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Gaming epic win


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Published in: Technology, Education
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Gaming epic win

  1. 1. Gaming: Epic WinSila Pinto Gaming: Epic Win
  2. 2. Gaming: Epic WinSila Pinto Epic Win Gaming: Sila Pinto Gamers spend countless hours playing in “blissful productivity”. If games could be used to solve real world problems, games become a priceless resource.
  3. 3. Gaming: Epic WinSila Pinto Many gamers feel like they are better at games than life.
  4. 4. Gaming: Epic WinSila Pinto • Gamers have adopted these characteristics from time spent playing.
  5. 5. Gaming: Epic WinSila Pinto • Gamers play to escape real life suffering, to escape everything that is not satisfying in real life. If real life problems were introduced as games, gamers become resources that could very well help make the world a better place.
  6. 6. Gaming: Epic WinSila Pinto • “One of the most profound transformations we can learn from games, is how to turn the sense that someone has ‘failed’ into the sense that they ‘haven’t succeeded yet.’” • Gamers are super empowered hopeful individuals (they always have hope of success).
  7. 7. Gaming: Epic WinSila Pinto • Schools are starting to borrow gamers’ system of quests and rewards, these principles could be applied to lots of enterprises, especially colossal collaborations online.
  8. 8. Gaming: Epic WinSila Pinto • Gamers on Foldit, a crowdsourced, online protein folding simulator from the University of Washington managed to solve a longstanding problem in AIDS research that vexed scientists for more than ten years and managed it in ten days.
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