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Final social media

Final presentation for social media

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Final social media

  1. 1. SOCIAL MEDIAStephanie StinnettFinal Presentation
  2. 2. MY BLOG BANNER Created in photoshop. A picture of Frida Kahlo with tattoos added, then a background added and expanded to include the title and rose. It represents me and ‘Alien Reveries” is the dreams of a weird girl.
  3. 3. BLOG TOUR Recent posts Twitter LinkedIn Digg Del.ic.ious Flickr Youtube Facebook Pages Other blogs Categories & Tags
  4. 4. OPTIMIZED BLOG POSTS  Picky Pinterest  Tiny twitter talk!  Facebook Facts  Plus Power  Optimized blog post? ….and all other posts on my blog!
  5. 5. COMMENTED BLOG POSTS Alisha’s - ial-bookmarking-how-to-stumble/#comment-6 Susan’- /social-media/#comment-4 David’s- ultimedia-project-for-rose-state-college/#comment-4
  6. 6. FAVORITE DISCUSSION Copyright and the new Internet  I posted - “Every law Ive seen from SOPA to CISPA is written by men who know nothing about the internet and little about their respective offices so it makes me very uncomfortable to see any of these laws going as far as they have. Yes they go too far. Some of the policies proposed would have their own children sitting in a jail cell. The old laws are outdated, new ones do need to be written and enforced but by people with know how. As many of congress said they are not nerds (actual quote), I think some nerds need to be the ones behind any progressive internet movement and these bigotted men need to step back.”
  7. 7. FACEBOOK Professional page  Stinnett/346543072043134 Personal (but looks professional) !/stephanie.adele.3
  8. 8. TWITTER Personal twitter !/silkcrown
  9. 9. LINKEDIN Completed Linkedin profile  tab_pro
  10. 10. YOUTUBE & FLICKR Youtube  Flickr 