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Buenos Aires

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  2. 2. Buenos Aires© 2008 Stig Albeck & Ventus Publishing ApSTranslation: Maria LundbergAll rights and copyright relating to the content of thisbook are the property of Ventus Publishing ApS, and/or itssuppliers. Content from ths book, may not be reproducedin any shape or form without prior written permission fromVentus Publishing ApS.Quoting this book is allowed when clear references are made,in relation to reviews are allowed.ISBN 978-87-7061-260-91st editionPictures and illustrations in this book are reproduced accordingto agreement with the following copyright ownersStig AlbeckThe stated prices and opening hours are indicative and mayhave be subject to change after this book was published: Download free ebooks at bookboon.com
  3. 3. Buenos Aires Kapiteloverskrift ONLIBRI Download free ebooks at bookboon.com 4
  4. 4. Buenos Aires A visit to Buenos AiresA visit to Buenos Aireswww.bue.gov.ar/homewww.turismo.gov.arWith its numerous beautiful buildings in European The city has more than 10 million inhabitants,style, Buenos Aires is unique on the American Porteños, who are proud of their city and clearlycontinent. The city was built with Paris in mind, appreciates a good meal, which you as a visitorwhen Argentina was one of the richest countries in also can enjoy.the world, and this is very obvious. Buenos Aires is – among other things – a trueGrandiose architecture, which is as beautiful as the paradise for meat eaters because some of thebest architecture from Europe, and which also world’s best beef is served in the many goodcreates a style of its own, is to be found restaurants in the Argentine capital. And why noteverywhere. The central squares, Plaza de Mayo enjoy the good and strong Argentine wine withand Plaza Congreso, as well as the incredibly your dinner?beautiful theatre building, Teatro Colon, are fineexamples of this. Have a nice trip! Download free ebooks at bookboon.com 5
  5. 5. Buenos Aires Historical outline progress as hoped for, and with the FrenchHistorical outline revolution in mind, the opposition against the colonial power increased. Spain was gradually weakened, and in 1806 to 1807 Great BritainFor thousands of years, there have been occupants invaded Buenos Aires twice but was both timeson the fertile plains and coastal areas of Argentina, defeated by local military units.and this was also the case when the firstEuropeans arrived in 1516. It was the Spaniard In 1810 the citizens of Buenos Aires tookJuan Diás de Solís who discovered the area when advantage of the Spanish weakening. Theyhe sailed up the La Plata River, Río de la Plata. overthrew the Spanish vice king and established anHowever, the expedition of Días de Solís was brief, independent province government, which was notas he and the other sailors were presumably killed immediately recognised as the government ofby local Indians. Argentina. However, it was the beginning of Argentina’s independence, and today the event isMore than 20 years passed before a Spanish celebrated as the national revolutionary day.expedition searching for gold in 1536 founded thefirst city, Santa Maria del Buen Ayre, the I 1816 Argentina achieved formal independence,forerunner of today’s Buenos Aires, which and Buenos Aires – as the absolute centre of theoriginally meant Good Winds. Santa Maria del country - became the capital. Buenos Aires wasBuen Ayre was situated in the present San Telmo- also the place where the liberal-minded populationdistrict. The leader of the expedition was Pedro de of the country went to, and this created a culturalMendoza. distance to the more conservative population of the provinces on the countryside. This differenceIn 1541 frequent attacks from local Indians forced still exists today.the citizens of the new city to escape over theocean, and the area was once again without In the 19th century, France and Great Britain triedEuropean colonisation. This lasted until 1580, to internationally strengthen their politicalwhen a permanent settlement was established by positions, and in the 1840es the countries’ fleetsJuan de Garay, who sailed from Asunción by the took turns besieging Buenos Aires. However,Paraná River. Buenos Aires did not surrender and therefore stayed an independent nation. In the last half ofIn 1600 to 1700, the Spanish colony the 19th century, the surrounding areas wereadministration tried to get all trade from South connected to Buenos Aires with railways, and theAmerica to go physically through Lima in Peru for transportation of raw materials to processing in ortax reasons. This arrangement was a nuisance to discharging from the city created an enormousthe traders in Buenos Aires, and it caused a rising growth, which made Buenos Aires a metropolis asopposition to the Spaniards from the citizens of great as the biggest metropolises of Europe.the city, who were already called Portenõs, ”thosefrom the harbour”. Along with the economic success followed a comprehensive cultural development of BuenosAt the end of the 18th century, the pressure to get Aires, which did not want to be inferior to thean easier way of trading with the outside world European cities. Palaces were constructed, andwas so big that the Spanish King Carlos III Teatro Colón was built as one of the leading operadeclared Buenos Aires a free port. However, the houses of the world. Now celebrities often visitednew status did not create the immediate, huge Download free ebooks at bookboon.com 6
  6. 6. Buenos Aires Historical outlineBuenos Aires, which was the most progressive city The following year Juan Péron became presidentin South America. The continent’s highest building with more than half of the Argentine votes. Hisand the first metro line were constructed here. politics aimed towards strengthening the country’sArgentina was among the wealthiest countries of workers. He nationalised a lot of industry and triedthe world, not least because of an extremely large to speed up the industrial development. Despitemeat export. the great popularity and ambitious reform programme of Juan and Eva (Evita) Perón,In the 1920es, many European immigrants came Argentina got financial problems, and in 1955to Argentina, and many stayed in and around Perón was brought down in a military coup d’état.Buenos Aires. Today the population of Porteños,far more often than the populations of other Ever since 1945, demonstrations have been heldSouth American cities, come from European on Plaza de Mayo because of social problems or aspeoples and not from local Indians. The reactions against changing governments andimmigration created slums because temporary and regimes. After many years in exile, Juan Perónbad homes sprang up close to the factories. This returned to Argentina and was elected presidentwas the beginning of the city’s social problems, again in 1973. He died in 1974 after whichwhich were present for the next decades under Argentina changed to a junta regime.different regimes. The country’s and the city’s economic difficultiesAfter a coup d’état in 1943, Juan Péron was made have not been solved, but despite a lost war inWork and Welfare Minister, and he quickly 1982 against Great Britain over the Islasobtained a high level of popularity, not least with Malvinas/the Falklands Islands and big socialthe working class. He was forced to resign in 1945 barriers, Buenos Aires is characterised by anand was arrested shortly after. Immediately people optimism and a cheerfulness of the indomitabletook to the streets, and a legendary demonstration Porteños. In recent years, new investments haveon Plaza de Mayo started the Peronism. been made in the city, among other things the harbour area has been developed into the new Puerto Madero. Download free ebooks at bookboon.com 7
  7. 7. Buenos Aires Tour 1: Buenos Aires The old trains with wooden panels, old lamps and Tour 1: Buenos Aires the rest of the original decorations are still running, and they are an 1. Subte metro line A exciting sight, impossible to find anywhere else in the world. The name of the metro system is Subte, which is an abbreviation of the word subterraneo, which means ‘underground’. 2. The Congress Square/Plaza From Plaza de Mayo to Plaza Congreso Congreso www.subte.com.ar Subte: Linje A Plaza Congreso The Buenos Aires metro opened as the first metro Subte: Congreso in South America in 1913. The original section From the elegant square Plaza Congreso at the end went through Plaza de Mayo and Congreso, and of Avenida de Mayo, you can see Argentina’s both the stations and the trains are basically the beautiful Congress building as well as other same as when it opened. The best preserved impressive buildings from the first decades of the station is Peru, which in most details shows the 20th century. The big Dos Congresos fountain is tube from 1913. situated in the square. The next step for top-performing graduatesPlease click the advert Masters in Management Designed for high-achieving graduates across all disciplines, London Business School’s Masters in Management provides specific and tangible foundations for a successful career in business. This 12-month, full-time programme is a business qualification with impact. In 2010, our MiM employment rate was 95% within 3 months of graduation*; the majority of graduates choosing to work in consulting or financial services. As well as a renowned qualification from a world-class business school, you also gain access to the School’s network of more than 34,000 global alumni – a community that offers support and opportunities throughout your career. For more information visit www.london.edu/mm, email mim@london.edu or give us a call on +44 (0)20 7000 7573. * Figures taken from London Business School’s Masters in Management 2010 employment report Download free ebooks at bookboon.com 8
  8. 8. Buenos Aires Tour 1: Buenos Aires3. Congress/Congreso de la Nación Avenida de Mayo Subte: Linje A från Peru till Congreso Avenida de Mayo is the most magnificent street in Buenos Aires, which runs between the Government House and the Congress. On a walk here, you can see several buildings in Parisian style from the beginning of the 20th century, e.g. the Hotel Chile from 1907, the Hotel Majestic from 1910 and the Palacio Vera. You also cross the world’s widest boulevard, the 90 metres wide Avenida 9 de Julio.Plaza CongresoSubte: Congreso 5. Plaza de MayoArgentina’s Congress building, Congreso de laNación, opened in 1906 after nine years ofbuilding activities. The building is made of granitewith a copper dome, and the style is beautifulGreek-Roman with elements of Beaux-Arts. Theinspiration in the self-confident Argentina at thetime came from all over the world. The division offunctions are the same as in the Congress inWashington, and on top of the building sits asculpture just like the one on the BrandenburgGate in Berlin.Inside you find beautifully decorated halls, whichare all made of the best materials imported fromall parts of the world. The Salón Rosada wasdecorated by Eva Perón on the occasion of theintroduction of women’s right to vote.4. Avenida de Mayo Plaza de Mayo Subte: Plaza de Mayo/Bolivar/Catedral The square Plaza de Mayo is the political centre of Argentina, and it is surrounded by a number of historical buildings. Political demonstrations often take place on the square, and you can still see mothers remembering their fallen sons from the 1970es to the 1980es. It is highly recommended to stay at the square for at while to watch the exciting city life. Download free ebooks at bookboon.com 9
  9. 9. Buenos Aires Tour 1: Buenos Aires6. Cabildo The Catedral Metropolitana is the original cathedral of Buenos Aires and was built in 1748. In the 19th century, the façade was changed from traditional Spanish colonial style to Greek-inspired style with a colonnade towards the Plaza de Mayo. Inside the cathedral, you can among other things see the mausoleum for General José de San Martín, who is considered the ancestor of the country, as well as the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier. 8. Casa RosadaBolivar 65www.cultura.gov.ar/organismos/museos/museo_cabildo.phpSubte: Plaza de Mayo/Bolivar/CatedralThe Cabildo is the city’s old Spanish Governmentbuilding, which was built in very elegant colonialstyle. The building was constructed in 1751, and itwas thoroughly restored in 1939.In the Cabildo, you can see paintings and getinformation about Argentina’s Colonial Period as Balcarce 50well as enjoy the view over Plaza de Mayo. www.museo.gov.ar Subte: Plaza de Mayo/Bolivar/Catedral The Casa Rosada is the Government House, and7. The Cathedral/ the building was built in 1873 in Italian style. It isCatedral Metropolitana believed that the pink colour is a mixture of the red and white political parties. In front of the building, you can see the military guard changing every hour. From the northern balcony towards Plaza de Mayo, Eva Perón spoke to the crowd of workers on the square. It was also from here that Leopoldo Galtieri in 1982 declared war against Great Britain concerning the Islas Marvinas, which is the Argentine name for the Falkland Islands.Plaza de Mayowww.arzbaires.org.ar/catedral.htmSubte: Plaza de Mayo/Bolivar/Catedral Download free ebooks at bookboon.com 10
  10. 10. Buenos Aires Tour 1: Buenos Aires You can learn more about the building and the The beautiful old Stock Exchange in Buenos Aires, history of the presidents of Argentina at Casa Bolsa de Comercio, was built by the Architect Rosada’s presidential museum, Museo de la Casa Alejandro Christophersen in 1916. A large part of Gobierno, which you can visit at the address 219, the many business transactions between Argentina Yrigoyen at the metro entrance. and the rest of the world took place here, at a time when Argentina was very prosperous. 9. The Stock Exchange/ Bolsa de Comersio 10. Puerto Madero Puerto Madero www.puertomadero.com Subte: Plaza de Mayo/Leandro N. Alem The Puerto Madero is one of the city’s formerly run-down harbour areas, which after a large investment has been transformed into a vivid place with many cultural activities, lovely eating places, and shopping areas. The harbour basins have been constructed with the famous harbour at the Mersey River in Liverpool in mind. Today the surrounding original red brick warehouses are beautifully renovated, and among the activities on Avenida Sarmiento 299 the harbour is a visit to the museum ship, Fregata www.bcba.sba.com.ar Presidente Sarmiento. Subte: Leandro N. Alem Excellent Economics and Business programmes at: “The perfect startPlease click the advert of a successful, international career.” CLICK HERE to discover why both socially and academically the University of Groningen is one of the best places for a student to be www.rug.nl/feb/education Download free ebooks at bookboon.com 11
  11. 11. Buenos Aires Tour 1: Buenos Aires11. City Museum/ At the convent, there is a mausoleum for GeneralMuseo de la Ciudad Manuel Belgrano. Belgrano is the one who drew the Argentine flag, and he is a famous historicalAlsina 412 person in the country.www.museos.buenosaires.gov.ar/museos/ciudad.htm 13. Historical Museum/Subte: Bolivar Museo Histórico NacionalThe Museo de la Ciudad is the city museum ofBuenos Aires, and it is placed in a formerpharmacy from 1894. The collection gives a verycolourful impression of the city’s history aspractically all kinds of effects of importance to theinhabitants of the city, the Porteños, are on display.12. Santo Domingo Convent/Convento Santo Domingo Calle Defensa 1600 www.cultura.gov.ar/organismos/museos/mus eo_historico.php Subte: Constitución Argentina’s historical museum is placed in an Italian style palace, which is the former residence of the Lezama family. The fine collection of the museum mainly describes the development of theCalle Defensa 422 country from the 16th century to the 19th century.Subte: Bolivar/BelgranoThe Santo Domingo Convent was built in 1799,and on the tower of the convent church, you canstill see marks from the shooting during the firstBritish invasion. Download free ebooks at bookboon.com 12
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  13. 13. Buenos Aires Tour 2: Buenos Aires Plaza LibertadTour 2: Buenos Aires www.teatrocolon.org.ar Subte: Tribunales The beautiful opera theatre, Teatro Colón, was14. Cervantes Theatre/ constructed in the period from 1880 to 1908, andTeatro Nacional Cervantes it signalled that the city was culturally equal to places like Paris and New York. The interior is luxurious with the stairways in Portuguese marble, French furniture and big chandeliers. The acoustics are incredible and through time stars like Maria Callas, Plácido Domingo and Luciano Pavarotti have performed here. 16. Obelisk/ObeliscoPlaza Lavallewww.teatrocervantes.gov.arSubte: TribunalesThe Cervantes Theatre is mainly constructed withSpanish materials in an impressive empirical style,and it opened in 1921. The theatre was a gift fromtwo Spanish actors. After a few years, theoperations of the theatre were transferred to thestate.15. Colón Theatre/Teatro Colón Plaza de la República Subte: C. Pellegrini/9 de Julio/Diagonal Norte The characteristic obelisk of Buenos Aires is centrally placed on the large street, Avenida 9 de Julio, which is the widest boulevard in the world. Download free ebooks at bookboon.com 14
  14. 14. Buenos Aires Tour 2: Buenos AiresThe obelisk was put up in 1936 in memory of the The Galerías Pacífico shopping centre opened asfirst foundation of the city 400 years earlier by the shopping arcade Bon Marché Argentino withPedro de Mendoza. Because of its location and the inspiration from Paris and Milan in 1891. Alreadysurrounding net of streets, the monument is visible back then, it was a gem in the shoppingfrom many places in the city. environment of the city.17. Calle Florida At a later renovation, beautiful ceiling paintings were painted on 450 m2 of the building’s dome by five different artists, and in 1992 the present Galerías Pacífico was established in the historical building. 19. Kavanagh Building/ Edifico KavanaghCalle FloridaSubte: FloridaThe street Calle Florida is the main street ofBuenos Aires and besides the many shops andeating places, it is possible to get close to theinhabitants of the city, the Porteños, who enjoy awalk down Calle Florida.18. Galerías Pacífico Plaza San Martin Subte: San Martin The Kavanagh Building was built in 1934 and 1935 in a beautiful Art Deco style. The 120 metres tall building was the highest in South America atCalle Florida/Avenida Córdoba the time, and it is still quite extraordinary as well aswww.galeriaspacifico.com.ar very visible in the streets.Subte: Florida Download free ebooks at bookboon.com 15
  15. 15. Buenos Aires Tour 2: Buenos Aires 20. Circulo Militar 21. San Martin Palace/ Plaza San Martin Palacio San Martin www.circulomilitar.org Plaza San Martin Subte: San Martin Subte: San Martin The palace Circulo Militar was originally called This distinguished palace was built by one of the Palacio Paz, named after the wealthy family who country’s rich families as their residence. Since built the house between the years 1902 to 1914. It 1936 the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Argentina is now named after the soldier organization that has been placed here. bought the building in 1938. Today a small military museum, Museo de las Armas, is also placed in the 22. Torre Monumental/ palace. Torre de los Inglese The palace is a small version of Versailles with its many luxuriously decorated rooms made of the finest materials, many of which are imported from Europe. One of the most beautiful rooms is the opera theatre in the house, and the masculine decorated study is also worth seeing. Not far from the Circulo Militar, you can see the monument of the Argentine national hero, General José de San Martín, who fought against Spain in the country’s fight for independence. Need help with your dissertation?Please click the advert Get in-depth feedback & advice from experts in your topic area. Find out what you can do to improve the quality of your dissertation! Get Help Now Go to www.helpmyassignment.co.uk for more info Download free ebooks at bookboon.com 16
  16. 16. Buenos Aires Tour 2: Buenos AiresPlaza San Martin 25. Basilica of the Sacred Heart ofSubte: San Martin/Retiro Jesus/Basílica del Sagrado CrazónThis clock tower in English style was donated by de Jesústhe British society in the city. From the top of thetower there is a fine view over the area, among Plaza Vte Lopezother things to the monument of the 700 fallen Subte: Callaosoldiers in the war against Great Britain in 1982. The basilica was built between 1905 and 1908, originally as a private church for at wealthy family.23. Retiro Station/Estación Retiro The tower was then 30 metres higher than today, but it was destroyed during a storm in 1913. 26. Recoleta Cemetery/ Cementerio de RecoletaAvenida Ramos MeijaSubte: RetiroThe Retiro Station was built by Englishmen in1915. The large steel constructions were made inLiverpool and sailed to Buenos Aires. There aremany beautiful details from the railways’ goldenage, among other things Café Retiro, whichopened in 1915 as did the station.24. French Embassy/Embajade de FranciaCalle Cerrito 1399www.embafrancia-argentina.org Plaza FrancesaSubte: San Martin www.cementeriorecoleta.com.arThe French Embassy is the only building left from Subte: Pueyrredonthe time when all the streets where cleared to Many great historical people of Argentina aremake way for the wide boulevard, Avenido de 9 buried on the Recoleta Cemetery. The cemeteryJulio. The French refused to move from the was laid out in 1822, and since then more than 6beautiful, Belle Époque palace, and therefore the 000 small and big mausoleums have been built,boulevard curves around the embassy. some in Greek style, and today they more or less form a built-on net of streets in the area. Download free ebooks at bookboon.com 17
  17. 17. Buenos Aires Tour 2: Buenos AiresThe highlight for many visitors is the grave of Argentina’s National Art Museum is placed in theEva ”Evita” Perón from 1976. Many Argentines former pumping building from 1930. It contains apass by here with flowers. You can also see several large collection of Argentine art from the 18th andArgentine presidents and wealthy families such as 19th centuries and a wide selection of art bythe Paz family. European artists such as Monet, Renoir, Rodin, Toulouse-Lautrec and Van Gogh.27. National Art Museum/Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes 28. National Museum of Arts and Crafts/Museo Nacional de Arte Decorativo Avenida del Libertador 1902 www.mnad.org Subte: Agüero/Bulnes In this museum, you can see beautiful decorations, paintings, sculptures and quite a few other effects. The museum building itself was drawn by the Frenchman René Sergent, who also designed several of the city’s most luxurious palaces. TheAvenida del Libertador 1473 building is practically a part of the museum, andwww.mnba.org.ar you get a fine impression of the large palaces inSubte: Agüero the area around the city parks. Download free ebooks at bookboon.com 18
  18. 18. Buenos Aires Day Tours from Buenos Aires La Boca, 3 km S Day Tours from Subte: Constitucion Buenos Aires The district La Boca is a colourful and impressive part of Buenos Aires. Originally the area was a place where many Italian immigrants, especially from Genoa, settled. Therefore there is still many 29. La Boca Italian restaurants right next to the many tango places, which are a part of La Boca’s popularity. 29a. Club Atletico boca Juniors Del Valle Iberlucea www.bocajuniors.com.ar The football club Boca Juniors is the club, where the Argentine star, Diego Maradona, played. On match days, the whole neighbourhood is filled with people, and it is colourful as a carnival. You can visit the club shop and the museum on stadium, where you can experience the highlights of the club’s history, which not least includes Diego Maradona. Free online MagazinesPlease click the advert Click here to download SpeakMagazines.com Download free ebooks at bookboon.com 19
  19. 19. Buenos Aires Day Tours from Buenos Aires29b. Caminito 30. LujánCaminitoCaminito is the greatest attraction of La Boca. It isa street with many colourful houses, where Lunán, 65 km Wimmigrants used to live. The houses are called www.lujan.gov.arconventillos, and they originally became so The city Luján outside of Buenos Aires has 80 000colourful because they were painted with remnants inhabitants, and it was founded in 1755. In the cityof ship paint from the nearby harbour. Earlier this there is an impressive cathedral in new Gothicarea of La Boca was the place where the Italian style, which is built in honour of the Virgin ofimmigrants settled, and there used to be a coarse Luján, who is the guardian angel of Argentina.atmosphere like in typical harbour areas. Nowthere is a market, a lot of cosy streets and a long The 106 metres tall cathedral is one of the greatestline of places where you can dance the tango. Also shrines of South America, and millions oftry a walk down to the city’s old harbour from Argentines visit here every year. The cathedral iswhere you have a view to the distinctive iron designed by the French architect Uldericobridge above the entrance of the harbour. Courtois, and it is constructed in the period between 1889 and 1937. In Luján, you also find the museum complex Enrique Udaondo, where you among other things can see the first steam locomotive of Argentina, La Porteña, the first water plane, which flew from Europe to Argentina, as well as effects from the country’s period as a Spanish colony. Download free ebooks at bookboon.com 20
  20. 20. Buenos Aires Day Tours from Buenos Aires31. Montevideo 32. Mar del Plata 400 km S www.mardelplata.gov.ar The coast city Mar del Plata is the largest tourist area in Argentina with kilometres of sand beaches and lots of activities. The place was not inhabited until 1856 when facilities to manufacturing of meat were built here. In 1874 an idea about turning the city into a large and fashionable beach city was presented. 12 years later the railway from Buenos Aires opened, and the hotels shot up. You can relax in the many beautiful parks, enjoy delicious fish dishes, sea food and meat in the many restaurants, try several theme parks and a lot180 km E more. It is not without reason that the city iswww.turismo.gub.uy among the Argentines’ favourite holidayMontevideo is the capital of Uruguay. It is situated destination.on the northern bank of the La Plata River andyou can go there by boat on a one-day trip from 33. Iguazú Waterfalls/Foz de Iguazúthe harbour of Buenos Aires.Montevideo is a very cosy city, where you can startyour trip on the central square, PlazaIndependencia. The symbol of the city is situatedhere; the characteristic 84 metres tall sky-scraperfrom 1928, Palacio Salvo. At the time when it wasbuilt, it was the tallest building in South America.In the city you also find some fine museums,lovely vantage points and Estadio Centenario,where the first World Cup-final in football wasplayed in 1930. In the final, Uruguay won 4-2 overArgentina in front of 93 000 spectators. Download free ebooks at bookboon.com 21
  21. 21. Buenos Aires Day Tours from Buenos Aires 800 km N 32a. Itaipú Dam/ www.patrimonionatural.com/html/provincias/ La Represa Hidroeléctrica de Itaipú misiones/iguazu/iguazu.asp Together, the Iguazú Waterfalls are the largest waterfalls in the world, and a visit here is an unforgettable experience for all senses. It is one of South America’s wonders of nature. Iguazú consists of about 300 waterfalls, which fall in a width of approximately 3 km of the Iguazú River. The highest fall is about 70 metres. The most impressive of the many falls is the Devil’s Throat, Garganta del Diablo, which is a big u-formed area on the border of Argentina and Brazil. You can get close to this fall as well as the others in the www.itaipu.gov.br system. Close to the Iguazú Waterfalls is one of the biggest dams in the world, Itaipú, situated on the border There are many organised trips to the Foz de between Brazil and Paraguay. Iguazú from Buenos Aires, and you can also buy a bus ticket and live in one of the many hotels in either Argentina or Brazil. © UBS 2010. All rights reserved. You’re full of energy and ideas. And that’s just what we are looking for.Please click the advert Looking for a career where your ideas could really make a difference? UBS’s Graduate Programme and internships are a chance for you to experience for yourself what it’s like to be part of a global team that rewards your input and believes in succeeding together. Wherever you are in your academic career, make your future a part of ours by visiting www.ubs.com/graduates. www.ubs.com/graduates Download free ebooks at bookboon.com 22
  22. 22. Buenos Aires Day Tours from Buenos AiresItaipú is 7.7 km wide and from the artificial lake in Brazil and Paraguay have each invested half thethe Paraná River the water falls from 220 to 100 means needed for the construction, and themetres in height. Together, the 20 generators can production of electricity is also split in half. A largeproduce 14 000 MW of electricity. The first part of part of the Paraguayan electricity is exported toItaipú opened for production in 1984. Brazil, where electricity is sent to among others the large city São Paolo. In total, Itaipú covers almost the entire power consumption of Paraguay and about a fourth of the power consumption of Brazil. Download free ebooks at bookboon.com 23
  23. 23. Buenos Aires Children / Shopping / Public transportation With children in Buenos Aires Alto Palermo (Avenida Santa Fe 3251): Children Museum/Museo de los Niños (Avenida Galerias Pacifico (Calle Florida/Avenida Córdoba): Corrientes 3247, Centro Abasto): www.galeriaspacifico.com.ar www.museoabasto.org.ar Patio Bullrich (Avenida de Libertador 750) Temaiken Animal Park/Temaiken Tierra de Vida (Ruta Provincial 25, Escobar): Public transportation in Buenos Aires www.temaiken.com.ar Buenos Aires Metro: Parque de la Costa (General B. Mitre 2, Tigre): www.subte.com.ar www.parquedelacosta.com.ar Buenos Aires city transportation: Zoo/Zoológico de Buenos Aires www.metrovias.com.ar (Avenida Las Heras): www.zoobuenosaires.com.ar Retiro Bus Station: 360° www.tebasa.com.ar . Shopping in Buenos Aires Buenos Aires Airport: thinking Calle Florida, Avenida Santa Fe, Avenida Alvear, www.aa2000.com.ar Calle Quintana Buenos Aires & Argentina Transportation: Abasto (Avenida Corrientes 3247): www.argentinaturistica.com/transpbsas.htm 360° thinking . 360° . Please click the advert thinking Discover the truth at www.deloitte.ca/careers D © Deloitte & Touche LLP and affiliated entities. Discover the truth at www.deloitte.ca/careers © Deloitte & Touche LLP and affiliated entities. Download free ebooks at bookboon.com 24© Deloitte & Touche LLP and affiliated entities. Discover the truth at www.deloitte.ca/careers © Deloitte & Touche LLP and affiliated entities.
  24. 24. Buenos Aires Metro MapMetro Map Download free ebooks at bookboon.com 25
  25. 25. Buenos Aires Facts about Argentina Facts about Argentina Political Official name República Argentina Capital Buenos Aires Form of government Federal republic Head of state President Christina Fernández de Kirchner Head of Government Christina Fernández de Kirchner National Day May 25 Achieved independence July 9, 1816 from Spain Primary religion Christianity Language Spanish Area 2 766 890 km² Population (2001) 36 260 000 Borders on North Bolivia, Paraguay South Chile East Brazil, Uruguay, the Atlantic Ocean West Chile Download free ebooks at bookboon.com 26
  26. 26. Buenos Aires Facts about Argentina Highest mountains Aconcagua 6 960 metres Ojos del Salado 6 908 metres Bonete 6 872 metres Tupungato 6 800 metres Pissis 6 779 metres Mercedario 6 770 metres Llullaillaco 6 723 metres El Libertador 6 720 metres Cachi 6 720 metres Incahuasi 6 620 metresPlease click the advert Find your next education here! Click here bookboon.com/blog/subsites/stafford Download free ebooks at bookboon.com 27
  27. 27. Buenos Aires Facts about Argentina Largest islands Isla Grande de Tierra del Fuego* 47 992 km² Isla de los Estados 534 km² *is only partially situated in Argentina Largest lakes Mar Chiquita 2 000 - 4 500 km² Lago Buenos Aires* 1 850 km² Lago Viedma 1 000 – 1 600 km² Lago Argentino 1 466 km² Lago O’Higgins* 1 058 km² Embalse Ezequiel Ramos Mexia 816 km² Lago Colhué Huapí 810 km² Lago Fagnano 645 km² Lago Nahuel Huapi 529 km² Lago Cardiel 460 km² Lago Musters 414 km² * is partially situated in Chile Longest rivers Río Paraná 3 998 km Río Paraguay 2 625 km Río Uruguay 1 600 km Río Pilcomayo 1 590 km Río Bermejo 1 450 km Río Iguazú 1 300 km Río Colorado 1 114 km Río Dulce 812 km Río Salado 640 km Río Negro 635 km *run through other countries than Argentina too Download free ebooks at bookboon.com 28
  28. 28. Buenos Aires Facts about Argentina Largest urban areas Buenos Aires 12 923 800 Cordoba 1 543 500 Rosario 1 358 300 Mendoza 977 500 La Plata 833 100 Tucuman 791 200 Mar del Plata 679 000 Salta 519 900 Santa Fe 500 000 San Juan 435 700 Administrative divisions Provinces Capital Area Buenos Aires (ciudad autónoma) Buenos Aires 203 km² Buenos Aires (provincia) La Plata 307 571 km² Catamarca San Fernando del V.a 102 602 km² Chaco Resistencia 99 633 km² Chubut Rawson 224 686 km² Córdoba Córdoba 165 321 km² Corrientes Corrientes 88 199 km² Entre Ríos Paraná 78 781 km² Formosa Formosa 72 066 km² Jujuy San Salvador de Jujuy 53 219 km² La Pampa Santa Rosa 143 440 km² La Rioja La Rioja 89 680 km² Mendoza Mendoza 148 827 km² Misiones Posadas 29 801 km² Neuquén Neuquén 94 078 km² Río Negro Viedma 203 013 km² Salta Salta 155 488 km² San Juan San Juan 89 651 km² San Luis San Luis 76 748 km² Santa Cruz Río Gallegos 243 943 km² Download free ebooks at bookboon.com 29
  29. 29. Buenos Aires Facts about Argentina Santa Fe Santa Fe 133 007 km² Santiago del Estero Santiago del Estero 136 351 km² Tierra del Fuego Ushuaia 21 263 km² Tucumán San Miguel de Tucumán 22 524 km² Heads of state since 1946 Juan Perón 1946-1955 and 1973-1974 Eduardo Lonardi 1955-1955 Pedro Eugenio Aramburu 1955-1958 Arturo Frondizi 1958-1962 José María Guido 1962-1963 Arturo Umberto Illia 1963-1966 Juan Carlos Onganía 1966-1970 Roberto Marcelo Levingston 1970-1971 Alejandro Agustin Lanusse 1971-1973 Héctor José Cámpora 1973-1973 Raúl Alberto Lastiri 1973-1973 Isabel Perón 1974-1976 Jorge Rafael Videla 1976-1981 Roberto Eduardo Viola 1981-1981 Carlos Alberto Lacoste 1981-1981 Leopoldo Fortunato Galtieri 1981-1982 Alfredo Oscar Saint Jean 1982-1982 Reynaldo Bignone 1982-1983 Raúl Alfonsin 1983-1989 Carlos Menem 1989-1999 Fernando de la Rúa 1999-2001 Adolfo Rodríguez Saá 2001-2001 Eduardo Duhaldo 2002-2003 Néstor Kirchner 2003-2007 Cristina Fernández de Kirchner 2007- Download free ebooks at bookboon.com 30
  30. 30. Buenos Aires Facts about Argentina Vice presidents since 1946 Juan Hortensio Quijano 1946-1952 Alberto Tessaire 1954-1955 Isaac Francisco Rojas 1955-1958 Alejandro Gómez 1958-1958 Carlos Humberto Perette 1963-1966 Vicente Solano Lima 1973-1973 Isabel Perón 1973-1974 Victor Martinez 1983-1989 Eduardo Duhaldo 1989-1991 Carlos Ruckauf 1995-1999 Carlos Álvarez 1999-2000 Daniel Scioli 2003-Please click the advert Download free ebooks at bookboon.com 31
  31. 31. Buenos Aires Facts about Argentina Holidays and memorial days January 1 New Year’s Day April 2 Veterans Day Easter Day – 2 days Good Friday Date varies Good Friday May 1 May Day Festivities May 25 Celebrating the country’s first Government Date varies June Flag Day July 9 Independence Day Date varies August Death of José de San Martin Date varies October Columbus Day December 8 Conception of Mary December 25 Christmas Day Varius facts Currency Peso Currency code ARS Time zone ART (UTC-3) Postal country code ARG Internet domain .ar Country calling code +54 Download free ebooks at bookboon.com 32
  32. 32. Buenos Aires Facts about Argentina Mean temperature Precipitation Climate – Buenos Aires (°C/°F) (millimetres/inches) January 23.5/74.3 93/3.7 February 22.7/72.9 81/3.2 March 20.6/69.1 117/4.6 April 16.7/62.1 90/3.5 May 13.3/55.9 77/3.0 June 10.4/50.7 64/2.5 July 10.0/50.0 59/2.3 August 11.1/52.0 65/2.6 September 13.2/55.8 78/3.1 October 16.0/60.8 97/3.8 November 19.3/66.7 89/3.5 December 22.0/71.6 96/3.8 Source: WorldClimate (www.worldclimate.com) your chance to change the worldPlease click the advert Here at Ericsson we have a deep rooted belief that the innovations we make on a daily basis can have a profound effect on making the world a better place for people, business and society. Join us. In Germany we are especially looking for graduates as Integration Engineers for • Radio Access and IP Networks • IMS and IPTV We are looking forward to getting your application! To apply and for all current job openings please visit our web page: www.ericsson.com/careers Download free ebooks at bookboon.com 33
  33. 33. Buenos Aires Facts about Argentina Mean temperature Precipitation Climate – Mendoza (°C/°F) (millimetres/inches) January 23.5/74.3 30/1.1 February 22.4/72.3 28/1.1 March 19.6/67.3 27/1.1 April 15.3/59.5 12/0.5 May 11.1/52.0 10/0.4 June 7.6/45.7 7/0.3 July 7.6/45.7 7/0.3 August 9.9/49.8 8/0.3 September 13.0/55.4 13/0.5 October 16.7/62.1 21/0.8 November 20.1/68.2 18/0.7 December 22.6/72.7 26/1.0 Source: WorldClimate (www.worldclimate.com) Mean temperature Precipitation Climate – Viedma (°C/°F) (millimetres/inches) January 21.9/71.4 35/1.4 February 20.9/69.6 44/1.7 March 18.0/64.4 35/1.4 April 14.2/57.6 32/1.2 May 10.0/50.0 34/1.3 June 7.0/44.6 22/0.9 July 6.8/44.2 25/1.0 August 8.3/46.9 23/0.9 September 10.9/51.6 23/0.9 October 13.9/57.0 26/1.0 November 17.6/63.7 24/0.9 December 20.2/68.4 24/0.9 Source: WorldClimate (www.worldclimate.com) Download free ebooks at bookboon.com 34
  34. 34. Buenos Aires Facts about Argentina Mean temperature Precipitation Climate – Ushuaia (°C/°F) (millimetres/inches) January 9.2/48.6 52/2.1 February 9.1/48.4 50/2.0 March 7.7/45.9 54/2.1 April 5.6/42.1 53/2.1 May 3.2/37.8 50/2.0 June 1.6/34.9 47/1.9 July 1.5/34.7 42/1.7 August 2.1/35.8 45/1.8 September 3.9/39.0 39/1.5 October 6.1/43.0 36/1.4 November 7.4/45.3 42/1.6 December 8.6/47.5 47/1.8 Source: WorldClimate (www.worldclimate.com) Mean temperature Precipitation Climate – Iguazu (°C/°F) (millimetres/inches) January 26.4/79.5 172/6.8 February 26.1/79.0 167/6.6 March 24.8/76.6 144/5.7 April 21.5/70.7 140/5.5 May 18.7/65.7 131/5.2 June 16.5/61.7 124/4.9 July 16.3/61.3 90/3.5 August 17.7/63.9 104/4.1 September 19.8/67.6 136/5.3 October 22.3/72.1 200/7.9 November 24.2/75.6 178/7.0 December 25.8/78.4 146/5.7 Source: WorldClimate (www.worldclimate.com) Download free ebooks at bookboon.com 35
  35. 35. Buenos Aires Phrase book how far is it to…..? ¿A qué distancia está…?Phrase book Where is the nearest ¿Dónde está la estación station? más cercana?Courtesy phrases Address DirecciónGreetings Saludos What is the address? ¿cuál es la dirección?Good morning Buenos díasGood day Buen día Tourist in the cityGood afternoon Buenas tardes Have you a city map? ¿Tiene un mapa de laGood night Buenas noches ciudad?Hi/Hey Hola What shall I see here in ¿Qué veré aquí en estafarewell adios this city? ciudad?See you Nos vemos Can you recommend a ¿Me puede recomendar sight seeing tour? una excursiónOthers Otros panorámica?Thanks GraciasThans for the help Gracias por su ayuda Visit to the toilet Visita al bañoYes Sí Toilet BañoNo No Have you a toilet? ¿Tiene baño?Okay Bien Do you have some ¿Tiene más papelBe so good Sea tan buen more toilet paper? higiénico?Be so kind Sea tan amable Can I change the toilet? ¿Puedo cambiar deSorry Lo siento baño?My name is….. Me llamo…What is your name? ¿Cómo se llama? Transport for the tripQuestion (Inquiring) words Railway Tren Underground railway MetroWhat…? ¿Qué…? Train TrenWhere…? ¿Dónde…? Till what time does the ¿Hasta que horaWhen…? ¿Cuándo…? train run? funciona el tren?Who…? ¿Quién…? Time table HorarioHow…? ¿Cómo…? Station (train) Estación (tren)Why…? ¿Por qué? Bus and Tram Autobús y tranvíaFind way Tram TranvíaTo the right A la derecha Bus AutobúsTo the left A la izquierda Till what time does the ¿Hasta qué horaStraight on Recto bus/tram run….? funciona elBack Atrás autobús/tranvía?Where is ….? ¿Dónde está…? At what time is the last ¿A qué hora es elCan you show the way ¿me puede mostrar el bus/tram? último autobús/tranvía?to…..? camino a…? Station (bus) Estación (autobús)Where am I/we at ¿Dónde estoy/estamos Stop Paradapresent? ahora?How do I reach….? ¿Cómo llego a …? Download free ebooks at bookboon.com 36
  36. 36. Buenos Aires Phrase boo Airway Aerolíneas Taxi Taxi Airway Aerolínea Drive me to this Lléveme a esta Airport Aeropuerto address dirección Check-in Facturación I shall go to…… Voy a … Passport Pasaporte How much is it by taxi ¿Cuánto cuesta en taxi to? a…? Ship Barco Ferry Transbordador General General Port Puerto Cycle bicicleta Motorcycle motocicleta Automobile Automóviles Arrival/arrival time Hora de llegada/llegada Motorcar Automóvil Departure/departure Salida/Hora de salida Car rental Alquiler de coches time Driving License Permiso de conducir Baggage equipaje I would like to hire a…. Quiero alquilar un… Baggage locker taquilla para equipajes Have you a childrens ¿Tiene asientos para seat? niños? Does it run on petrol or ¿Funciona a gasolina o diesel? gasoil? Parking space Sitio de aparcamiento Multi-storeyed car park Aparcamiento de más de una planta para coches e Graduate Programme I joined MITAS because for Engineers and Geoscientists I wanted real responsibili Maersk.com/MitasPlease click the advert Month 16 I was a construction supervisor in the North Sea advising and Real work helping foremen he Internationa al International opportunities wo or ree work placements solve problems s Download free ebooks at bookboon.com 37
  37. 37. Buenos Aires Phrase booEntertainment Can I order for an extra ¿Puedo pedir una cama bed? supletoria?Cinema Cine Have you a baby cot? ¿Tiene cuna para bebé?Theatre Teatro Where is the breakfast? ¿Dónde es el desayuno?Match PartidoConcert Concierto When is the breakfast? ¿Cuándo es elPark parque desayuno?Circus circo When shall we check ¿Cuándo facturamos?Museum museo in?Amusement park parque de atracciones Where can I park? ¿Dónde puedo aparcar?Casino casino Can I call for a taxi? ¿Puedo llamar a un taxi?Disquothe discoteca Have you a card with ¿Tiene una tarjeta con laNight club club nocturno the hotels address? dirección del hotel?Aquarium acuario Have you a security ¿Tiene taquillas deZoological garden jardín zoológico locker? seguridad? Is there a swimming ¿Hay piscina?Tickets pool?Adult adulto Can I ask for a wake up ¿Me pueden llamar paraChild niño call? despertarme?Pensioner jubilado Can I borrow an ¿Me pueden prestar unaStudent estudiante ironbox/-board? plancha/tabla deCan I get a ticket? ¿Me puede dar una planchar? entrada? Can I borrow a hair ¿Me pueden prestar unCan I get a daily ticket? ¿Me puede dar una drier? secador para pelo? entrada de día? Can I keep my baggage? ¿Me puedo quedar con mi equipaje?In the hotel Can I request for extra ¿Puedo pedir más papel toilet paper? higiénico?I/we have a reservation Tengo/tenemos una reservaThe name is…. El nombre es…Single room Habitación sencillaDouble room Habitación dobleWhat is the room ¿Cuál es el número denumber? habitación?Which floor? ¿Qué planta?Where is the elevator? ¿Dónde está el ascensor?No smoking No fumadorSmoking FumadorHave you a vacant ¿Tiene algunaroom? habitación libre?What is the cost of a ¿Cuánto cuesta unasingle-/double room? habitación sencilla/doble? Download free ebooks at bookboon.com 38
  38. 38. Buenos Aires Phrase boo On shopping In the restaurant/café Shopping centre Centro comercial Breakfast desayuno Departmental stores Grandes almacenes Lunch almuerzo Main shopping area Área comercial principal Supper cena Pedestrian street Calle peatonal May I see the menu ¿Puedo ver el menú? Is it available in large ¿lo tiene en talla grande? card? size? May I see the liquor ¿puedo ver el menú de Is it available in small ¿lo tiene en talla card? licores? size? pequeña? Menu for the children meú para niños What is the cost of ¿Cuánto cuesta Vegetarian vegetariano this/that? esto/eso? Well done bien hecho Do you have this/ these ¿Tiene esto/eso en mi Medium medio in my size? talla? Red (rare) rojo (crudo) Can you pack this in a ¿Lo puede envolver de It must not be very No puede estar muy gift wrap? regalo? strong fuerte Do you accept credit ¿Aceptan tarjetas de I cannot bear…. NO soporto… card? crédito? Bill factura When do you close? ¿Cuándo cierran? May I pay? ¿Puedo pagar? Open Abierto Can I pay with the ¿Puedo pagar con Closed cerrado credit card? tarjeta de crédito? We will turn your CV into an opportunity of a lifetimePlease click the advert Do you like cars? Would you like to be a part of a successful brand? Send us your CV on We will appreciate and reward both your enthusiasm and talent. www.employerforlife.com Send us your CV. You will be surprised where it can take you. Download free ebooks at bookboon.com 39