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Deforestation 6 b pallares


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Presentation created to introduce the problems

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Deforestation 6 b pallares

  1. 1. DEFORESTATIONDeforestation, is the removal of a forest or stand of trees where the land isthereafter converted to a non forest use.
  2. 2. DEFORESTATION Causes Deforestation occurs  Lack of ascribed value, for many reasons: trees the deficient are cut down to be environmental laws are used or sold as fuel some of the factors (sometimes in the form that allow of charcoal) or timber, deforestation to occur while cleared land is on a large scale. used as pasture for livestock, plantations of commodities, and settlements.
  3. 3. DEFORESTATIONIn many countries, deforestation,both naturally occurring andhuman induced. Deforestationcauses extinction, changes toclimatic conditions,desertification, and displacementof populations.
  5. 5. DEFORESTATIONIt is very difficult torecognize themistakes we make.The man is to blamefor this misery.We must not abuse.
  6. 6. DEFORESTATIONBe aware of what is happening.
  7. 7. d o DEFORESTATION s o me tCa r e f o r t h e h i n g e n v i r o n me n t a b o u t i t . Wh a t a r e we wa i t i n g ?
  8. 8. DEFORESTATION No tree felling.
  9. 9. DEFORESTATIONProfesora: Silvana CarniceroAlumnas: Lourdes Pallares, Sabrina Acentares, Ana María Dominguez.6°BTurno TardeMadre de La Misericordia