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Nise status up gradation


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National Institute of Special Education is sole institute to train professionals, volunteers in the field of Special Education & Disabilities.

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Nise status up gradation

  1. 1. NISE -Status up gradation. DR. SAIM ALI SOOMRO. Faculty of Intellectual disability.
  2. 2. Over view of NISE:  Established in 1986 to prepare the manpower working in field of Special education, covering the public and private sectors.  NISE has been conducting training courses since 1986, initially NISE established in the hostels of Al Maktoom, when their purpose built building was ready , institute Was shifted to current building in  NISE building has ample space , modern class room facilities, multi purpose halls, A library and a Hostel.  In PARA-3 of PC1 its clearly mentioned that it should be declared study centre for AIOU to start a diploma course under its umbrella.
  3. 3. Exact picture of words from Para 3
  4. 4. Background and some realities.  AIOU has already some understanding with NISE , as university     established The Department of Special Education in 1986, that has developed tremendously in number of students, courses , standard of teaching , methodology and research done in the field of Special Education. There are many examples of development in public and private sectors when institutes has moved forward in vertical direction in their respective fields. Pakistan is sixth populated country in the world, according to WHO 9 children are born every second, means ……..every minute, ……every hour and ……..every day, a population census was held in 1998 it stood 180 million at that time, we are approximately more than 200 million people now and its feared by International donor and monitoring agencies like UNICEF & WHO that our population will double in next one decade . We do not have any concrete research on percentage of disability but roughly international ratio is about 10 percent, some countries which still lack or have inadequate basic health & sanitation support have ratio more than 10 %. Nations with climate change, global warming, High fertility rates,
  5. 5. Universities and Educational Institutes Preparing manpower in Special education  Beside Allama Iqbal Open university, Karachi university and recently a private sector university has established department of Special & Inclusive Education.  In Pakistan we broadly consider four major disabilities as area of rehabilitation ie Hearing, Visual, Mental & Physical, there is much more to add to field of acquired disabilities and later age disabilities due to Psychological, neurological diseases, accidents and as a result of physical trauma or diseases.  If we can sense the need and demand of field of Special education & Rehabilitation in this country the task is Himalayan, resources limited , work done and acumen is limited to tunnel vision & approach
  6. 6. Ground realities (General)  Only three universities preparing diploma/Master level      -manpower, with finger counting post Master fellow ship level People available to cater the need of more than 200 hundred million people. Its severe shortage. In allied fields of Physio therapy, Speech therapy, Psychiatry & Psychology (basic, Applied and Clinical) situation is same. Situation of department before & after devolution few words on real picture . Ethical Burden is increased on DGSE. In Past 25 to 30 years NISE with its limited resources , man power shortage and shortage of facilities for training to its faculty has done a reasonable job. Our department is yet to produce any Phd. From our cadres there are few M.Phil in our ranks , if people are encourage at departmental levels situation can be better.
  7. 7. Demand of Market & Future role of NISE…  Currently NISE has experienced Faculties in four domains. Hearing, Visual, Mental/Intellectual, Physical.  At present we have Two M.phil , three MBBS Doctors (one has completed his MD recently. An MBA. Three Masters in various subjects.  If experience is added to there qualifications , they are far more qualified to handle a one year or 9month diploma course.  But eyes should be set to higher goal to declare it First university of ‘Special Education” in our country, No one has a diverse and standard back up of centres of excellence in the shape of four institutes of repute for a practical intern ship as we have.
  8. 8. Future Road MAP  Initially following PC-1 of the NISE we should declare it Study centre of the AIOU for one year diploma course.  This step will give us necessary experiment, reputation and finances.  Next step should be to hire our own Faculty and in the mean time prepare our own Faculty through incentives to achieve M.Phil & Phds in various Disabilities , with two way planning we can achieve our own goals to make a move for degree awarding body by achieving and fulfilling HEC criteria and support from Legislative bodies.  NISTE is situated in H/8, they were started for technical trainings and certificate courses in technical education, now they are moving towards declaring it as university.
  9. 9.  Lok versa Museum is at walking distance from NISE in shakarparian, they are conducting courses in Media, TV production and photography etc, they are earning finances and reputation, soon they are going to apply for a university status.  Rawalpindi Arts counsel on stadium road ,Rawalpindi is also conducting Professional grade courses in Arts, Media, Painting, Film & TV Production & Direction keeping in view the need of growing field of Journalism & media.  These are just few examples in our neighbor hood. There are scores of other example in last decade many of Public sector institutes are given status of universities.