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The Blind Interview


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Dat Nguyen and Ngan Vo's October submission for 2018-19 Young Glory.

Published in: Marketing
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The Blind Interview

  1. 1. The fact: Some reports prove that it takes us a blink of an eye to prejudice someone when we first see them and before we get to know them. Unconscious bias penetrate various realms of our society. Even hiring decisions, of course. We've got an idea to lessen employers’ bias towards candidates… THE BLIND INTERVIEW Instead of a normal interview, let’s make it a blind one. Employers and candidates are walked into a dark room where they can't see each other’s face. The interview happens in darkness to insure the employers can't unconsciously stereotype the candidates by their first look. Though this can't totally remove the bias, we do believe it can make employers and hiring managers come to terms with their own bias in the workplace and start to take action.