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Finnish management practice_multistorey_buildings_120316

  1. 1. Management and Renovation of Multi-storey Buildings in Latvia and the World g The Management practice of g p multifamily buildings in Finland © Marja-Leena Sallin 2012 nen Development Manager Marja-Leena Sallinen M Finnish national wealth 2010BUILDINGS BUILT LAND © Pertti Huhtanen 2012 n Helsingin Sanomat 6.12.2011: Kansanvarallisuustutkimus 2010, Statistics Finland, National Land Survey of Finland
  2. 2. Real estate services next most important”…group 70, Real estate services… was next mostimportant… group of domestic final use in Finland´s Finland snational economy [11,6%].” Most important was45, Construction work [ , %], then g oup 85, Health 5, Co s uc o o [14,7%], e group eaand social work services [10,7%], then 15, Foodpproducts and beverages [ , ], then 75, Public g [6,9%], ,administration and defence; compulsory social securityservices [6,2%] and group 80, Education services g[5,6%].“Domestic final use i comprised of fi l consumption“D ti fi l is i d f final tiexpenditure and gross capital formation.” © Pertti Huhtanen 2012 nOfficial Statistics of Finland (OSF): Input-output [e-publication]. ISSN=1799-201X. 2007. Helsinki: Statistics Finland [referred: 15.2.2012]. Companies41 % of owner-occupied dwellings (~ 600.000) are owned and managed b h d d d by housing companies i i (~ 80 000).Housing company dwellings are mainly in terraced g p y g y houses or in blocks of flats.1/3 of population (~ 2.000.000) lives in blocks of flats.
  3. 3. Ownership of Housing CompaniesThe shares in a housing company confer on their owner the right of possession of a specific apartment. The shares are treated as personal property and can be sold and used as collateral for a loan. Liability Housing Companies ActHousing Company is a legal entity managed by• General meeting (owner’s annual meeting) (owner s• Board• M Managing Di t (P i Director (Property Manager) t M )A Housing companies’ rules are documented in it’s company-in-law and policies are defined by residents at open General meetings.In English:
  4. 4. Limited Liability Housing Companies ActThe company is responsible for the management and maintenance of the building and j g joint facilities.Owners pay a regular maintenance charge to the housing company to cover maintenance costs, heating costs and the water supply supply.2010 average maintenance charge was 3,55 € / m2The maintenance charge is proportionate to the living area of each dwelling.In English: of LiabilitiesThe obligation to ensure proper maintenance of buildings and apartments is shared between the g p housing company and its shareholders."Housing Companies - Maintenance and Repair Responsibilities Responsibilities" is a booklet created by The Finnish Real Estate Federation (FREF).It shows in a tabular form what responsibilities stakeholders themselves have in terms of maintenance and repair and what responsibilities housing companies have.
  5. 5. Division of Liabilities The booklet defines in more detail the division of liabilities concerning the various parts and devices in apartments. The distribution of responsibilities has been clarified with illustrations and explanatory texts. The booklet is Th b kl t i meant f all t for ll shareholders, residents, board members, members property managers and other people with responsibilities in housing companies. Division of LiabilitiesThe division is derived directly from Housing Companies Act.The division of responsibilities can be p changed by changing the company-by-law of a housing company.Some changes require g q approval from all stakeholders.
  6. 6. Documents related to property managementGeneral Terms on Property Management, ISE 2007 Code of Property Management Hyvä Management, isännöintitapa Requirements of Property Management Management,KiinteistöRYL 2009, Chapter 1 OperativeProperty Management• Life Lif cycle strategy l t t• Condition assessment (KH 90-00293)• Condition survey (eg By 42) (eg.• Renovation plan © Pertti Huhtanen 2012 nProperty manager’s toolkitManagement, maintenance and societyHousing CompaniesOverview of the most central documents related to property managementOverview of the most central documents related to technical maintenanceExamples of the most central documents related to technical maintenancePresentation of KiinkoPresentation of Kiinko courses © Pertti Huhtanen 2012 n
  7. 7. Documents related to technical maintenance General Terms on Building Maintenance, KP YSE 2007 Quality Requirements of Property Management Management, KiinteistöRYL 2009 • Ch t 3 Building Technical S t Chapter B ildi T h i l Systems Operation and O ti d Maintenance § Maintenance Manual (KH RakMK-10341), e-version M i t M l R kMK 10341) i § Energy Certificate (YM 765/2007) § Inspection of Electrical Installations (KTM 1187/91) § Lift regulations § Fire regulations (KH SM 10476) SM-10476) § Indoor environment (eg. air S1-S3) © Pertti Huhtanen 2012 n Building Technical Inspection Condition surveyMaintenancemanual Condition C Energy Condition assessment  certificate® certificate Annual building management plan § © Pertti Huhtanen 2012 (Humidity, ) (Humidity …) n measurements
  9. 9. RESIDENTIAL CONDITION INSPECTION GUIDELINES © Pertti Huhtanen 2012 nConditioncertificate ® © Pertti Huhtanen 2012 n
  10. 10. Condition certificate® system classification renewal within 1 5 years 1-5 repair within 1-5 y renewal within 6-10 years light repair within 1-5 years 15 or repair within 6-10 years light repair within 6-10 years no activities needed within next 10 years © Pertti Huhtanen 2012 n © Pertti Huhtanen 2012 n
  11. 11. © Pertti Huhtanen 2012 nProperty manager’s toolkitManagement, maintenance and societyHousing CompaniesOverview of the most central documents related to property managementOverview of the most central documents related to technical maintenanceExamples of the most central documents related to technical maintenancePresentation of KiinkoPresentation of Kiinko courses © Pertti Huhtanen 2012 n
  12. 12. Kiinteistöalan Koulutuskeskus OyKIINKO R l E t t Ed Real Estate Education tiFinnish Real Estate Federation established 1907Kiinteistöalan Koulutuskeskus Oy established 1978Offers specialist postgraduate education and training for asset, property and facilities management professionals in FinlandShort intensive courses, workshops, seminars, summitsCustomized company trainingCorporate development programsCorporate competence gap surveys and education plans © Pertti Huhtanen 2012Consulting and recruiting services nResearch and publishing Kiinteistöalan Koulutuskeskus Oy owners The Finnish Real Estate Federation VVO Group Finnish Real Estate Management Federation FREMF The Finnish Association of Building Owners and Construction Clients RAKLI The Swedish Real Estate Association in Helsinki SATO Corporation Student Housing in Finland Oy SOA The Fi i h A Th Finnish Association of R l E t t A i ti f Real Estate Agents SKVL t © Pertti Huhtanen 2012 n
  13. 13. Kiinteistöalan KoulutussäätiöKIINKO R l E t t Ed Real Estate Education Foundation ti F d tiFoundation established 1989F d ti t bli h dSpecialized vocational institute status 1993National specialized vocational institute status 1997Financed privately and by Ministry of Culture and p y y y EducationDegree or competence oriented long term programs – Competence-based qualifications – Registered trade mark® and KIINKO branded degrees © Pertti Huhtanen 2012CustomizedC t i d company t i i training nKiinteistöalan Koulutussäätiö foundersThe Finnish Real Estate FederationFinnish Real Estate Management Federation FREMFASRA – now part of RAKLI © Pertti Huhtanen 2012 n
  14. 14. Competence areasConstruction managementCorporate managementC t tCustomer serviceFinance and accountingInternationalizationOperation and maintenance pProperty managementReal estate agents and valuatorsReal estate businessReal estate ICTResidential housingR id ti l h iUrban and regional planning © Pertti Huhtanen 2012 nKIINKO Real Estate EducationTurnover 7,5 million eurosOwn employees 40Specialist teachers from business life 300 pStudents 3000 (intensive short) and 3000 (degree)Own premises in Malmi and Helsinki CityClasses around Finland in conference sites © Pertti Huhtanen 2012 n
  15. 15. Real Estate Business Development for Executives/CEOs***** Leadership and Business Administration within Real Estate Industry – Program for Executives TUJO+++ Certification Program for Postgrad Program in Asset, Workplace Making Senior Executives in Property and Facilities Mgt PGP For 21st Century Enterprise Property D P t Development l t National Certification: N ti l C tifi ti RAPS*** Real Estate Director KJs**** ++ ***** RAP, RAPS, INFRA*** Facility Management Executive Senior Property Manager Senior Real Estate Agent KIJO/YEAT* O/ * AIT® ® YKV Facility Manager Real Estate Controller FMA++ KITA Technical Property Manager Professional Property Manager ITS® -TEK+ ITS® Specialist in Moisture Damage Junior Property Manager++++ Real Estate Accounting Repairs KOKO ISPE KPT II Specialist Qualification in Junior Real Estate Agent Real Estate Accounting Technology* LKV** KPT I © Pertti Huhtanen 2012 Further Qualification for Further Qualification for n Property M P t Manager* * Real Estate Agent* R lE t t A t*Official education: vocational, uni of applied sc, universities, commercial training programs, work based learning*B d By demonstrating vocational skills in competence tests, awarded by National Board of Education t ti ti l kill i t t t d d b N ti lB d f Ed ti + In co-operation with universities of app. science** Awarded by the Board of Examiners of the Central Chamber of Commerce, based on law ++ Partially eligible in Aalto University MSc/DSc*** Awarded by FISE, Finnish certification body for construction and real estate competence +++ Also part of JyU MBA**** Awarded by certification team elected amongst academic, business and industry associations ++++ Partially included***** Supported by MIT and University of Reading in Haaga-Helia BBA Maintenance and Operation Facility Technical Repair and Certification Services, Management Renovation Training Training and Qualification in Training and Qualification for Energy Performance Energy Services and Service Moisture Damage Repair Certificate Auditor (PETA) Unit Management EKIJO Specialists KOKO Residential Building Condition Training and Training and Qualification for Specialist Inspector AKK, FISE Qualification Facility and Project Managers Qualifi- for Energy FMA cation in Building Condition Assessor Efficiency Techno- PKA, FISE Specialists Training and Qualification for logy ETT Technical Property Managers TEAT ITS®-TEK Condition Certificate® Assessor PKL Training and Qualification for Senior Property Maintenance Foremen HMT Property Development P t D l t Qualification for Humidity Surveyor PKM Training and Qualification for Training and Qualification © Pertti Huhtanen 2012 Junior Property Maintenance for Property Development Foremen KTJ Representatives RAK Building Systems Contract n Manager (Supervisor) TATE, LVITATE, STATE, RAUTATE, Experience or Education YTATE; FISE Background in Real Estate P Prerequisites i it Basics of Real Estate
  16. 16. Voluntary FISE Qualification System © Pertti Huhtanen 2012 n