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InnoOmnia eng 090911


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Introduction to InnoOmnia

Published in: Education, Technology
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InnoOmnia eng 090911

  1. 1. InnoOmniaTomorrow’s pedagogy and toolsin vocational education today
  2. 2. What is the world likethat we are educating our students for?
  3. 3. What is the world likethat we are educating our students for? Globalization Information Society New World of Work Crowd Initiatives Varying Identities Flat Networks
  4. 4. InnoOmnia Combining physical and cloud-based learning environmentsin a vocational context.
  5. 5. InnoOmnia Combiningstudents, teachers, working life, and entrepreneurs in joint projects.
  6. 6. InnoOmnia Combiningformal (curriculum), non-formal, and informal learning.
  7. 7. InnoOmniaSpaces and opportunities for learning
  8. 8. The physical environment Entrepreneurs,students and teacherswork and learn together in a new facility.
  9. 9. Wide range of opportunitiesin the physical environmentWhen possible, learning isalways contextual.Entrepreneurs renting premiseson-campus are selected basedon their willingness to interactwith students.InnoOmnia with its’ own shop,wellness, and service centeroffers numerous learningopportunities.
  10. 10. Learning community onlineStudents, teachers, andentrepreneurs are membersof the onlinelearning community.They build their professionalprofile and interact with theInnoOmnia-community.Students can also stream socialmedia applications via feedsinto their profile.
  11. 11. Mobile technology boost learningMobile technology makeslearning ubiquitous.Students have mobile devicesas personal learning tools.Versatile devices, personalinterest and abundance of appshelp inventing new uses.
  12. 12. New tools for learningStudents do online learningmaterial facilitated by teachers.Work spaces have QR-codesproviding students with amultitude of material to supportcontextual learning.Omnia provides iPads andiPod Touches as personal Flickr, Alex Barroslearning tools for some groups.
  13. 13. Augmented Reality Flickr, Alex Barros
  14. 14. Flickr, Alex BarrosInnoOmnia in virtual world
  15. 15. Flickr, Alex BarrosCombining real and virtual
  16. 16. InnoOmniaLife long learning skills Learning and problem solving skills Interaction and collaboration skills Occapational health, safety and working capacity Professional ethic skills Entrepreneurship skills Communication and media skills Information technology related skills Active citizenship Sustainable development
  17. 17. InnoOmniaFinnish targets of assessments vs. learning outcomesdescribed in terms of ”KSC” 1. Mastering of work processes Knowledge 2. Mastering of tasks, working methods, tools and materials Skills 3. Mastering of knowledge that forms foundation for work 4. LLL- key competencies Competence common to all qualifications Source: Finnish National Board of Education
  18. 18. InnoOmniaNew skills also for teachers■  InnoOmnia offers Finnish National Board of Education funded teacher training for the vocational and adult education sector.■  All courses have a strong ICT component.■  Participants can choose from short- term workshops to one year long programs.■  Practical, hands-on approach to all topics ClipArt
  19. 19. InnoOmniaFeedback from teachers■  Teachers participated our courses over 1,000 training days term 2010 – 2011■  97 % would recommend our training to colleagues■  Our overall score 4,8/5,0
  20. 20. Learning should be an engaging andchallenging process spiced with fun and laughter.
  21. 21. Thank you! Esko Lius Digital Communication Manager presentation available online at:, September 2011 – Espoo, Finland