Silicon Peel Meetup #5 - 3 Ways to Fund your Startup


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Silicon Peel Meetup 5 Deck

May 29, 2013
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  • Introduce myself and Rick and mention our colleague Reema as helping you lay the foundation of the Silicon Peel community using the successes and failures we’ve encountered in building Silicon HaltonHere are some of the key pillars in building the community that are now being put in place for SP and we’ve been helping make that happen with local leaders and “feeders” in the Peel region. During the networking session Rick and I will share with you our backgrounds and experiences. For now we want to press on and get started with today’s jam packed meetup.
  • First SP meetup?Startup Peel AlumniMembers of SP LinkedIn group
  • Communities are built from ground up. 6 months of working and getting together to learn and action what matters in terms of priorities and directionBuilding from the ground up so we are relevant and adaptive
  • This meetup is an example of an event that was defined based on the needs, priorities and direction of the communityA key area of interest and need was funding. While the topic is funding your startup these subject matter experts will help us understand and know what’s available to us regardless of the stage of our idea or business.
  • The community expressed a need for a website. While this looks and smells like a website it is the starting point of a system. Explain what I mean by “system”. System of engagement – links to discussions in LI group; System of commerce – directory and integration to the Azure Tickets system
  • here’s some examples of what I mean. Talk about directoryand about Azure Tickets integration
  • Ryan Gamble stepped up, without anyone’s knowledge and designed this branding guidelines document for us. This type of organic and un-predictable activities and experiences are encouraged, embraced and a key strength that comes from a community. The idea of giving without expecting anything in return.
  • 1) Introduce yourself to the attendees and describe who you are, what you do and the role you are playing in the SP community.2) Reflect on your experience so far with/participating in the community and your own thoughts on where you want/think it should head. 3) What you think is critical to the success and sustainability of the SP community.
  • Introduce yourself and include: where you live and/or work (company and location); Two numbers on popsicle stick, one is in red and one is in purple; start with purple numbers
  • Silicon Peel Meetup #5 - 3 Ways to Fund your Startup

    1. 1. www.SiliconPeel.comLinkedIN/SiliconPeel (
    2. 2. • Welcome & Show of Hands• Announcements, Updates, Intros• Meetup #5: 3 Ways to Fund YourStartup• Networking• Next Meetup• Open FloorAgenda
    3. 3. Architecting Silicon Peel
    4. 4. Welcome & Show of Hands
    5. 5. History: We’ve Set Priorities &Direction (note this evolves)
    6. 6. We’ve Responded: Relevance
    7. 7. We’ve Responded: Awareness ofCommunity
    8. 8. We’ve Responded: Awareness ofCommunity Members
    9. 9. Wow! Didn’t Expect This!
    10. 10. Special Thank You!
    11. 11. Announcements, Updates & Intros
    12. 12. Meetup #5
    13. 13. Debra ChandaVP of Marketing, Invest CrowdfundCanada, ManagingDirector, launch120, Inc.,@DebraChandaPhilip Neukom,President, Profit Analytics Inc.,@PhilipNeukomRichard KunRDP Associates@richardkRDPDoug OsborneFounder, Dougs Unlimited Inc.Dougsunlimited.comPanelists
    14. 14. Networking
    15. 15. NextMeetup
    16. 16. Charlie Regan,CEO – Nerds On SiteKhaleel Rajack, Partner Strategy &Marketing Manager at MicrosoftCanadaNima Mirpourian,Account Executive, Robert HalfTechnology@NimaMirpourianJason Lavigne(Silicon Peel Facilitator), Presidentand Founder of Black & White LogicInc.@Jason_LavigneSpeakers/Panelists
    17. 17. Open Floor