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Blog silper

  1. 1. Welcome to the ELT blog by Silvana.Have a look around!Click hereThe purpose of this Blog is to provide teachers with sometips and ideas regarding the use of Web 2.0 tools in theEnglish Classroom. It has been created as an assignment forthe subject ICT Applied to English Teaching at INSPT,UTN. What is a blog?
  2. 2. A blog is essentially a web page with regular diary or journal entries. The term is, in fact, short for web log. How does it work? A blog consists of a number of postings, which are published on one web page, in reverse chronological order with the most recent posting at the top. Most blogs allow readers to comment on entries, thereby creating an online community around a common topic or interest. Types of blogs Blogs used in education are also known as edublogs. There are three types of edublogs:1.Tutor blogs: These are used by a teacher in order to provide learners with news and comments on issues, extra reading practice or homework, online links, a summary of a class for learners who were unable to attend, study tips, and so on. In this case, learners will access and read, and possibly add comments to the blog outside the classroom.
  3. 3. 2.Student blogs: A teacher may encourage their learners to set up and maintain their own individual blogs. Other learners can be encouraged to post comments and reactions to student blogs postings.3.Class blogs: They are used by an entire class. These can be used to post comments on certain topics or on class work or on any other issue the teacher thinks interesting and relevant to learners. Here, all learners post to the same blog. Advantages of the use of blogs in the classroom Blogs provide a real-world tool for learners with which to practise their written English, as well as a way of contacting learners from other parts of the world if the blog is used as part of an international exchange. A blog is publicly available on the Internet. In theory, anyone can read the blog, although only invited members can be given permission to add comments.Don’t forget! One of the issues to bear in mind when using edublogs is that of correction. Learners tend to want their written work
  4. 4. in a blog to be as accurate as possible, given that the blog ispublicly accessible. Asking learners to prepare blog entriesin a word processing program beforehand can help with thisprocess.A further area of consideration is assessment. Since a blog isessentially written, blog postings can be used for evaluation.The evaluation criteria (which has to be made clear tolearners in advance) will probably include those used toevaluate more traditional, paper-based forms of writing, suchas accuracy, fluency, coherence and relevance, but they mayalso include criteria related to the visual nature of thiselectronic medium, such as the effective use of visuals andvisual presentation overall.Dudeney, G., & Hockly, N. (2007).How to teachEnglish with technology. (pp. 86-94). England: PearsonLongman.
  5. 5. Do an Activity with Fodey!Level: intermediateGrammar focus: Passive Voice (in the past)Communicative goal: Describing an important event.1) Think of a football match or concert you have recentlyattended or watched on TV.2) Make a list of the most important events that happenedduring it or the most interesting facts that have called yourattention.3) After that, write an article including the most importantfacts. Write it in a word document.4) Then send the article to your teacher for correction.5) Once you have received your teacher’s corrections, go and write the article.6) Once you have finished, send it to your teacher. She will
  6. 6. upload your newspaper article on the blog under the entryMY NEWSPAPER ARTICLE.Here you can see a tutorial on how to useFodey.Evaluation criteria: Fodey Needs improvement Good Very good Excellent Grammar Vocabulary Organisation of language contentClick here to do your own article withFodey.
  7. 7. Do an Activity with Voki!Level: pre-intermediateGrammar focus: present simpleCommunicative goal: describing people1. Choose a famous sport man (football, tennis etc player)or singer you like most.2. Find information about him or her (age/where he wasborn/nationality/why he or she is famous for/recordsetc./personal appearance) and complete the followingchart. Name: Personal appearance: Date of birth and age: Nationality: Profession: Achievements: Others:
  8. 8. 3. Then, write in a word document some sentences such as: I am....../I am .....years old/I have got long hair.....etc. using this information. (You can send them to me for correction, if necessary). 4. Then go to (use the account created in class) and create a character who will talk about himself/herself using some of the relevant information you have found (use classical characters to adapt your ‘Voki’ and make him or her look similar to the character of your choice) 5. Once you have created it, send an email to your teacher with your Vokis embed code. 6. Then the teacher will upload your ‘Voki’ in the blog under the entry MY FAVOURITE CHARACTER. Hereyou can see a tutorial on how to use Voki. Now Click hereto do your own Voki.Evaluation criteria: Voki Needs improvement Good Very good Excellent Usage of Tool Grammar Vocabulary
  9. 9. Do an activity with Mixbook now! Level: intermediate Communicative goal: talking about your favourite sport team.1.Choose any sport team that you support.2.Look for images and information about it.3.Go to (use the account created in class) and create a ‘Mixbook’ with the images and information that you have collected.4.Remember to include some information about the history of the team such as championships, favourites or famous players and why you like this team. To do so use the function: Add Text.5. Once your ‘Mixbook’ is ready, you will have to deliver a presentation showing it to your classmates.Here you can see a tutorial on how to use Mixbook.
  10. 10. Evaluation criteria: Mixbook Needs improvement Good Very good Excellent Grammar Vocabulary Organisation of contentClick here to do your own photo album with Mixbook.
  11. 11. Do an activity with Xtranormal now!Level: intermediateCommunicative goal: talking about an important event.1. Think of a football match or concert you have recentlyattended or watched on TV.2. Make a list of the most important events that happenedduring it or the facts that have called your attention.3. Write a dialogue between two News presenters who aretalking about that event and reporting the main facts to theiraudience.4. Then send the dialogue to your teacher for correction.5. Once you have received your teacher’s corrections, go (use the account created in class) to doa video.6. Choose the option Suzie Movies. There you will find thecharacters and setting to make your news presentation.
  12. 12. 7.You can make all the choices to make your presentation.(Use two TV presenters)8. Before publishing your piece of work, take into accountthe privacy option (ask me or an adult if you have any doubtsabout it).9. Once you have finished, send an email to your teacherwith the embed code. She will upload your xtranormalactivity in the blog under the entry MY NEWSPRESENTATION. Here you can see a tutorial on how to use Xtranormal.Evaluation criteria:Xtranormal Needs improvement Good Very good ExcellentContentLanguageExecution ofvideo Click here to do your own movie with Xtranormal.
  13. 13. FODEY: Description + Step bystepFodey is a fun tool with which you can make a newspaperclipping with your own headline and story. Its really simpleand fun! You just have to think of a story and Fodey willtake care of the rest! How do I start?(Remember that you can view the full-size image by clickingon it!)1- Go to and you will instantly seethe newspaper template
  14. 14. 2- Now youll start creating your own piece of news! Choosethe name of your newspaper, the date of your article, the title and start typing your news. Once youve finished, click "Generate"3- Now all you have to do is click "Download your image"and save it on your computer. Good job! I hope you have found this tutorial useful. To create your own piece of news, visit Here you can see my own creation.
  15. 15. Click here to do an activity using Fodey
  16. 16. VOKI: Description + Step by stepVoki enables users to express themselves on the web in theirown voice using a talking character. You can customize yourVoki to look like you or take on the identity of lots of othertypes of characters such as animals, monsters, anime etc.You can even have your Voki speak with your own voice!Lets give it a try! How do I start?(Remember that you can view the full-size image by clicking on it!) 1- Go to and click on the option "Create" 2- You are now presented with the following screen, where you will have all the necessary options to customize your Voki 3- The first section is "Customize your character". Click there on the first part within this section!
  17. 17. 4- These are the options for customizing our Vokis head.First of all you will have to choose from the styles categories (some are anime, animals, politics, oddballs, etc). You can click on the arrows to see more categories. Once youve chosen a category, select whether you want to see male heads, female heads or both and choose one of the heads inthat category. Then you can change the colour of your Vokis mouth, eyes, skin and hair.5- After this, if you click on "tweak" (to the right of "colour") you can modify your Vokis mouth, nose, head shape, etc.
  18. 18. 6- Now, lets choose our Vokis hair! Click on the "hair" and "skin"option and choose the one you like best. Then select the mouth icon and choose one of the mouths available.7- If you have chosen a male character, you will also be able to choose his facehair8- We will now click on the "clothing" section and repeat thesame procedures for the selection of clothes and hats for our Voki
  19. 19. 9- Then we will move to the "bling" section and choose, in the same way as before, glasses, scarfs and necklaces and objects that our Voki will have. 10- Now we will close the "Customize your character"section and move to "Give it a voice". In this case, you have four different options to get your Voki to speak.11- Now you will have to pick a background for the settingof your Voki. Again, you may choose one from the availableoptions, or you may upload an image from your computer.
  20. 20. 12- After choosing the background, you can select the colour for your Vokis player. Chooseyourfavouriteone! 13- Finally, you can click on "publish", name yourVoki and save it.14- Congratulations! Your Voki is finished! Now you havemany sharing options for people to see it! You can e-mail it to a friend. You can also publish it on your website. You
  21. 21. have many different options to share your Voki on differentpages, as well as an embed code and your Vokis URL. Goon and startsharingitwithyourfriends! I hope youve found this tutorial useful! You can see a Voki I created below. Enjoy! Now, click here to do an activity with Voki.
  22. 22. MIXBOOK: Description + Step by stepMixbook is an easy and fun way to make completelycustomizable photo books, cards, and calendars on the webfor free. Mixbook gives you the freedom to lay out anddesign your creations to your heart’s content. The outcomescan be really nice and personalised. Why dont you check itout? How do I start?(Remember that you can view the full-size image by clicking on the link!) 1- Go to and click on "Signup"2- Complete the information and click "Get Started "tocreate your account
  23. 23. 3- You will be sent to your Mixbook profile. Now, click on "Create" to begin creating your mixbook.4- This is the first step for the creation of your mixbook. Youwill have to write a title for your mixbook. You can alsoinclude a description and category for your creation. You canchoose who do you want your mixbook to be visible for andwhen youre ready click "Create Mixbook"
  24. 24. 5 - There are different sizes for the creation of yourMixbook. Choosetheoneyoulikebest!6- Then, you will choose the theme for your Mixbook. Thereare many options you can choose from, within severalclassifications. Look at them and choose your favourite one.You can click on "Preview theme" to make sure that you dolike it. You can also tick the box which says "Give me a bookthat is almost done". I suggest doing so if this is the firsttime youll be creating a Mixbook because you can changethe images and texts but do not have to design the wholepages from the beginning.Once youve decided on the oneyou want, click "Choose Theme"
  25. 25. 7- Once youve chosen youll be sent to this page. Click on"customize your book" to continue.8- Next, you will be asked to upload the photos you want touse for your project. You have many different options from where to pick the images (flickr, facebook, picasa, etc). If you just want to upload the images from your computer, click on "select photos"9- After youve selected your photos, click on add photo andwait until all of them have been uploaded. You can choose to add more photos or delete one that you have uploaded. Whenyouvefinishedchoosingthephotos, closethiswindow.
  26. 26. 10- Now youll start filling the Mixbook with your material.Drag and drop images where you want them to be and insertthe texts you want to include. I recommend ticking the "hideused" option below the photos, so that you do notincidentally repeat a picture.11- You can always include a textbox by clicking on "Addtext". If youve made a mistake you can click on "undo" or"redo". As you can see, there are many editing options youcan apply to your text (such as font, size, colour, frame,style, etc)
  27. 27. 12- To add an image, you simply drag and drop it whereveryou want to place it. Again, there are many editing optionsthat you can apply to your images. Dont beafraidtoexperiment!13- Once youve finished with a page, you can go to the nextone, or see the previous one by clicking on the arrowsbelow the page. You can also click on any page to go directlyto that one. There are also several page tools:-You can adda blank page which you can design completely-You canduplicate a page if you want to copy that layout to anotherpage-You can remove a page you do not want to include inyour album14- With all of these tools and editing options, youll be ableto complete the differentpages you want to include in your
  28. 28. Mixbook, remembering that you can really personalize youralbum if you want to.(There are some extra options that may come in handy:-Change theme: you can change the theme you chose for your Mixbook-AutoMix: thephotos you chose are automatically distributed by the webpage throughout yourMixbook. However, you cannot undo this, so you should be really sure before clickinghere!-Fullscreen: to see your Mixbook clearer!-Help-Save: you can save your Mixbook atany point and continue later-Preview: you can see how your Mixbook will look oncefinished-Order: WATCH OUT! This is where Mixbook stops being free. If you order a paperversion of your Mixbook you will be charged the printing and delivery costs). This was the basic way in which a Mixbook is created. I hope youll be able to try for yourself now! To do so, go to Now, click here to do an activity with Mixbook. You can see my own Mixbookhere! | Start your own Photo Books | Create custom Christmas Cards
  29. 29. XTRANORMAL: description +step by stepThe Xtranormal is a website that contains computeranimated videoclips, featuring three-dimensional charactersthat can speak. With this website you can create videos byscritpting the dialogue by choosing from a menue of cameraangles and predesigned characters and scenes. Xtranormalvideos may also be created through an interface on theYouTube website. How do I start?1. The first thing to do is create anXtranormal account. Itsvery easy but make sure that you have an email account. Itsnot really required, but if you want to save your video, youshould make an account. 2. Choose the best option for your piece of work. You can create your story with any of the following collections.
  30. 30. 3. Here comes the fun. Making your video will be very easy.Choose the showpack you want to use, the actors and voices,your actors and camera angles, and other things that you maywant to include in your video. Choosesettings
  31. 31. Chooseactors Choosesounds4. Nowtype the script in the script box, and hit preview whenyour ready. If you do not like what you have typed or wantto change something else, you can change it, then hitpreview to see your changes in a preview.
  32. 32. 5. Now hit Publish, and type in the title, description, andRating. Take into account the privacy issue, if you want toshare this with your friends only.6.Now wait until your video is done uploading. Once it isdone, go to account settings and finish the work. I hope youve found this tutorial useful! To create your own movie, you can go to http://www.xtranormal.comNow, click here to do an activity withxtranormal. You can see a movie Ive created below. Enjoy!
  33. 33. A second startby: siper