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Create a Custom Tab for your Facebook Fan Page


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This tutorial demonstrates how to create and add a simple custom tabs to your fan page.

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Create a Custom Tab for your Facebook Fan Page

  1. 1. Fore more tutorials visit Create a Custom Facebook Landing Tab for your Fan Page Facebook, being the most popular Social Media used by over 5 million users worldwide, Facebook pages have become quite popular as it’s an excellent source for Corporate Entities and Non Profit Organizations to reach out for more people and maintain a good relationship with their clients. A custom Facebook Fan Page gives a reason to your clients to interact with your Fan Page and spread the word for you. Of cause it all depends on how good you design and create it. Custom tabs are used to promote deals, grab attention to new and old products or simply to welcome your visitors. Here’s an example of a custom Fan Page. This tutorial demonstrates how to create and add a simple custom tabs to your fan page. And yes, you can add more than 1 custom tab to your fan page. What skills do you need? You can use HTML, CSS and FBML (Facebook Markup Language) to create a custom tab or landing page. However, with a little effort, almost anyone with can create one. Step 1: Add Static FBML App to your Page The app you need for your custom page is called “Static FBML”. It is basically a blank page where you can add the content you want, including text, graphics and links using HTML. You need to login to Facebook in order to add it to your page. Fore more tutorials visit: 1
  2. 2. Fore more tutorials visit Step 2: Set Up your Tab Once you’ve added the Static FBML app to your page, click “Edit Page” which is right below your Fan Page profile picture. This will direct you to all the settings for your fan page. Scroll down and look for “FBML” and click “Application Settings” link. Static FBML app provides two functions: “Box” and “Tab”. Since you are creating a custom Tab for your fan page, make sure you remove the “Box” settings and the “Tab” setting is added. Step 3: Adding your Content Once you are done adding the tab, go back to your Fan Page settings and click “Edit” link under Static FBML app. “Box Title” is the name of your tab. “FBML” is where the content goes. You can add graphics, text, and link using HTML. Note that the images must be hosted elsewhere on the web. For example, on your own server and only mentioned its path using your HTML code. Fore more tutorials visit: 2
  3. 3. Fore more tutorials visit Step 4: Make it the “Landing Tab” of your Fan Page To make this the default landing tab of your Fan Page, go back to your fan page settings and click “Edit” on your “Wall settings”. From the “Default Landing Tab for Everyone Else” select your new tab. Conclusion! That’s it; you have created your own custom tab for your Facebook Fan Page. Be creative, there’s an endless things you can do with a custom Facebook tab. You can create more tabs like “Special Offers”, “About Us”, “Products & Services”, “Invite Your Friends” etc. For more on FBML, check out Facebook Developer Wiki. Fore more tutorials visit: 3