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A proposal for up gradation of centre of rehabilitation for Physically challenged & CP children in Islamabad.

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Upgradation alfarabi

  1. 1. CONCEPT PAPER UP GRADATION OF ALFARABI, NATIONAL SPECIAL EDUCATION FORPHYSICALLY HANDICAPPED CHILDREN, FROM SECONDARY TO HIGHER SECONDARY LEVEL. Ministry of Capital Administration and Development (Directorate General of Special Education and Social Welfare) October ,2012.
  2. 2. TITLE OF PROJECTUP GRADATION OF ALFARABI, NATIONAL SPECIAL EDUCATION FORPHYSICALLY HANDICAPPED CHILDREN, FROM SECONDARY TO HIGHERSECONDARY LEVEL.Sponsoring AgencyExecuting AgencyMinistry of Capital Administration and DevelopmentDirectorate General of Special Education and Social Welfare.Back Ground :The Rehabilitation Centre for Orthopaedically Disabled was established in 1982 in a rentedBuilding after completion of purpose built building it was shifted to current place in 1988, sincethan the Institute has developed markedly and its services expanded to a remarkable levels inrehabilitation and education of Physically handicapped children ,including Cerebral Palsy. It has astate of art physiotherapy unit , it was started as Primary rehabilitation unit up to class Five,later onit was expanded up to Matriculation levels. The Project is directly related to the social sectordevelopment(Social welfare & Special Education) in terms of rehabilitation, training and Educationof Physically handicapped children that includes the training , rehabilitation and education ofcerebral palsied children, its effectively working for socio economical up lift of marginalizedcommunity of Physically handicapped children. The Up- -gradation will contribute to nationaleconomic growth by enabling Physically handicapped children to become positively contributingcitizens in National economical growth. The Physically handicapped children, institute also providefacilities of Physiotherapy, Speech therapy, Medical facilities for day to day problems and anOrthopaedic prosthetic unit which caters the need of in house children and community at large. Theup gradation of National Special education centre for Physically handicapped children fromSecondary to higher secondary levels, will not only serve our disabled community in terms ofeducation & rehabilitation but it will also help develop units of Physio therapy and Orthopaedic-prosthesis facilities by augmenting their capacity. Its one of its kind in our country , beside upliftingof all sections of Institute this will also contribute to development of our vocational trainingdepartment. Existing Special Education centres established under Federal/Provincial governmentsare playing vital role in enabling children with disabilities in sustainable development of Countryby implementation of existing projects country wide, this up gradation will play same role :-Project in brief is as under:I. Up gradation of National Special education centre for Physically handicapped children fromsecondary to higher secondary level for 50 students at each levels.II. Up gradation of existing physiotherapy unit in capacity and service building.III. Up gradation of Prosthesis (Orthopaedic ) unit in capacity and for training of main power.
  3. 3. IV. Establishment of wheel chair repair and modification work shop.VII. Provision of Extra-curricular activities viz., sports, recreational to prepare students forcompetitive sports at Local, National and International levels.Need base analysisNational Special Education centre for Physically handicapped children caters the need of twincities of Islamabad and Rawalpindi in past three decades, population of twin cities have multipliedmany folds, so is the number and quantity of disabled population, as per WHO international ratio ofpersons with disabilities is 10%, but Pakistan is country with constant natural disasters since2005,floods , terrorists attacks and sporadic accidents that have directly & indirectly contributed tothe rise in disabled population specially disasters result in physical disabilities which has risetremendously in past ten years,geographical locale of ICT, which was thinly populated threedecades ago when Directorate general of Special Education was established and a series ofinstitutes for rehabilitation and Education of Disable children were established around the countryalong with Capital. Most of the people living in twin cities are lower middle class & poor , diseases& resultant disabilities are common in this class, they are also having many children , besidepopulation multiplication they have severe problems to manage their education and rehabilitationbesides feeding their families. It there fore being planned to expand services and magnitude ofNational Special Education Centre for Physically handicapped children and its secondary serviceswhich are also necessary for proper physical rehabilitation, Education,extracurricular andvocational rehabilitation of persons with physical disabilities and cerebral palsy. Hence it is theneed of the day to upgrade already established NSEC for Physically handicapped children fromSecondary to Higher secondary levels, along with its axillary services to next stage. With attainingthe next stage of higher secondary ,all segments of services provided by Al-Farabi will alsodevelop simultaneously and its radius of service delivery will also increase. following iscomprehensive details of services to be developed with up gradation. 1) Up gradation of National Special Education Centre for Physically handicapped children from secondary to higher secondary level for 100 students at each levels: As reasons mentioned above it will be service towards a large section of society which isPhysically handicapped and with Cerebral palsy, The Centre is serving its purpose initially asPrimary centre of rehabilitation & Education, than its status was elevated to secondary Educationinstitute. Up gradation will also help augment its infrastructure, staffing and other facilities likeconstruction of new section of academics to accommodate upgraded Institute. 2) Up gradation of existing physiotherapy unit in capacity and quality of Services:NSEC for Physically handicapped children has a physiotherapy unit which constantly serves inhouse students and the need of referred cases and early intervention programme given to youngerchildren, since last 30 years three Physio therapists which are professionally sound and a SeniorPhysiotherapist is serving selflessly , with up gradation of Alfarabi, Special education Centre tohigher secondary level, the up gradation of its Physiotherapy unit according to need of moderntimes, in equipment and according to professional standards is mandatory, we also need the increasein Professionals and supporting staff. We would like to utilize the services and experiences ofProfessional staff to start a certificate or diploma courses to cater not only needs of special personsbut country as a whole in the field of Physio therapy & rehabilitation.
  4. 4. 3) Up-gradation of Prosthesis manufacturing, fixing unit in capacity and for training of manpower : Since 2010, with the help of an NGO CHEF international , an Orthopaedic prosthesismanufacturing , fitting and maintaining unit is functioning in NSEC for PHC, its one of its kind inour set up, which is not only catering the need of enrolled students, but also serves community andas a tool of early intervention for children under five years of age. A French expert technician is alsoworking with joint team, the ratio of enrolled service to out door is 70:30, the said NGO isinterested in expansion of Orthopaedic prosthesis services and expand it into technical traininginstitute, which if agreed will be first of its kind in Asia. Department will not only be able to serveour students but it can also share effectively the need and demand of the other Special Educationschools and NGOs working in far flung areas of country, we have felt the shortage of technical staffand severe dearth of such institutes since 2005 earth quack .The expansion of Orthopaedicprosthesis workshop has dual purpose, fulfilling of national need and create training andoccupational opportunity for persons with disabilities. This unique and most important field cangive very respectable occupational field to our disable children. 4) Establishment wheel chair repair and modification workshop in Alfarabi Special Education Centre. This is also a unique concept, whole world ,specially developed world is using varioustypes of wheel chairs according to need of children or adults , they range from low cast devices tohighly sophisticated , motorized devices too. Wheel chairs can be modified according to height,posture &use, for correction of their limb deformities and educational & rehabilitation needs, henceit is a tool of making some one mobile but it can be used as a prosthesis or an instrument ofrehabilitation for Cerebral palsy and Physically handicapped children. 5) Provision of Extra-curricular activities viz., sports, recreational to prepare students for competitive sports at Local, National and International levels.Co-curricular or Extra curricular activities are as important as educational activities, to build apositive personality of students, these students are already devoid of equal opportunities in society,while at home most of these students are limited to their rooms or homes. The only activity in theirlives is daily visit to school, by increasing facilities of indoor & out door sports ,we can give thesestudents to build their personalities as other normal children do. We want to add & upgrade sportsfacilities for physically handicapped according to Special & Paralympic requirements, ie addition ofwheel chair racing, ball games indoor & out door and Table games like Table tennis, which willserve purpose of rehabilitation & personality building.