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Deka company


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Detyre kursi

Published in: Business
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Deka company

  1. 1. The company " Deka " , began operations in 1992 , initially in the import and marketing of foodstuffs and later , in 1996 in the production of detergents .
  2. 2.  Washing powders Factory relies on modern technology offered by Balestra spa , which provides easy operation , and low power consumption and allows the production of large-scale detergent powders for household and industrial uses . Factory based on the method of spraying the dry .  Mixing detergent ingredients to solid and liquid sprucohet pressure through a set atomiser to spray the top of the tower . At the same time , a hot stream of air passing under the tower . When hot air contact , the last points are very inflated and create the so-called detergent in the form of granules .
  3. 3.  Factory production of synthetic washing powder consists of the following units : Processing and pneumatic transport of solid raw materials in silos daily . Automatic dosing of solid raw materials and liquid .  Prepare mixing liquid + solid and pressure pumping . Spray on dry through production impiantetve hot air , air filtering used , STIs and dust parfumimi basis .
  4. 4.  50 % of the market 75 current products in the form of powder, gel and liquid 40 Distributors in Albania and distribution in Kosovo and Macedonia Better serve the customer To produce an article with minimum cost Precedence over the previous items and competitors
  5. 5.  Vitalitin improve life everyday to meet the hygiene and personal care with Deka Key research / development / production of quality brands that help improve the quality of life for every customer got We see the future of Albania as a country independent of imported products . We will continue to promote our products with professionalism and a high social responsibility by offering the Albanian consumers :  Wide range  Quality  Competitive prices