Semester 2 expectations


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Semester 2 expectations

  1. 1. Semester 2 Year 10English
  2. 2. • Arrive to class on time with all materials needed for the lesson. Lateness will not be tolerated.• Notebook and diary must be open when you arrive to your desk.• Your laptop is to be fully charged and open to our class Wikispace.• If you continually misuse your laptop, you will lose the privilege of using it in class.• Mobile phone is in your locker or uniform pocket. If I see it, it goes to Mr Butterworth’s office. Zero tolerance this semester.• All notes are to be written in blue or black pen, with a title and date. All typed notes are to be organised with a title and date.• Assessment submissions are to be organised the night before the due date. No time will be given during class to print assessment, make a Moodle upload, etc.• Toilet/water fountain usage ONLY for an emergency. Morning Tea and lunch is YOUR time to do this.• Raise hand to speak. Do not stand, do not shout.
  3. 3. • Keep the room clean! Your belongings are NOT to end up on the ledges.• When someone is speaking, please listen carefully and actively.• Show respect towards your classmates and teachers.• Support each other in a positive manner.• Take initiative and ask questions or for assistance.• When extra help is offered, it is up to you to take responsibility and make time for it. ARE YOU TAKING RESPONSIBILITY FOR YOUR LEARNING?
  4. 4. • 12 point font• Time New Roman• 2.0 spacing• Indent new paragraphs (tab key!)• Justify margins• Of course, hand written work is welcome, following the above requirements too!• You have been warned! I will not accept work that does not follow these requirements.
  5. 5. • Students in Years 8 - 10 must provide a letter from Parent/Guardian to support late submission of assignments or for absence on the day of an exam.• A doctor‟s certificate is not required.• A phone call or an email to parents will be made by your teacher to discuss the non-submission or late submission of assessment tasks.• This information will also be passed onto Curriculum Leaders, Pastoral Guardians and Coordinator of Teaching and Learning (if assessment is not completed.)• Drafts of assignments are expected and in most cases uploading these onto Moodle will be the process.• If no parental evidence is provided for late or non-submission, the draft will be marked and grades assigned accordingly.
  6. 6. NOTE WELL:• If an extension is required for an assignment, it is important that appropriate documentation is completed – Application for extension of Assignment OR Late Submission of Assignment. These are available in the library. This must be done well before the due date (at least week).
  7. 7. Email: ***********Office: Staffroom 3Before School: Thursday & Friday @ staffroom 3Lunch: ThursdayAvailable at your request!! Do not feel that I am onlyavailable during these times!!
  8. 8. Important to note that we will be doing TWO studies at the SAME TIME= Poetry & To Kill a Mockingbird!TKAMB BookletIt is IMPERATIVE you are keeping up on your homework/allocatingtime daily to your English work.Sikig‟s suggestion: 40 minutes every night where you review, practice,read, or take initiative in class work. More time during assessmentpreparations.PS – Recreation reading is a must! I would suggest: „Wonder‟ by R.J.Palacio or „The Perks of Being a Wallflower‟ by Stephen Chbosky.
  9. 9. • Everyone is to create a account and enrol in our class Wiki. Please be patient and help each other out!• Collect TKAMB?!• Handout: “To Kill a Mockingbird: The Socio-Historic Context”• Due: Next class!