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  1. 1. Tooba Zaheer Shaikh
  2. 2. ProductTarget AudiencePositioningBrand Map ProductBrand EssencePODs and POPsBrand Elements • Category – Popsicles Name Tagline Logo • Low fat water based ice candy Packaging made from real fruit pulp for fruit Celebrities Brand Elements lovers.CBBE Model Salience Performance • Flavors: Strawberry, Mango, Red Imagery Grapes Judgments Feelings ResonanceOpinion
  3. 3. ProductTarget AudiencePositioningBrand Map Target AudienceBrand EssencePODs and POPsBrand Elements Name Tagline Logo Packaging Young health conscious females Celebrities Brand Elements with a sweet tooth belonging to SECCBBE Model Salience B+ and above Performance Imagery Judgments Feelings ResonanceOpinion
  4. 4. ProductTarget AudiencePositioningBrand Map PositioningBrand EssencePODs and POPsBrand Elements Name Tagline Logo Packaging Ice candy made with real fruit juice Celebrities Brand Elements and pulp for young adultsCBBE Model Salience Performance Imagery Judgments Feelings ResonanceOpinion
  5. 5. ProductTarget AudiencePositioningBrand Map Brand MapBrand EssencePODs and POPs Frozen Less fattening EnergizingBrand Elements Name Tagline Cool Less Calories Logo Packaging Strawberry Celebrities Fruity Brand ElementsCBBE Model Mango Salience Performance Sweet Imagery Judgments Feelings Refreshing Young Resonance Vibrant FreshOpinion
  6. 6. ProductTarget AudiencePositioningBrand Map Brand EssenceBrand EssencePODs and POPsBrand Elements Name Tagline Logo Packaging Celebrities As healthy and good as fruit Brand ElementsCBBE Model Salience Performance Imagery Judgments Feelings ResonanceOpinion
  7. 7. ProductTarget AudiencePositioningBrand Map PODs and POPsBrand EssencePODs and POPsBrand Elements Points of difference Points of Parity Name Tagline • Targeted at health • Taste Logo conscious young • High Quality Packaging adults • Popsicle Celebrities Brand Elements • Low fat • SweetCBBE Model • Low calorie Salience Performance • Real fruit Imagery • No added Judgments Feelings preservatives ResonanceOpinion
  9. 9. ProductTarget AudiencePositioningBrand Map NameBrand EssencePODs and POPsBrand Elements Name • Fruttare Tagline Logo Packaging – Descriptive and suggests the nature of the Celebrities product Brand ElementsCBBE Model – Shows it has something to do with fruits Salience – There can be problems with pronunciation Performance Imagery Judgments Feelings ResonanceOpinion
  10. 10. ProductTarget AudiencePositioningBrand Map TaglineBrand EssencePODs and POPsBrand Elements • Fruit Hai Re Name Tagline Logo Packaging – Captures the brand essence Celebrities Brand Elements – Complements the idea that it canCBBE Model replace fruit Salience Performance – Goes with the health notion as fruits Imagery Judgments are healthy as well Feelings ResonanceOpinion
  11. 11. ProductTarget AudiencePositioningBrand Map LogoBrand EssencePODs and POPsBrand Elements Name • Exotic Tagline Logo Packaging • Represents something associated with Celebrities Brand Elements forests and trees.CBBE Model Salience Performance • Fun fonts Imagery Judgments Feelings • Association with Walls is clear ResonanceOpinion
  12. 12. ProductTarget AudiencePositioningBrand Map PackagingBrand EssencePODs and POPsBrand Elements • Aesthetically pleasing Name • Shows lots of fruits, goes with the brand image Tagline Logo • Colorful and vibrant Packaging • Attractive Celebrities Brand Elements • Different from the rest of ice candies.CBBE Model Salience Performance • Problem: Fruttare might fail to stand out among Imagery other colorful popsicles. Judgments Feelings ResonanceOpinion
  13. 13. ProductTarget AudiencePositioningBrand Map CelebritiesBrand EssencePODs and POPsBrand Elements • Ayesha Omar and Naveen Waqar Name Tagline – Huge fan following , specially for Logo Naveen Waqar after recent success Packaging of Hamsafar Celebrities Brand ElementsCBBE Model – Both are charismatic and vibrant Salience Performance – Both are presented to be health Imagery conscious. Judgments Feelings ResonanceOpinion
  14. 14. ProductTarget AudiencePositioningBrand Map Brand ElementsBrand Essence Name Tagline Logo Packaging CelebritiesPODs and POPs Memorable Yes Yes Yes No NoBrand Elements Name Meaningfulness Yes Yes No Yes Yes – Both Tagline are vibrant, Logo young and Packaging charismatic Celebrities Likeability Not Not Yes Yes Yes Brand Elements highly highlyCBBE Model likeable likeable Salience Performance Transferability Limited Limited Yes Yes Not Imagery significant Judgments Adaptability Yes Yes Yes Not Feelings significant Resonance Protectable Yes Yes Yes NotOpinion significant
  15. 15. CBBE MODEL
  16. 16. ProductTarget AudiencePositioningBrand Map SalienceBrand EssencePODs and POPs • High awarenessBrand Elements Name • Recall building Tagline Logo • Tasty yet healthy Resonance Packaging (brand identity) Celebrities Brand Elements Judgments FeelingsCBBE Model Salience Performance Performance Imagery Imagery Judgments Feelings Brand Salience ResonanceOpinion
  17. 17. ProductTarget AudiencePositioningBrand Map PerformanceBrand EssencePODs and POPs Characteristics Style and DesignBrand Elements • Real fruit • Aesthetically pleasing Name • Tasty design, representative of Tagline • High quality the product Logo • Low calorie Resonance • Good and natural taste Packaging Celebrities Price Brand Elements High in the ice Judgments FeelingsCBBE Model candy category Salience (Rs. 20) Brand Performance Performance Imagery Performance Imagery Judgments Brand Salience Feelings Brand Salience ResonanceOpinion
  18. 18. ProductTarget AudiencePositioningBrand Map ImageryBrand EssencePODs and POPs Personality and values Purchase and usage situationBrand Elements Exotic, cheerful and When a sweet craving hits, but Name fresh through the use consumer is afraid of gaining a Tagline of celebrities (Naveen high amount of calories. Logo Waqar and Ayesha Resonance Packaging Omar) User Profile Celebrities Young Brand Elements Judgments Feelings VibrantCBBE Model Fresh Salience Health conscious Performance Performance Imagery Imagery Brand Brand Judgments Performance Imagery Feelings Brand Salience Resonance Brand SalienceOpinion
  19. 19. ProductTarget AudiencePositioningBrand Map JudgementsBrand EssencePODs and POPsBrand Elements Quality Consideration Name Good, due to Low, as other diet Tagline association with frozen desserts are Logo Walls and Unilever Resonance available. Also price Packaging contradicts with the Celebrities image created. Credibility Brand Elements Judgments Feelings High, as Walls isCBBE Model expert in frozen Salience desserts Performance Performance Imagery Imagery Judgments Feelings Brand Salience ResonanceOpinion
  20. 20. ProductTarget AudiencePositioningBrand Map FeelingsBrand EssencePODs and POPs • FunBrand Elements Name • Excitement Tagline Logo • Self Respect Resonance Packaging Celebrities • Original Brand Elements Judgments FeelingsCBBE Model Salience Performance Performance Imagery Imagery Judgments Feelings Brand Salience ResonanceOpinion
  21. 21. ProductTarget AudiencePositioningBrand Map ResonanceBrand Essence • High involvementPODs and POPs product (calorieBrand Elements conscious people keep track of calorie intake) Name Tagline • Repeat purchase Logo Resonance expected on the basis Packaging of taste only Celebrities Brand Elements Judgments FeelingsCBBE Model Salience Performance Performance Imagery Imagery Judgments Feelings Brand Salience ResonanceOpinion
  22. 22. ProductTarget AudiencePositioningBrand Map Opinion – The GoodsBrand EssencePODs and POPs • Icecream – fattening and unhealthyBrand Elements Name Tagline • Market of low calorie icecream/popsicles was untapped Logo Packaging • Imported low calorie/ low fat options are available but are not advertised as such. Celebrities Brand ElementsCBBE Model • Local ones aren’t advertised and aren’t easily available. Salience Performance • All other ice candies are targeted towards kids. Imagery Judgments • Fruttare also claims to be made of real fruit. Feelings ResonanceOpinion
  23. 23. ProductTarget AudiencePositioningBrand Map Opinion – The problemsBrand EssencePODs and POPsBrand Elements • The inherent idea that ice candies are for kids. Name Tagline Logo • The suggested TA can have concerns about Packaging quality on knowing the low price. Celebrities Brand ElementsCBBE Model • Brand elements do not stand out exceptionally. Salience Performance Imagery Judgments Feelings ResonanceOpinion
  24. 24. Thank you