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Slides from the talk given by Brenden Rawson,'s Australian Managing Director, on the 2012 rebuild of Seal's official website.

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  1. 1. SEALRebranding for 2012
  2. 2. SEAL.COM Rebranding for 2012• Brenden Rawson - Managing Director (Australia)•• @urbanbrenden
  3. 3. Requirements• New design• Mobile and tablet ready• New tour page concept• New video page concept• Integrate with• Branded email templates
  4. 4. Concepts• Inspirational work• Mock-up artwork• Colour schemes• Fonts
  5. 5. ConceptsMobile Desktop Tablet
  6. 6. Timeline• The project initially had no exact timeline however that quickly changed with the announcement of ‘The Voice Australia’• The project from beginning to end took approximately 2 months
  7. 7. Budget• This project was part of a larger on-going marketing program and as such had no directly attributable budget• We were able to keep costs down by managing and implementing all aspects of the design in-house
  8. 8. Facebook timeline• During the website development the new Facebook timeline for pages was released• We took the opportunity to build a timeline on Seal’s career• Multiple people across multiple agencies collaborated
  9. 9. Facebook timeline
  10. 10. Implementation• HTML 5• CSS3• Web fonts• Responsive fluid layout• Extensive jQuery Javascript
  11. 11. Integration• Subscriber capture forms linking back to marketing platform• Twitter widget
  12. 12. Testing• Multiple Internet browsers• Adobe Shadow Edge Inspect• iPhone, iPad, PC, Mac and various screen sizes• Seal’s 27” Thunderbolt display
  13. 13. Complete
  14. 14. Complete
  15. 15. Complete
  16. 16. Complete
  17. 17. Complete• Moved the site to Amazon EC2 servers with S3 backed CloudFront edge assets
  18. 18. Challenges• Mobile, web and social - optimising content, not just the framework• Break points for responsive design - how to adjust the content correctly not just resize a window• Convincing the client to move to a simple vector based design opposed to the traditional pixel based
  19. 19. Learnings• SEAL.COM one-to-one with the When working client you need to be extremely flexible as direction can often change• Facebook timeline The Internet is the best place for archived media - you just have to find it
  20. 20. Outcomes• All new branded website that fit the client’s multi-device requirements whilst also embracing new web technologies and integrations• Certain sub-pages such as the tour page will be overhauled along with a standard design refresh in 2013
  21. 21. Thank you• Brenden Rawson - Managing Director (Australia)•• @urbanbrenden