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Tweets For Balls


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Show & Tell presentation about the design process behind fundraising campaign Tweets for Balls (

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Tweets For Balls

  1. 1. TWEETS FOR BALLS TWEETING FOR GOODMultipack Presents: Responsive Web Design / Show & Tell 12th November 2011
  2. 2. I HAVE A PROBLEM…• Twitter (Not So) Anonymous• Tweeting for over 5 years (8 November 2006)• Over 27,000 tweets• Average 15 tweets per day
  3. 3. EUREKA!• Tweets For Boobs (@tweetsforboobs)• I’m a man• No male equivalent• Movember (• Personal goal
  4. 4. THE FOUNDATIONS• Just Giving (• Giv2 - JG hack by Simon Painter (• Txt donations (• “#giv2 @tweetsforballs £10”
  5. 5. WHO NEEDS TO PLAN?• One week to design, develop and build• November known as male cancer awareness month• Missed the boat in 2010• Determined to launch something
  6. 6. MAN UP!• Time to crowd source• Sam Hardacre (@nocturnalmonkey)• Anthony Killeen (@MrQwest)• Project Pier (• Dropbox (• Subversion (
  7. 7. KEEP THINGS SIMPLE• Eliminate the fluff• Focus on core objective• Release Early, Release Often• Make the most of available talent
  8. 8. DESIGNER’S TOOLKIT• Balsamiq ( & iMockups (• Twitter Bootstrap (• HTML5 Boilerplate• Live Tweet Aggregator (• Designing In The Browser
  9. 9. WHERE’S YOUR BALLS?• Tongue in cheek concept• Risqué angle• Introduce some character & personality
  10. 10. ELEVENTH HOUR• Fundamental process flawed• Just Giving Campaigns ≠ Giv2• How do we track and promote progress?
  11. 11. THE SOLUTION• Ask the people behind it (Twitter and email)• Donation history stored on• Possible methods for accessing data• Created XML (RSS) feed of donations• Just Giving campaigns track "offline" donations
  12. 12. SKIN OF OUR TEETH• Campaign and website launched on 1st November (just!)• Promoted on Twitter and Facebook• Spread the word offline
  13. 13. POST LAUNCH• Raised £79 so far• Competing with Movember• Need to increase exposure• Viral gimmicks or incentives• Any ideas?
  14. 14. LESSONS LEARNED• Thoroughly test process• Plan ahead• Allow more time• Prepare and distribute press release• Spread the word in advance
  15. 15. CHEERS• / @tweetsforballs• "#giv2 @tweetsforballs £5"• Every pound helps• Send your thoughts to @Si