EXCLUSIVE REPORT: WHAT LIES BENEATH ONLINE DATING SITES                 [2012]1   An exclusive Online dating website analy...
EXCLUSIVE REPORT: WHAT LIES BENEATH ONLINE DATING SITES                   [2012]                                       NOT...
EXCLUSIVE REPORT: WHAT LIES BENEATH ONLINE DATING SITES                     [2012]                                    INTR...
EXCLUSIVE REPORT: WHAT LIES BENEATH ONLINE DATING SITES                        [2012]                          WHAT WOULD ...
EXCLUSIVE REPORT: WHAT LIES BENEATH ONLINE DATING SITES                 [2012]internatio   |nally, the                    ...
EXCLUSIVE REPORT: WHAT LIES BENEATH ONLINE DATING SITES                   [2012] Owned         Other sites:    VIRAIFLIRT ...
EXCLUSIVE REPORT: WHAT LIES BENEATH ONLINE DATING SITES                      [2012]  one of                               ...
EXCLUSIVE REPORT: WHAT LIES BENEATH ONLINE DATING SITES                   [2012]heavily-                                  ...
EXCLUSIVE REPORT: WHAT LIES BENEATH ONLINE DATING SITES                       [2012]                     ALPHA MEN’S ONLIN...
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An exclusive report what lies beneath online dating sites


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An exclusive report what lies beneath online dating sites

  1. 1. EXCLUSIVE REPORT: WHAT LIES BENEATH ONLINE DATING SITES [2012]1 An exclusive Online dating website analysis & classification by Walrus P.
  2. 2. EXCLUSIVE REPORT: WHAT LIES BENEATH ONLINE DATING SITES [2012] NOTICE:This e-book is for information purposes only. You have 100% FREE GIVE AWAYRIGHTS to this report. However, you do not have the right to REPRINT or SELL thisfree report or modify its content there in. WHAT’S INSIDE Introduction Foreword What lies beneath us? What would be your stand? SPECIAL FEATURES Online Dating Sites Analysis  Country origin / Owner / description  Number of visitors / monthly and daily average visit  Percentage of members per country / IP  What’s within the site / “Exclusive reviews”  Useful links Points to Remember Online dating advice Why online dating better than real dating? Some sort of reality 2 An exclusive Online dating website analysis & classification by Walrus P.
  3. 3. EXCLUSIVE REPORT: WHAT LIES BENEATH ONLINE DATING SITES [2012] INTRODUCTIONWelcome to this Exclusive Report on online dating. If you are looking for friendship,love, fun, or sex, it doesn’t matter. Whether you are heterosexual, homosexual, lesbian orbisexual this e-book will provide guidance for making the most of the Internet as a toolfor finding what you seek. This e-book is a piece of advice including directory of somebest online dating sites, its reviews, and useful links that would help you to easily finddates in your respected country. This is the perfect guide to begin with your search andeverything you need to know in selecting online dating sites suited for you. Choose fromselection of sites with most specialized clients and features to suit your lifestyle. WHAT LIES BENEATH USWe can meet many potential in one night. We love to do that and it makes sense. Makingfun and sex goes on and on so easily. But the question is, have we ever got in mind thatdeveloping could lead to life long friendship and happiness? Are you bit tired of loosingpenny for little satisfaction? At a certain point we had to admit that. Sometimes we thinkthat we almost spent plenty of time online in front of our cams evaluating faces, bodies,and even character, though the real deal is that, we can not have them in real life. Wealmost reveal all our cards during the first hand and we end up engaging with predators.It’s so good to be true and it happens, when happiness is at stake, there is no alternativethan meeting someone without precautions as long as we can get what we want. Internetdating is a big business. It is worldwide and our chance to deal with the promise ofmatching with those hundred of thousands singles is seemingly endless. Women will beforever being there, they are even free member and online dates will seem to works fineas almost.How lucky we are if we happen to fall to someone that we really dreamed about. The factthat we have her at gasp will definitely speaks of lot of investment most especially whenwe are too far away from her. It’s hard to imagine that we still want to do that becausesomething is seemingly different as we knew her day by day. Not to the extent that wehave memorable nights with that someone but the point in time that we realize that thereis something special about her. You gave what you can give, you share what you canshare, you help what help you may have to give, but the truth is, she can’t be yours. Atthe end, we are just being fooled because we do not know their real identity. It is reallydifferent when we are near them and we have chances meeting them personally.Have you ever been deceived at online dating? Why still here? 3 An exclusive Online dating website analysis & classification by Walrus P.
  4. 4. EXCLUSIVE REPORT: WHAT LIES BENEATH ONLINE DATING SITES [2012] WHAT WOULD BE YOUR STAND?Excerpt: TranslatedI have waited so long to find my ideal girl online but now I are not sure if this issomething that I want. It has nothing to do with her. I really like her and she feels thesame. We both get attracted with each other. She is also waiting to find unusual someonelike me for a long time. There are thousand of miles between us. Yet, I have this feelingthat still she wants to turn all of this into a relationship. We have already been in ahoneymoon stage throughout mid year. But all I’ve ever think about is the physicalattraction I have from this girl.I just met her once since I try for an online dating. She is really beautiful and no doubtabout it. How lucky I am since the day we’d shared our personal contact, we becameprivate and have pleased her to left the site at ease. Since then we started to communicatewith each other once in a while through our cams and sometimes in a long distance call.We talk about our private life, we’ve shared intimate moments, we made love in front ofour cams, and we share our deepest thoughts that even in dreams we’ve never thought wewill came across that far. It’s been a year since we still struggle with this path. I am reallyconfused because I never expected that I will act this way. All I knew is that I am happywith her as she became a part of my life. She is my online girlfriend and that is all I knowthat I can give.Am I the one who is fooling her or I am the fool now? I came across those thousandmiles to meet her. I’m working hard now to build this relationship.Albherto Sanggomitra of MalaysiaAre you willing to be one of plenty success stories from those people meeting online and chat room encounters that ended up having good friendship or marriage? Or You like to stay as what you are like now, seeking for online dating sites for fun, flirt, and sex? 4 An exclusive Online dating website analysis & classification by Walrus P.
  5. 5. EXCLUSIVE REPORT: WHAT LIES BENEATH ONLINE DATING SITES [2012] EXCLUSIVE ONLINE DATING SITE REVIEWWhat ever your reason upon reading this report, I hope that these simple reviews wouldhelp you to determine what kind of online dating site you should join with and where itreally fits you to become a member. This will determine on what kind of members youwant to date with or from what country of most members you like to be with. This willgive you hint on your capability and your chance percentage to meet your dates inpersonalThese may or may not be the best choice for those looking for casual dates. Those whoare serious about a long-term relationship or marriage should be ready to devote theirtime and energy necessary to take full advantage of what these sites has to offer.ORIGIN SITENAMES MEMBER % VISITOR REVIEW OWNED / IP % (specific review) Owned AsianDating.com RUSSIAN 1,495,200 These sites are operated byby Cupid CUPID monthly cupid media. They all offer Media AussieCupid.co 49,840 almost the same kind ofDenver, m.au | Russia-18.6% daily membership. As a standard U.S. France-12.8% 7 yrs. member you may contact paying BBWCupid.com Italy-9.1% Online members but you have unlimited About: | opportunities to send instant Cupid messaging or e-mail. As a Gold Media is BlackCupid.com MEXICAN 258,100 membership paying member youa leading | CUPID monthly can communicate with free digital 8,604 members and allow them to read media BrazilCupid.com Mexico-75.5% daily your messages. A free member and | U.S.-13.8% 6 yrs. cannot communicate with internet Online another free member, but yourinformati CaribbeanCupid. gold membership gives you the on com | LATIN 1,335,000 privilege to get in touch with services AMERICAN Monthly free and paid members a like.company ChristianCupid.c CUPID 44,500 They also offer a Platinumthat owns om | daily membership that comes with a and U.S.-25% 9 yrs. video capability and lets you operates ColombianCupid Brazil-9.4% Online watch video profiles of other over 30 .com | Colombia- members. It also lets you createinteractiv 6.6% your own video profile for other e and DominicanCupid members to watch. A video unique .com | profiles makes you feel more dating KOREAN 551,800 connected to the other person aswebsites. GayCupid.com | CUPID monthly you feel like you know the way With HongKongCupid 18,394 the person moves, talks, reacts, over 30 .com | Korea-90.6% daily their accent etc. million U.S.-2.5% 9 yrs.members IndianCupid.com Philippines.9% Online 5 An exclusive Online dating website analysis & classification by Walrus P.
  6. 6. EXCLUSIVE REPORT: WHAT LIES BENEATH ONLINE DATING SITES [2012]internatio |nally, the FILIPINO 1,370,600 Cupid IndonesianCupid CUPID monthly Media .com | 45,687 network 2 daily offers a InternationalCup U.S.-24.6% 6 yrs.specialize id.cm Phils.-22.6% Online d dating U.K.-6.7%service to InterracialCupid.a diverse com | group of AFRO 1,815,600individua IranianSinglesCo INTRODUCTI monthly ls across nnection.com | ONS 60,520 the daily world. JapanCupid.com 0 10 yrs. They are | Nigeria-18.1% Online incredibl Camerron- y MalaysianCupid. 18.2%passionat com | France-9.1% e about helping MilitaryCupid.co CHINESE 943,400 single m LOVE LINKS monthly men and 31,447 women | Muslima.com | China-59.0% dailyfind their U.S.16.1% 7 yrs. perfect PinkCupid.com | Taiwan-4.8% online match based on SingaporeLoveLi THAI 1,762,200 their nks.com | LOVELINKS monthlypreferenc 58,740 es. SingleParentLov 3 daily e.com Thailand- 9 yrs. 45.7% online |SouthAfricanCu U.S.-11.2% pid.com | S. Korea-10.7 6 An exclusive Online dating website analysis & classification by Walrus P.
  7. 7. EXCLUSIVE REPORT: WHAT LIES BENEATH ONLINE DATING SITES [2012] Owned Other sites: VIRAIFLIRT 137,060 This is a Cyprus-located onlineby Up4it France-75.8% monthly dating site aimed at FrenchNetwork Up4it.com 4,569 people who would love to be & daily involved in all kinds of erotic Alcuda Playcougar.com Online dates and activities and to have a Ltd. status great time online. The siteCyprus & Shagaholic.com unknown provides its members with up-to-Netherlan date features, webcam chat ds Gaypartners.com facilities and a huge collection of male and female profiles. About: UpForIt AMISSEXY 1,174,800 This is a Cyprus-located onlineNetworks monthly dating site best for NSA fun and focuses 2 39,160 online dating aimed at French its France-93.9 daily singles. It is created for people activity U.S.-3% who are looking to satisfy theiron design Canada-1.1% sexual appetites and who are up and for all kinds of experiments. creation New members can sign up hereof online for free, then upload their photos dating and strike up naughty sites and conversations in webcam chatcommuni rooms. ties,providing MILFBERRY 160,200 This is Netherland-owned onlinenew ways monthly dating site aimed for those for 7 5,340 looking with real fun withpeople all U.S.-58.7% daily milf’s. Its the perfect site for all over the U.K.-31% men seeking dates on local world to mature women with steamycommuni attitudes. Thousands of guys cate and meet here for free and satisfy all date their erotic appetites at online online. web cam video chats or duringSpecialisi one night fun with milf’s theyve ng in found at this site. sexy,attractive SUGARBBW 434,320 This is an online dating siteand saucy monthly located in Netherlands which has sites, we U.S-84% 14,478 been created for men who offer U.K-8.7% daily passionately desire to realize adult their wild fantasies with curvy internet girls and plus-sized women. This dating is the place where hundreds ofservices - thousands of men can start one- 7 An exclusive Online dating website analysis & classification by Walrus P.
  8. 8. EXCLUSIVE REPORT: WHAT LIES BENEATH ONLINE DATING SITES [2012] one of night affairs and hot dates withthe most cuddles. This site is aimed at an popular audience UK and Irelandniches of males/females aged 25+.soft-core adult HORNY ASIA 142,400 This is an eye-catching onlineentertain monthly dating site from Netherland ment. 8 4,747 destined for men looking for real U.S-46.5% daily fun with passionate Asian girls,Since its U.K.-35.8% with whom hot dates become alaunch in Indonesia-5% reality on their site. Millions of 2003 guys can fulfill their wildest UpForIt erotic appetites through onlineNetworks webcam video chats with Asianhas been babes. This is also a hot spot for growing Asian girls and women looking fast and to satisfy their innermost desires steadily. for UK and Ireland members ages 25 and up.Friendfin Fastcupid ADULT 30 million This site was owned byder FRIEND members Penthouse. Adult Friend FinderNetworks Amigos FINDER 110,000,0 is a pioneer among adult-Sunnyvill U.S.-74% 00 oriented dating websites, and thee, U.S. Friendfinder Asians-3% monthly membership is high and still growing. A Silver MembershipAbout: Frenchfriendfind costs $20 USD per month. WithFriendFind er a silver membership, yourer profile can get viewed by moreNetworksInc. is a Germanfriendfin people and you can view userleading der blogs (users’ online diaries), useInternet- the instant messaging service tobased Indianfriendfinde immediately contact onlinesocial r users, contribute information andnetworkingand exchange opinions in forums,technlogy Italianfriendfinde view live cams, send and receivecompany r emails and enjoy the eroticoperating articles posted by otherseveral of Jewishfriendfind members.the most er A Gold Membership costs $30 8 An exclusive Online dating website analysis & classification by Walrus P.
  9. 9. EXCLUSIVE REPORT: WHAT LIES BENEATH ONLINE DATING SITES [2012]heavily- USD per month. For antrafficked Koreanfriendfind additional $10, you can havewebsites inthe world. er more storage space, which isThey useful if you have a lot of photosprovide Seniorfriendfind to share with the AFFtheir er community. Also, if you’re acustomers Gold Member, you can enjoy thewith a widevariety of Gradfinder keyword-based search feature,online which guarantees that matchingproducts Alt.com profiles will come up if youand input a certain word on theservices, BDSM search bar.appealingto membersof diverse Bondage FILIPINO 1,174,800 Filipino FriendFinder is acultures FRIEND Monthly personals network of 16and interest Getiton FINDER 39,160 different sites that caters to allgroups, so 179,879 daily kinds of people, interests, andthey caninteract Nostringsattache members 11 yrs. desires -- with over 8 millionwith each d Online active members worldwideother and Phils-87.3% located at Sunnyville,U.S.enjoy our Millionaremate Indonesia-7% Filipino FriendFinder has been acontent. Pakistan-1% leader in online personals sinceTheir sites’services Outpersonals 1996, making us one of theinclude oldest and most established of itssocial Cams.com kind on the Internet.networking, online Icams.compersonals,live and ASIA FRIEND 5,073,000 Asia Friend finder makes it easyrecorded Hotbox FINDER Monthly for you to chat, meet new peoplevideo, 169,100 and build your social networkonline chat China-24.7% daily with other Asian people or Asianrooms, Thailand- 14 yrs. singles from China, Taiwan,instantmessaging, 13.4% Online Japan, Hong Kong, Korea, India,photo and Malaysia- Thailand, as well as Uk, US &video 11.5% Canada.sharing,blogs, ASIAN 1,406,200 Site located in Road Town,messageboards, BEAUTIES Monthly Virgin Islands, British.email and 46,874 Asianbeauties.com helpspremium U.S.-29% daily Western men liaison with thecontent Malaysia-8.1% 168 best in Asian women through awebsites. Russia-7.0% always network of over 1000 dating online agency partners located in cities 9 yrs. across Asia online 9 An exclusive Online dating website analysis & classification by Walrus P.
  10. 10. EXCLUSIVE REPORT: WHAT LIES BENEATH ONLINE DATING SITES [2012] ALPHA MEN’S ONLINE DATING ADVICE 1. Always check for the site’s privacy policy. Always make sure that these online dating sites would not sell your name, contact number, and most especially your e-mail address. Use a screen name and profile that does not include your full name, birth date, or contact details. Setting up a free, web-based email account especially for online dating adventures is a great way to maintain an additional degree of safety. 2. If there is a free trial, take advantage of it! Just make sure, before signing up, that you will have an easy way to cancel membership before you are billed, should you decide that you dont want to become a paid member. Trial membership will usually allow you to use all features of the site, for a limited time. 3. While most trial memberships are free, others are paid, with a very low cost. A trial membership should allow you to do everything that a paid membership would allow you to do, such as contacting other members, using instant messenger, email, and chat features. This is your chance to take advantages of their free services if you are still undecided on your penny. 4. Look for paid online dating sites that promotes long free-trial period. As long as there is an easy way to cancel your trial membership before you are billed, there really is no bad side to try free trial memberships. 5. Make sure that the site you have joined with provides and guarantees full service satisfaction and not automated with video exposures just to make them attractive. 6. Do not make yourself a Professional online dater.FRESHMAN’S AREA: REASONS WHY YOU SHOULD PREFER ONLINE DATING THAN REAL DATING?1. The number of people who are participating is one of the factors. Huge number ofsingles and hopefuls are present in online dating communities and the numbers keepsgrowing as days goes by.2. It is very convenient. Everyone can access a computer with internet connection all thetime. This makes it easier for singles to find who they are looking for by joining andparticipating in online communities.3. Most of the individuals who participate in these are obviously looking for someone tobe their date or partner. You do not have to guess the reason why they were there.4. You can choose anyone you want and if you are not satisfied, you can easily find anew one.5. It is easier to open a conversation online because you dont personally talk with theperson. Getting over the awkwardness makes the dating experience easier.6. You have the total control of the information you want to give out.7. You can choose whether you want the other person to know your address or contactnumber.8. There are many online dating communities which offer their services for free. Thisprovides unlimited chance for singles and hopefuls in finder their partner. 10 An exclusive Online dating website analysis & classification by Walrus P.
  11. 11. EXCLUSIVE REPORT: WHAT LIES BENEATH ONLINE DATING SITES [2012] SOME SORT OF REALITY THAT WE HAVE TO KEEP IN MIND • Every dating site you press on the heart with your data should correspond with reality. We already knew the fact that some of online dating sites have imitated and fake profiles, what you see are not what you can get. Members can upload someone else picture and at the same time lying about their age and most especially their location. The only thing that is controlled by the administrators is the payment of your subscription • All online dating sites work basically the same way. Many allow you to create a profile, browse and search the site for free. Some even allow free "winks" or "sparks" to indicate your interest in someone. Some dating site, require you to register before you can view profiles. But to send and receive e-mail or instant messages, you have to pay for a paid subscription or membership. • Many girls of today have realized that it’s far more fun to get their intimate partners on their own than waiting to be chosen just like foods on the street. They are more sexually confident than ever and this attitude became one of their feminine sides of success dating online. This is because when we search for partners, we do not have to choose on many categories like “just friends” or “long-term relationship”. We have to admit that we always jump in and look for casual dating categories like the term “orgies” or “one on one sex” or “fetishes”, and more. This is the reason why lots of women of today are found to be a member of adult dating sites than on free online dating websites. • There may be a type of person that we can meet online that just can’t help but share everything about their wild nights out. What we won’t know is whether they’re doing it to hide the fact that they’re a wild child, or that they genuinely don’t want to enable themselves. This type of person may be fun to hang out with, but they may say or do things before thinking. And that could end badly. Online dating is a consequence. Cherish your experience.Online dating, free online dating, online dating services, online dating sites, free onlinedating services, online dating site, free online dating sites, free online dating service,online dating websitesTHANK YOU FOR DOWNLOADING THIS FREE REPORT! -END- 11 An exclusive Online dating website analysis & classification by Walrus P.