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Building an online campaign strategy


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Guide and framework for pulling together all the pieces of your online operations into a coherent online campaign strategy. Originally a webinar for the New Organizing Institute.

Building an online campaign strategy

  1. 1. DEVELOPING AN ONLINE CAMPAIGN New Organizing Institute Webinar | 22 Apr 09 Michael Silberman Partner, Co-Founder
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  4. 4. Tradition (C) 2007 EchoDitto Inc.
  5. 5. Online Strategy
  6. 6. So, right now you can... Easily update your website / blog (CMS) Collect, manage email addresses (eCRM) Send bulk email Create online “actions” via toolset Share content via third party social media But now you’re ready to... Bring all the pieces together Be more strategic with your online resources Begin campaigning Sustain online engagement
  7. 7. 1B gallons toxic coal sludge spilled Photo coypright Antrim Caskey
  8. 8. Step 1your moment Choose Is it timely? Relevant? Connection to larger campaign narrative? What’s your lens on it? Can it survive telephone game? (Is it WOM-ready?) Content rich? Photos, video, stories?
  9. 9. Step 2 your ask Create Only one (sorry) You have 3 secs: What’s the “crisitunity”!? Is your theory of change legit? Real world impact? Goals and timeline: What’s needed – by when? – for maximum impact? Goals: Now what’s your public goal? Milestones? Pick one: Quality or Quantity?
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  11. 11. Steptoss it up online Just 3
  12. 12. Step 4 and Promo Outreach Your Own Email list(s), blog, website, video, [phones] Assets Social media: twitter, FB, YT, etc Traditional PR activities Earned Media Outreach to bloggers & online in uencers Targeted Search, Blog Ads, [Co-Reg] Paid Media If large budget, explore: Display ads Email swaps, content (blog), links Partnerships Start with allies; think of their their needs/wants Research followed by outreach to related Grassroots online groups/discussions/communities
  13. 13. Step 5the numbers Watch Email open, action, conversion rates Website metrics -- any choke points? Paid media (online ads) conversion User feedback -- the good and the bad IMPT: track metrics that map to your overall objectives; it’s too easy to get sidetracked with in nite online metrics
  14. 14. Finally... Follow-up Communicate progress (photos, video) individual action –> collective action –> progress Follow-up with action takers: personal, targeted Next action? eg. TAF, contribute (but keep it real) Introduce other channels (twitter, blog, etc) What’s next? Connect to broader narrative, mission.
  15. 15. Recap 1 Seize your moment 2 De ne your ask 3 Setup the online action, copy, assets 4 Outreach and promotion 5 Watch the numbers, metrics 6 Close the loop, follow up
  16. 16. Also out.... Check Our best practices and how-to guides: The next NOI Webinars, of course! Progressive Exchange email list: CONTACT x111 silbatron [twitter]