are 5 beds, all in compliance withasylum rules. The toilet and shower (and I went with a shower because the Bradfords have the Tub Pirategene) are in separate rooms to prevent back ups. There are 6 seats (4 dining chair and a sofa). Thestove, so they can cook, is away from everything else so if it catches on fire hopefully nothing else burns.There’s a bookcase for cooking, mechanical, and cleaning skill, the easel for creativity, the dance spherefor body, the telescope for logic, and I think that covers it. They have a TV, a phone, and I put the sink inthe kitchen for dishes.Okay, let’s do this.
  11. 11. While I made sure that Melanie’s needs were all filled up, everyone else took the chance to get acquainted.I see that Jan’s reputation proceeds her, since they’re already gossiping about her.
  12. 12. Muriel decided to check out the telescope. Since they’re in an empty hood, I don’t know what she’s lookingat. I wonder if I’ll have a telescope slapper.Oh, and Mr. Humble came by. I sold the computer without opening it. I don’t think computers are allowed.
  13. 13. Matthew and Prof. Leonid renewed their acquaintance by pillow fighting.
  14. 14. While everyone else played catch. I love it when mean Sims play catch. Their faces are awesome.
  15. 15. Speaking of catch, Timothy just earned a few points in my eyes. I hope he broke Jan’s nose.
  16. 16. Muriel got bored with the telescope, and was the first to brave the dance sphere. Let’s see how this ends.
  17. 17. Yeah, about how I expected. With Muriel landing on her backside…
  18. 18. …And an aspiration hit.
  19. 19. But Jan, actually using her nice points for once, decided to comfort Muriel.
  20. 20. And they settled down to become friends (I’m guessing that’s what Muriel got the aspiration boost from).
  21. 21. I don’t have any idea what Timothy said to offend Nicole, but either way, their conversation did not endwell.
  22. 22. Matthew takes it upon himself to be the first to cook a meal. It’s one of the custom foods I have installed(and probably should have removed), but I don’t really care. He didn’t set the house on fire.
  23. 23. Melanie’s been greeting the walk-bys, to add people to her friends panel for when she needs them forpromotion (if the job ever comes up in the paper). Besides, what’s a few more people added to themadness?
  24. 24. After that, we had a profusion of dance sphere usage. None of it ended well. First up was Prof. Leonid.
  25. 25. Followed by another spill from Muriel.
  26. 26. Timothy took a spill.
  27. 27. And Matthew got impaled (you have no idea how much this made me laugh).
  28. 28. Rebecca took a spill while Nicole cheered.
  29. 29. And lastly, poor Melanie. She needs the body points for her job-to-be, so I’m going to get her up to 3 viathis until she can do yoga.
  30. 30. Rebecca was not able to engage in any sort of productive conversation.
  31. 31. As day 1 ended, I had Melanie hurry and claim a bed. Turned out that it wasn’t necessary.
  32. 32. So everyone was tired, but see all those empty bed? No one would use them.
  33. 33. Seriously. Everyone’s whining they’re tired, but won’t use the beds.
  34. 34. No, they’ll sleep here…
  35. 35. …or here…
  36. 36. …or like this…
  37. 37. …or do a synchronized I’m-about-to-pass-out dance…
  38. 38. …but sleep in one of the nice, empty beds? NO!I even tried buying different beds to see if that worked, but no. I was starting to worry that it was going tobe a very long asylum.But then remembered that I have a hack for smarter beds to fix the ownership issues that came with someof the later EPs. I took it out, and voila! Sims sleep in beds. *phew*
  39. 39. The one nice thing about this asylum is that everyone’s relatively neat, meaning they’re always cleaning.That means lots of skill points, and points for me.
  40. 40. Two days in, and Melanie’s doing okay. She’s gotten fit from all her dance sphere use, and her body skillis up too.
  41. 41. She can now do yoga, which is great because she doesn’t need to get booted from the dance sphere allthe time, and it doesn’t get her all stinky like working out to the TV does.Speaking of stinky…
  42. 42. We have our fist sponge bath! Rebecca shooed everyone out of the room and cleaned up a bit.
  43. 43. Prof. Leonid also had some body odor issues.
  44. 44. More than once (and you can see that Matthew is Not Impressed).
  45. 45. And Timothy wasn’t immune either.
  46. 46. Jan was very worried about the Prof. passing out. I’m pretty sure it’s the only time ever she’s been worriedabout someone other than herself.
  47. 47. Melanie’s been checking the paper, but the criminal career track has yet to appear. I’m hoping that itshows up soon, because things are starting to go downhill quickly. People are not happy.
  48. 48. Nicole is worried, because I wasn’t buying her stuff. Why did you expect that I would? I didn’t before.
  49. 49. Rebecca started doing this all the time.
  50. 50. Timothys been a bit more subtle in his displeasure.
  51. 51. I discovered that Prof. is a crier. Considering how often Henri did this because of him, I approve.
  52. 52. Muriel isn’t the brightest bulb in the bunch, so there’s all kinds of distress going on here.
  53. 53. And Jan…well, she doesn’t cry, but she does this all. The. TIME. Oh, it’s great.
  54. 54. And as for Matthew…well, let’s just say he’s fairing the worst of all. As it should be.Oh, and why is his fun so low?
  55. 55. Because he broke the TV while Melanie was asleep, and I wasn’t waking her up to fix it. It’s your own fault,Matthew.
  56. 56. Once she woke up, used the bathroom and showered, I had her fix the TV. She needs the mechanicalpoints for Criminal Mastermind, if it ever shows up in the paper. *grumbles*
  57. 57. She also had to fix the shower after someone *coughProfLeonidcough* broke it. But she gets skill pointsfor it, so that’s good.
  58. 58. In all fairness, things aren’t all bad. Prof. Leonid and Muriel are getting along famously.
  59. 59. In fact, I’m pretty sure they’re my first set of best friends. Yay, as I get points for that.
  60. 60. And even though Melanie’s got quite a few of the needed skill points for when the job does pop up. She’sgot 7 mechanical, 7 body, and 5 creativity. Plus she’s got 3 friends. So not a bad start. Promotions shouldcome pretty quickly once the job does.
  61. 61. I took this picture for a reason. Note the empty shower. It is very important to what I’m about to show you.
  62. 62. Yup. That’s Jan taking a sponge bath while no one’s using the shower. *headdesk*
  63. 63. Oh, and she broke the sink while doing it. *grumbles*
  64. 64. So I’ve played a full week, and no one’s had an aspiration failure. But Melanie doesn’t have a job (I didn’tuse all the funds building the house so they’re okay for a while). I think I’ll keep getting her skills andfriends up so that when she does get the job it will go quickly. I may turn aging off too, as the rules say Ican and I have a feeling I’ll have enough bladder issues without a bunch of elders running around.That’s all. I hope you were amused.