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  1. 1. Siemens Pakistan Engineering Company Group Members Tooba Zaheer Shaikh Rozina Bhutto Sarwat Iqbal Chawla
  3. 3. What is Siemens? Major activities: Some products • • • • Industry Energy Health care Sensor systems • Hearing solutions • Home appliances • Power transmission and distribution units • IT solutions • etc
  4. 4. Historical Background 1922: Siemens established their first office in Lahore 1 9 5 3 : S i e m e n s Pa k i s t a n w a s registered as a private company 1963: it was registered as a p u b l i c l i m i t e d c o m p a n y. NOW: Boasting of approximately 3000 employees S i e m e n s P a k i s t a n ‟s h e a d q u a r t e r is located in Karachi
  5. 5. Vision To remain market leader and technology pace setter in the engineering and electronics industry by utilizing the high tech engineering expertise of the Siemens group worldwide to maintain our prominent local presence.
  6. 6. Mission . • To enhance creativity and job satisfaction of our employees • Providing quality to our customers at competitive prices • A secure future for the company • Protect and increase our shareholders' investment • Contribute to the national economy
  7. 7. Structure Of The Organization Coordination Between People HR Management Organizing Managing Change And Diversity Coordination Between Departments Interdependence Of Departments
  9. 9. Organizational Structure Less hierarchical levels Broader span of control Many managers (e.g. Chief Financial officer, HR Head) fall under the control of one CEO Employees highly trained and need little direction in performing tasks Hence: flat structure
  10. 10. Reporting Relationships • Country Divisional Heads • Country Sector Heads and • Country Cross Sector CEO • Heads of HR, Communication, Environmental Protection, Health and Management and Safety report to CEO and the respective heads of MEA.
  11. 11. Reporting Relationships • Chief Financial Officer (CFO) assigned to MEA RC-PK reports to CFO MEA • Siemens Real Estate (SRE) head reports to CFO MEA RC-PK by delegation and Head of MEA SRE • General Counsel assigned to MEA RC-PK reports to GC MEA
  12. 12. DEPARTMENTALIZATION • Divisional departmentalization Departments are grouped together based on organizational outputs • Centralized policy CEO oversees the activities of divisions (e.g. Mobility and logistics) as well as functions (e.g. Finance and Human Resource).
  13. 13. HORIZONTAL COORDINATION Project management department THROUGH HR department talks to other departments Corporate departments of Siemens Pakistan operate independently Technical departments are dependent
  14. 14. Human Resource Management Siemens is an equal opportunity employer Hiring criteria Progress criteria 1. Qualification 1. Ability 2. Merit and 2. Dedication and 3. Fitness (proven through a medical examination from a company appointed doctor) 3.Loyalty towards the organization.
  15. 15. CODE OF CONDUCT FOR EMPLOYEES Obey the laws and regulations of the legal systems within which they are acting Concerned with the good reputation of Siemens Sexual harassment is forbidden. To act honestly, fairly and with integrity towards other employees, the company and business partners. DO NOT discriminate Do not give third parties any unauthorized benefits Improper use of insider knowledge is prohibited Protect the tangible and intangible assets of the company
  16. 16. Violation of conduct • Disobedience by an employee • Slowing down or disputing the work or activities of the Company • Involved in theft or fraud • Possessing or selling drugs • Gambling in the Company's premises.
  17. 17. Disciplinary procedure • Verbal warning • Written warning • Suspension or
  18. 18. Grievance handling Company has a proper grievance handling procedure, where an employee has a right to record his grievance and find a solution through the HR department.
  19. 19. Quality of human resource major downsizing major downsizing Quality of human resource HR Issues Job hopping Quality of human resource major downsizing Quality of human resource Job hopping major downsizing major downsizing Job hopping Job hopping Quality of human resource Quality of human resource Job hopping Major downsizing Quality of human resource Job hopping major downsizing
  20. 20. Job Hopping Lots of resources (time, skills, capital, etc) are wasted in their training
  21. 21. Quality of human resource Trained personnel leave!!
  22. 22. Major Downsizing Less than expected “Business” Lack of motivation
  23. 23. Managing Diversity
  24. 24. “At Siemens, we view diversity as the inclusion and creative collaboration of different modes of thinking, cultural backgrounds, experiences, types of expertise and individual qualities, across all organizational levels.”
  25. 25. GLOW: Global Leadership Organization of Women Siemens Diversity strategy has three dimensions: STRATEGY FOCUS • Composition • Connection • Broadening experience and expertise • Communication • Development of Women • Local talent development
  26. 26. Employee’s Role Be open for assignments outside your comfort zone Interact broadly, expand networking Be an ambassador and generate high performance
  27. 27. Managing Change
  28. 28. Siemens communicates change via memos, intranet platform Communicate clearly Individuals undergo training Grapevine quite efficient at spreading news Expected result: Vision and mission of change should be clear and employees can identify with it.
  29. 29. CONCLUSION
  30. 30. MISSION STATEMENT SUCCESFUL? Business less than expected Contribution to national economy Low job satisfaction results in job hopping Downsizing means future is insecure
  31. 31. Major part of decision making lies at top levels Less decision making power to employees Working on plans which are not suitable to meet consumer needs Less than expected „business‟ = Downsizing
  32. 32. Recommendations Make changes to org structure, delegate power to lower levels Innovate more Challenging environment and better increments