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Toastmasters and Leadership Building


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Toastmasters and Leadership Building

  1. 1. Leadership and Toastmasters Silvana Wasitova DTM Division E Governor D59 Prague, February
  2. 2.
  3. 3. Management Leadership Provide Resources Provide Vision Reduce Risks Pursue Opportunities Coordinate Inspire Provide Structure Lead improvisation Do things right Do right things John Kotter – “What Leaders Really Do”
  4. 4. Leader
  5. 5. Take Risks The greatest failure is to not
  6. 6. Stefan Kobel Push themselves Push the Live your passion
  7. 7. Mentor Mentor others We stand on the shoulders of
  8. 8. Problem Solver
  9. 9. Inspire Multiply the
  10. 10. Toastmasters’ Leadership Tools Manuals: CC, CL, 15 Advanced Manuals Evaluations: Giving, act upon suggestions Club Leadership: officer, team builder Mentoring: receiving, giving Mentoring a club: Sponsor, Mentor, Coach Leadership Project Leadership as District
  11. 11. TM: Safe & nurturing environment If you are not growing, you are
  12. 12. Are YOU a Leader? Would you like to be one?
  13. 13. Take the first
  14. 14. Where do you want to explore?
  15. 15. If you get out of Toastmasters all that there is to get out of Toastmasters, you„ll never get out of the Toastmasters Helen Blanchard Past International
  16. 16. Silvana Wasitova, DTM Division E Governor - D59, 2012-2013 +41 79 558 0509
  17. 17.
  18. 18. Leadership Q&A How to recognize it? See the traits listed Can we learn it? Yes, and practice makes… better  How to encourage others? Help them feel comfortable to stretch beyond their comfort zone, support