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BNR Global: Company Summary


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Description of BNR Global: Understanding your Food Needs

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BNR Global: Company Summary

  1. 1. BNR Global Company Summary
  2. 2. Original Mission: ExportingAmerican junk food to the world
  3. 3. Countries We Have Sold to Singapore, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Australia, UK, Germany, Netherlands, Egypt, Colombia, Bolivia, Ecuador, Chile, Costa Rica, Panama, Jamaica, Trinidad, throughout Caribbean, Brazil, Canada
  4. 4. Staff Don Gerhold, President, CEO Peter Rieke, Commercial Director John Nocera, Product Development, CFO Lilia Staples, Marketing Dane McManus, Marketing Research Total of 50 years of exporting experience
  5. 5. Location Charlotte, North Carolina is headquarters Tampa, FL office With partner relations with companies in all parts of the USA.
  6. 6. New MissionUnderstanding Your Food NeedsPurpose: To understand and serve 100international food importer-distributors in 10years with 100 food products from the USA
  7. 7. Featured BrandLoretta
  8. 8. Loretta Foods Includes:  Pasta Meals  Instant Potato Meals  Cake and Cookies Mixes  Oatmeal  Baking and Muffin Mixes  Pancake Mixes  Stuffing Mixes  Rice Meals
  9. 9. New Products•Juices•Healthy chips•Power Ranger Pasta Brand•Mrs. Field’s brand cookie mixes•Hot Chocolate Mixes
  10. 10. New Products Juices Healthy chips Power Ranger Pasta Brand Mrs. Field’s brand cookie mixes Hot Chocolate Mixes
  11. 11. JuicySoyJuicySoy is a delicious and nutritiousbeverage powder mix formulated fromsoy.
  12. 12.  JuicySoy combines high nutrition, flavor choices, and convenience in an instant beverage mix. Just add water and shake or stir. Ample protein, carbohydrates, fats, vitamins and minerals to help develop healthy young bodies and minds and maintain nutritional health. Since 2012
  13. 13. JUICYSOY MISSIONTo alleviate world hunger and malnutrition
  14. 14. JuicySoy GOALS 100 Million Servings in 10 years Provide a great tasting soy-based food drink of high nutritional value to be mixed with clean water Implement a sustainable soy-based farming method and manufacturing operation for JuicySoy in or near countries where JuicySoy is needed and consumed Provide a reason for children to go to school and improve their position in the world for a good job where hunger will never be a problem again.
  15. 15. JuicySoy FundingThrough Crowd Funding• The collective effort of individuals who network andpool their money via the internet to support efforts byother people, organizations, or businessesExamples of crowd funding sites:○○○
  16. 16. Benefits of Crowd Funding to a relief agency with BNR Global as partner: Adds new donors to existing donor base Engages current donors in a new activity Offers a delicious nutritious drink mix to relieve hunger and malnutrition Professional Crowd Funding advice and strategies Promotion of relief agency via non-social media through JuicySoy program
  17. 17. Fighting World Hungerwith Nature’s gift of Soy
  18. 18. Contact information 704-333-6699