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Associated Press of Pakistan

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APP - Associated Press of Pakistan

  1. 1. APP (Associated Press of Pakistan) Media Management Tooba Zaheer Shaikh Abdul Ahad Farooqui MA (Final) Prof. Inam Baari
  2. 2. Contents • About APP • Departments • Organization Structure – English News Service – Managing Director – Urdu News Service – Director News – Sindhi News Service – Bureau Chief – Photo Service – Assignment Editor – Video News Service – Reporter – Photo In-charge – Cameraman – Accountant – Administrator – IT In-charge
  3. 3. About APP • The Associated Press of Pakistan (APP) started its life in 1947 with the independence of Pakistan. Initially it was run through a Trust, but was then taken over by the Govertment through an Ordinance called; quot;Associated Press of Pakistan Ordinance 1961quot;, on 15th June 1961. • APP was later converted into Corporation on October 19, 2002 through an Ordinance renaming it as Associated Press of Pakistan Corporation (APPC) and lending a status of semi government media government. • APP remains committed to excellent journalistic traditions by objective and accurate reporting, observing code of ethics with regard to responsible journalism. A contradiction of an APP story is a rare phenomenon.
  4. 4. About APP – cont… • Enjoying sizeable amount of freedom, APP is comprehensively and extensively covering all important developments and engagements of the ruling coalition as well as opposition political parties with unbiased approach. Objectivity and credibility of the news are the hallmark of the sound professional footing of the news agency. • Print and pictorial news service of APP unabatedly wrest prominent space in the national and regional English, Urdu, Sindhi and Pushto papers. APP’s Special Correspondents, posted at key destinations abroad including Washington, New York, London, Beijing and New Delhi are making effective contribution towards promoting country’s image and stance on various national and regional issues in their true perspective.
  5. 5. Organizational Structure Managing Director Director News Administrator Bureau Chief Assistant Assignment Editor Photo In-charge Accountant IT in-charge Reporter Assistant Assistant
  6. 6. Managing Director - MD • The managing director is responsible for looking after the whole organization. • He plays the leadership role for the organization. • The MD directly reports to the Federal Ministry about the affairs of APP
  7. 7. Director News • Director news looks after all the bureau offices in various cities. • He final checks the all the news coming in. • He also decides which news is to be released and when.
  8. 8. Bureau Chief • Heads all departments at a certain office. • Every city has its own bureau chief • He also may be a reporter but goes into the field in case of covering a VIP personality or a VIP event. • He reports directly to the Director News.
  9. 9. Assignment Editor • An assignment editor is responsible for assigning the beats to different reporters. • He reports to the Bureau Chief.
  10. 10. Reporters • Reporters belong to a department • They go into the field to cover various events happening according to the beat(s) they are assigned. • Reporters report to the Assignment Editor.
  11. 11. Photo Incharge • The Photo Incharge is located at the head office in Islamabad. • He is responsible for collecting and maintaining the still photographs gathered by the staff. • He reports to Bureau Chief who has assigned him a task.
  12. 12. Cameraman • A Cameraman is associated with a reporter. • Cameramen are dispatched by the video News Service department to sites where video coverage is required.
  13. 13. Departments • APP is divided into the following department – English News Service – Urdu News Service – Sindhi News Service – Photo Service – Video News Service – IT – Accounts – Administration
  14. 14. English News Service • This department comprises of an Assignment Editor and some reporters. • This department is responsible for covering national and international events in English language.
  15. 15. Urdu News Service • The Assignment editor is responsible for dispatching the reporters for news coverage and compilation in Urdu language. • News may be both national or international.
  16. 16. Sindhi News Service • This department is responsible for all provincial news. • The news coverage and compilation is done in Sindhi language and then provided to Sindhi newspapers.
  17. 17. Photo Service • A photo in-charge, who reports directly to the bureau chief, assigns cameramen for still photography of important events and situations. • A photo gallery is maintained by this department.
  18. 18. Video News Service • This department is responsible for the video coverage of events. • This coverage may be live or recorded. • This department also works on documentaries, which may be telecast by a TV channel. These documentaries are also present on the organization’s website.
  19. 19. IT • There is an IT in-charge who works with his assistants to provide the best IT service to the in house staff. • Maintains the IT infrastructure and is responsible to overcome any problem that may occur in the IT setup.
  20. 20. Accounts • This department is responsible for handling financial matters of the organization. • An accountant working with his assistants makes sure that financial matters are well looked after.
  21. 21. Administration • This department is responsible for managing the office. • Administration will look after hiring procedures, contract issues, posting orders, official orders etc.