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Tara Solutions Brochure 2 25 Email

  1. 1. Tara Solutions Green Growing Solutions for Crops,Plants & Turf Property of Tara Solutions,LLC
  2. 2. What is Tara Solutions? We provide nature friendly growing solutions for crop s, plants and turf. Our commitment to our customers is to provide economical and effective programs, combined with honesty and quality customer ser vice. are All of our applications on customized and based trients for providing optimum nu . maximum plant health ide These applications prov itious crops, increased yields, nutr for the soil, and nutrient additives nmentally all while being enviro sustainable. Tara means “E arth” and our mission is to su stain it for generations to come. Property of Tara Solutions,LLC
  3. 3. Vision A world class organization taking the lead position in sustainable growing solutions. Success will be achieved through the perfect combination of innovation and integrity. Values Values Excellence Sustainability Innovation Confidence Integrity Passion Hallmarks Customers: Honesty Solutions ahead of profits Partnerships: Share same vision Customers first Products: Effective and Innovative Value oriented Property of Tara Solutions,LLC
  4. 4. Tara 14Tara 14 is the optimum combination of components and traceminerals. This nutrient package is pre-mixed to allow accurateapplications. To see significant improvement in nutrient uptake, plantgrowth, and yield, switch to Tara 14 today!Tara 14 is a proprietary, non-burning 14-0-0 formula. Applicationrates for agriculture can range from 1 to 3 gallons per acre, providingthe perfect nutrient solution-better for the crops, better for the soiland better for the environment!As a result of using Tara 14, the use of fertilizers, pesticides, andfungicides can be significantly reduced and at times even eliminated,all while reducing costs. A true nature friendly product! Property of Tara Solutions,LLC
  5. 5. Tara 14 MSDS Tara Solutions LLC Date: 11/06/10 Date: 1/06/10 5215 West Laurel St Tampa, FL 33607 (813) 404-7572 Transport Emergency Telephone: CHEMTREC 1-800-424-9300 Emergency Telephone: 911 Material Safety Data Sheet:Tara 14 Material Safety Data Sheet: CleanGreen F14 Product is GRAS (Generally Regarded As Safe) Section I: Product Information Section VI: Health Hazards Product Name: Tara 14 CleanGreen F14 Acute: None Chemical Name: Multiple Glucose Chronic: None Substances, Urea 14%, Signs & Symptoms of Exposure: Same as Acute and Other Proprietary Chronic Hazard Class: Not Regulated Chemical Listed as Carcinogen: No Hazard I.D. Number None Carcinogens: None Routes of Entry: 1. Inhalation: None 2. Eyes: Flush with fresh water; get medical attention if irritation continues Section II: Hazardous Ingredients 3. Skin: Sensitive skin– flush with water 4. Ingestion: Drink plenty of water No Hazardous Ingredients Product is GRAS (Generally Regarded As Safe) Section III: Physical Data Section VII: Special Precaution and Spill/Leak Procedures Boiling Point: N/A Melting Point: N/A Precautions For Handling & Storage: Keep Container pH Range: 5.5-8.5 Closed Specific Gravity: Approximately 1.328 Steps To Be Taken in Case of Spill: None/Mop Up Weight Per Gallon: Approximately 10.7 lbs. Waste Disposal Methods: Follow Solubility in Water: 100% Environmentally Odor: Mild Safe Procedure Appearance: Dark Brown to Black Other Precautions: Keep out of reach of children Section IV: Fire and Explosion Hazard Data Section VIII: Special Protection Information/Control Measures Flash Point: None Flammable Limits: Does Not Burn Respiratory Protection: None Extinguishing Media Does Not Burn Ventilation: Recommended Fire & Explosion Hazards None Local Exhaust: None Protective Gloves: Recommended Eye Protection: Recommended Section V: Reactivity Data Work/Hygienic Practices: None Other Protective Clothing: None Stability: Stable Or Equipment: None Incompatibility: None Known Hazardous Decomposition:None Known Hazardous Polymerization:Will Not Occur Conditions to Avoid: Do not allow product to CleanGreen F14 Rating:00 Tara 14 Rating: freeze This information herein is given in good faith, but no warranty of any kind is expressed or implied. Consult Tara Solutions, LLC for further information. Customers are responsible for compliance with local, state and federal regulations that may be pertinent in the storage, application and disposal of this product. Property of Tara Solutions,LLC
  6. 6. King Calcium Ag Shield Surfactant Property of Tara Solutions,LLC
  7. 7. Ag Shield Surfactant Property of Tara Solutions,LLC
  8. 8. XtremeCARBON Property of Tara Solutions,LLC
  9. 9. SUR-TEC Herbicide and Pesticide Enhancer Makes tank mixes for herbicides and pesticides easy and Super- effective, raising chemical Efficiency by up to 100%! In two trials conducted in mid-summer 2011, Sur-Tec enhanced the control of drought-stressed kochia with glyphosate as well or better compared to a common, non- ionic surfactant or crop oil concentrates used asTrial Administered by: recommended rates,especially when ammonium sulfatePhillip W. Stahlman,PH.D was also used.KSU Weed ScientistAgricultural Research and Extension1232 240th Ave.Hays,KS 67601-9228 (785)625-3425 Property of Tara Solutions,LLC
  10. 10. Sample Crop ApplicationsWHEAT CORNSeed Treatment/acre Starter in row/on seedAirseeders: 8oz Tara Plant Growth Stimulant per 1-2 gal Tara Humic Acidbushel 16 oz Tara Plant Growth StimulantDrill Set up for Liquid Starter1-2 Gallon Tara Humic Acid Broadcast Pre-emergence16oz Tara Plant Growth Stimulant 3 gal King Calcium Needed NitrogenBroadcast apply/acre28% Nitrogen Foliar with herbicide application/acre3 gal King Calcium Apply 6” to 12” 16 oz. XtremeCarbon1st Top Dress/Before Joint16 oz. XtremeCarbon 2nd Application: Apply at White SilkAny needed herbicide/nitrogen 16 oz. XtremeCarbon2nd Top Dress Application Flagleaf32 oz. Deep Blue ALFALFA16 oz. XtremeCarbon Broadcast first green up 16 oz XtremeCarbonSOYBEANS 3 gal King CalciumStarter in row/on seed 1 Gallon Tara 1416 oz Tara Plant Growth Stimulant1-2 Gallons Tara Humic Acid Application after each cutting 16 oz. XtremeCarbonFoliar with herbicide application/acre GRASS/HAY(First application) Apply right before flowering16 oz. XtremeCarbon Broadcast first green up/throughout growing season(Second application) Apply August 3 gal King Calcium/any needed Nitrogen16 oz. XtremeCarbon 1 Gallon Tara14Should help control fungus and bugs Property of Tara Solutions,LLC
  11. 11. Sample Crop ApplicationsSUNFLOWERS POTATOESBroadcast/Pre-emergence Seed Wash28% Nitrogen Dilute Tara Plant Wash 2 oz per gal water and dip3 Gallons King Calcium seed prior to plantingApply in row on the seed Application over hill pre-emergence½ - 1 Gallon Tara 14 6 gal King CalciumFoliar apply early and throughout the season Foliar Application shortly after emergence and½-1 Gallon Tara 14 every 3 to 4 weeks 1 Gallon Tara 14PEANUTS/DRY EDIBLE BEANSApplication in row/on seed SUGAR BEETS2 gal Tara Humic Acid, plus any needed NPK starter Application in row with plant8oz Tara Plant Growth Stimulant 2 gal Tara Humic AcidBroadcast pre emergence 4 gal King Calcium Component4 gal King Calcium Foliar Apply shortly after emergence andFoliar Application early with herbicide, etc every 3 to 4 weeks1/2-1 Gallon Tara 14 1 Gallon Tara14Foliar throughout season RICE1/2-1 Gallon Tara 14 Broadcast/acre 3 gal Liquid Calcium Any Needed Nitrogen (based on currentCOTTON program)Application in row/on seed2 gal Tara Humic Acid Foliar Apply/acre8 oz. Tara Plant Growth Stimulant 1/2-1 Gallon Tara 14Broadcast pre emergence with any needed Should help control fungus and bugs.Nitrogen For best results foliar feed every 3-4 weeks3 gal King Calcium during growing season.Foliar application throughout season1/2-1 Gallon Tara 14 Property of Tara Solutions,LLC
  12. 12. Sample Crop ApplicationsTomato Application Citrus ApplicationApply ½ Gallon Tara 14 (diluted in a tank Three(3) Gallons King Calcium per acremix)- sprayed foliar every 10 days sprayed on the root of the trees (1 Timethroughout the growing cycle -Per Acre application). Can be mixed with any(Tank Mix is 25-35 gallons/acre and not to nitrogen used (28%/32%) including Tara 14exceed 50 gallons/acre) or broadcast spray it just ahead of any nitrogen application.The average tomato growing cycle is 90 daysso 5 gallons should carry throughout the One (1) Gallon Tara 14 mixed with a 15-25cycle. gallon tank mix. This application is foliar sprayed once every 4 weeks on the leaves until they are drenched.Note: These application rates arejust sample guidelines. Eachindividuals application rates willdiffer based on location, currentequipment, current regiment andsoil type. Please contact a TaraSolutions application specialistfor more details on how we cancreate a custom plan for you! Property of Tara Solutions,LLC
  13. 13. University of Florida/IFAS Trial on Tara 14In the fall of 2010, a citrus farmer in Ft. Myers, Fl observed several trees in his grove to havesigns of possible "greening."  He contacted the University of Florida Institute of Agricultureand Science (IFAS) Ft. Myers Extension Office and spoke to Roy Beckford.  The farmerexplained his observations and asked Beckford to visit the farm and inspect the trees.  Beckford inspected the farm shortly afterwards and observed the farm to have CitrusGreening infestation.  Beckford recently recalled that "over 50% of the farmers grove hadsigns of citrus greening."  The signs were the classic, yellowing of the leaves, fruit deformity,juice deficiency, and bitterness on any juice that was left.  Beckford, at the time, had just met a Tara Solutions representative.  The representative haddescribed Tara 14 and some of the other products that Tara uses to put health back in trees.  Beckford recommended that the farmer and Tara speak. The grove was treated once every 28days for one year. During this time, IFAS conducted periodic tests concerning overall planthealth and monitoring of signs of greening.After the final tests were done- “...over 95% of the trees did not show signs of greening..”. Dr.Mongi Zekri of IFAS, along with Roy Beckford, conducted the tests. Property of Tara Solutions,LLC
  14. 14. CORN TEST HIGHLIGHTS-2010/2011 CORN (all quantities in bushels) STUDY CHECK RESULTS 2011- Real Farm Research (Aurora,NE) + 4.24 219.89 215.65 XtremeCarbon 16oz. @ V4 XtremeCarbon 12 oz. @ Tassel per acre 2011- Irrigation Research Foundation (Yuma, CO) + 7.89 206.21 198.32 XtremeCarbon 16oz. @ V4 per acre 2011- Irrigation Research Foundation (Yuma, CO) +16.49 214.81 198.32 XtremeCarbon 16oz. @ V4 XtremeCarbon 12oz. @ Silking per acre 2011- Colorado State University (Yuma, CO) + 9.7 178.1 168.4 XtremeCarbon 16oz. @ V4 XtremeCarbon 12oz. @ Tassel per acre 2010- Irrigation Research Foundation (Yuma, CO) + 8.34 193.58 185.24 XtremeCarbon 16oz. @ V4 per acre Property of Tara Solutions,LLC
  15. 15. WHEAT TEST HIGHLIGHTS-2011 WHEAT (all quantities in bushels) STUDY CHECK RESULTS 2011- Colorado State University (Yuma, CO) 85.5 78.6 + 6.9/ acre XtremeCarbon 16oz. @ Flagleaf 12.98 Protein 10.2 Protein +2.78 protein 2011- Irrigation Research Foundation (Yuma, CO) 43.3 26.25 +16.78/ acre XtremeCarbon 16oz. @ Early November 12.27 Protein 9.5 Protein +2.77 protein Tara 14 1 gallon @ flagleaf 2011- Dave & Jeannie Fields +15.0 per (Goodland, KS) 78.7 63.7 Tara 14 1 gallon @ flagleaf acre 2011- Dave & Jeannie Fields + 7.78 per (Goodland, KS) 71.48 63.7 XtremeCarbon 16oz. @ Top Dress acre 2011- Matt Stucky + 9.0 per (Inman, Kansas) 52 43 XtremeCarbon 16oz. @ Top Dress acre Property of Tara Solutions,LLC
  16. 16. SOYBEANS/SUGAR BEETS TEST HIGHLIGHTS-2010/2011 CROP/STUDY STUDY CHECK RESULTS 2011- Soybeans- Real Farm Research +1.83 bu/ (Aurora, NE) XtremeCarbon 16oz. @ right before canopy 67.21 65.38 acre XtremeCarbon 12oz. @ flowering 2011- Soybeans-Irrigation Research +1.73 bu/ Foundation (Yuma, CO) 74.03 72.3 XtremeCarbon 16oz. @ prior to flower acre 2010- Soybeans-Irrigation Research +16.2 bu/ Foundation (Yuma, CO) 55.8 39.6 XtremeCarbon 16oz. @ prior to flower acre 2011- Sugar Beets-Irrigation Research + 2059 lbs 38.67 ton/ 31.29 ton/ Foundation (Yuma, CO) XtremeCarbon 16oz. @ prior to canopy acre acre sugar 15.56% sugar 15.94% sugar XtremeCarbon 16oz. @ 13 days prior to harvest 2011- Sugar Beets-Irrigation Research + 832 lbs 31.71 ton/ 31.29 ton/ Foundation (Yuma, CO) Tara 14 1 gallon @ prior to canopy acre acre sugar 17.04% sugar 15.94% sugar Tara 14 1 gallon @ 13 days prior to harvest 2010- Sugar Beets-Irrigation Research + 749 lbs 17.26% 16.54% Foundation (Yuma, CO) XtremeCarbon 16oz. @ 32 days Sugar Sugar sugar Property of Tara Solutions,LLC
  17. 17. Tara Solutions-your nature friendly solution for maximum plant health! WWW.TARAISGREEN.COM INFO@TARAISGREEN.COM 813-400-3199 Property of Tara Solutions,LLC 2/12