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How to travel like James Bond


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Travel hacks from a Premier Executive. Lessons from 8 years on the road with @echoditto

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How to travel like James Bond

  1. 1. Travel Like BondTravel hacks from a Premier ExecutiveLessons from 8 years on the road with @echodittoMICHAEL SILBERMAN | 21 Jun 11 | @silbatron
  2. 2. I. Getting to your mission
  3. 3. Bond only fights for one teamFlying is classist: invest in one alliance
  4. 4. Bond always gets a baller seatPick seats with
  5. 5. Bond always has alternate routes.Skip boarding lines in Penn: take center stairs. Twitter @kevharb
  6. 6. Bond always has gear on hand.Never check bags: Always ready to run
  7. 7. Bond gets own intel; Trusts no one.Avoid delays: fly in AM, check stats
  8. 8. II. In the field
  9. 9. Bond always plans his own escape Ladder trucks only reach 7th floorflickr @wasabi_bob
  10. 10. Bond always carries backup fuel Enjoy a free breakfast but BYO @senor via
  11. 11. Luggage stays on rack or bathroom;away from walls -- never on bed or carpet Bond always uses protection in another bed. Inspect. Don’t unpack. @faster2007 Strip bed: look for bedbug POOP Search: check nesting places w/ flashlight, 10 - 15 ft from bed (wood, fabric, carpet) Download traveler’s card: flickr @bug_girl
  12. 12. III. The art of travel
  13. 13. Bond never waits to be servedRefill a 50 ml mini-bar bottle before each trip
  14. 14. Bond has MoneypennyYou have
  15. 15. Always packed Hand Sanitizer 3.5mm / 1/8 in. audio cable: Bose MIE2i connect ipod to aux input in rental headset w/ mic cars and hotel rooms Running shoes Smart Traveler Taxi Magic Emergen-C by State Dept. by Ridecharge
  16. 16. Stay classy.