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Digital Media

  1. 1. IOBM HIGHLIGHTS DIGITAL MEDIA SUBMITTED TO : MR. TARIQ AZIZ Submitted by: Tooba Zaheer Shaikh (12939) Asma Aijaz (12905) Rameez Ahsan (13408) Sufyan Wadiwala (13270)
  3. 3. ASSIGNMENT DETAILS  We had to convert the PDF newsletter IoBM Highlights July 2012 to a website.  Our effort can be seen at IoBM Highlights  Please read on to see how we reached our decisions, our discussion on various benefits and disadvantages on wix, weebly, website template.
  4. 4. WIX
  5. 5. WIX BENEFITS Ease of placement, objects can be placed where desired.  Flash based  Objects can be easily animated 
  6. 6. WIX LIMITATIONS Similar elements are formatted the same way throughout the website, e.g, if boxes are used , all of them will be same color  Fixed page size  Limited options of changing fonts, font once selected for a particular element e.g heading will be used through the site for that kind of element.  When you start from scratch, getting a professional look takes lots of time. 
  7. 7. WEEBLY
  8. 8. WEEBLY - BENEFITS Easy to use  Relatively quick to learn and use  Easier to get a professional looking website 
  9. 9. WEEBLY LIMITATIONS Specific locations of objects, objects cannot be dragged as required, instead have a fixed distance from other objects.  Limited options of beautifying a webpage.  One can only play about with the text color  Limited options of changing text fonts 
  11. 11. WEBSITE TEMPLATE - BENEFITS Flexibility of use  Scripts can be added and removed as per whim  Desired look can be easily achieved  Editing components is easier  Everything is in the hands of the designer, from colors to the choice of fonts. 
  12. 12. WEBSITE TEMPLATE - DISADVANTAGES Appropriate template is not always available.  If desired template is not available , template needs to be made from scratch which is time consuming. 
  13. 13. WIX EFFORT
  14. 14. WIX WORK - PROBLEMS • Horizontal menu bar, does not really look like a newsletter navigation tool • All boxes become the same color, and there is no choice of changing color for different boxes. • Since we started from scratch, coming up with a professional layout is difficult • Therefore we moved our next option weebly.
  16. 16. OUR CHOICE - WEEBLY Ease of use  Even though there is lesser flexibility with colors and fonts, a professional outlook of the newsletter can be maintained.  Page length increases when more content is added.  We needed a vertical menu bar instead of a horizontal one, and weebly had better options for that. 
  17. 17. NEWSLETTER – OUR WAY Clickable images
  18. 18. THE END