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Integrated Marketing Communications with Custom Signage and Graphics


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Integrated Marketing Communications with Custom Signage and Graphics

  1. 1. Integrated Marketing CommunicationsFor Schools, Hospitals & Other Institutions Signs By Tomorrow USA, Inc. 877-728-7446
  2. 2. What is Integrated MarketingCommunications? A consistent method ofcommunicating with your customers,Integrated Marketing Communications(IMC) blends advertising, public relationsand marketing strategies. Using IMC,cohesive communication goals work topromote your school, hospital or otherinstitution in the most effective mannerpossible. IMC allows your branding plans toshine via well-planned, dependablemessaging. Rather than relying on variousdepartments within your organization to independently reach goals, IMC brings the collectiveefforts of sales, marketing and operations together for maximum results. From sales presentations and websites to display materials and advertising,well-designed IMC seamlessly executes message delivery through all communication outlets.Your unified IMC messages include corporate identity such as letterhead and signage, point-of-purchase, print collateral, direct marketing, PR, sales promotion and events.IMC Up Close and Personal IMC is customer-driven and involves planning your message. By focusing your effortswith IMC, you spend more time building core brand values. This emphasis adjusts theadvertising, marketing and PR endeavors to reflect brand awareness and ultimately customer-driven dialogue. With the Internet changing the way business is conducted, ensuring effective IMC ismore complex than ever. Because even if you primarily do business online, you will findoccasions when you need to integrate your online presence with face-to-face marketingopportunities afforded by trade shows, promotions or events. Smart marketing choices lead tobrand success and IMC reinforces this important point of crucial, long-term unifiedcommunications on the web—and off. Whether through the Internet or in-person interaction,a well-crafted IMC plan leads customers through the sales process by giving timely reminders,updated information and special offers designed to spur action and keep your business top-of-mind.Case Study: Kings Ridge Christian School When Kings Ridge Christian School, aprivate middle and high school, approached SignsBy Tomorrow Alpharetta, GA for helpimplementing an architect’s wayfinding signagerecommendations, owners Kathleen Peneguy andJoey Costanzo swung into action. The schoolneeded something developed quickly andinexpensively, but wanted a high-end look.Working within the school’s budget, Signs By Tomorrow designed a temporary signage solutionthat the school liked so much, it has become a permanent display system. 2
  3. 3. Abiding by the strict signage regulations of the area, Signs By Tomorrow was able to develop an elegant, affordable wayfinding signage solution that subsequently led to many more projects for the school. Building on the success of the wayfinding sign system, Signs By Tomorrow has since designed multiple types of custom graphics for the school including window decals, exterior building graphics, room signs and more that provide a consistent look and give the campus the feel of a unified community. “It’s our job to complete the projects with full understandingof the client’s needs and SBT develops relationships with them.” Kathleen Peneguy, Signs By Tomorrow AlpharettaCase Study: Alpharetta High School Signs By Tomorrow Alpharetta also works closely with Alpharetta High School to ensureconsistent IMC strategies for their custom signage and displays. The Signs By Tomorrow team first developed solutions to address a confusing campus entrance and difficult traffic flow. Since there were no blueprints of the existing traffic system, Signs By Tomorrow Alpharetta used Google Maps to generate screen shots of the campus and create a graphic blueprint of the campus. Next the design team held a roundtable with the school’s administrators to identify key campus locations and traffic patterns using the newly created map. Smaller versions of the map were produced with “You are here” notations. With distribution in strategic locations, the new maps alleviate traffic concerns andhave significantly improved visitor relations. Here again the success of the wayfinding signageproject led to additional projects for the school. Applyingsound IMC principles, Signs By Tomorrow has delivered onnumerous requests: senior graduation, fundraising andsponsorship signs, roster boards, concession signs and logosare examples of IMC graphic solutions in place at the school. Signs By Tomorrow Alpharetta follows a checklist foreach school project that reviews the scope of each project,including the signage location, the budget, the wish list, thesize/fonts, lighting, and how often signs or projects will be replaced. “We develop a good relationship and rapport to determine realistic visual communications.” SBT owner Joey Costanzo 3
  4. 4. Case Study: Atlantic Hospital But schools are not the only institutionsthat utilize IMC. Signs by Tomorrow Iselin, NewJersey partners with Atlantic Hospital onconsistent, focused branding efforts. WhenAtlantic Hospital management first approachedSigns By Tomorrow Iselin, they wanted to replacethe outdated, redundant signage with a custom,fresh and engaging solution. More than just signs and graphics, SBT isproviding a complete Integrated MarketingCommunications solution that includes customlogo design for the hospital as well as specificssuch as signage color scheme, font size, Brailleand other graphical elements. Sanchay Agarwal, director of sales and marketing at Signs by Tomorrow Iselin, is at thehospital so frequently overseeing the large, ongoing IMC project, hospital staff joke he must bea hospital employee. Agarwal works closely with the hospital’s legal, marketing and facilitiesdepartments as well as upper management to determine the project needs and the budget andto ensure all involved parties are on the same page. Signs By Tomorrow delivers Atlantic Hospital’s comprehensive IMC solution. This means SBT creates, produces and installs all custom graphics and signage in a turnkey fashion. Just a phone call away, SBT Iselin responds quickly to the hospital’s needs no matter how urgent or last minute the request.7 Reasons to Use Integrated Marketing Communications 1. Reach: IMC gives customers a variety of communication methods. 2. Niche: Center your IMC on target audiences with your messaging. 3. Impact: You can achieve the “wow” factor with a message that won’t be forgotten. 4. Access: 24/7 Internet access allows increased access to goods and services. 5. Results: The delivery of IMC is strong visuals that achieve big results. 6. Media: IMC relies on multiple forms of communications to relay your marketing. 7. Delivery: Find the best method of delivery with Signs By Tomorrow IMC advice. 4
  5. 5. Benefits of Integrated Marketing Communications Delivery Signs By Tomorrow custom graphics, printing and signage centers can assist you withall of your communication needs. As different customers require different solutions, Signs ByTomorrow works with your budget to plan the most effective IMC plan possible. To help you select the right visual communications vehicle/sign materials, Signs ByTomorrow can guide you on issues including LED or neon lighting, rigid or flexible material,longevity, colorfastness, durability, maintenance, reflectivity, size, adhesive, sustainability, UVprotection, anti-graffiti protection and more. And because Signs By Tomorrow’s own in-house marketing department follows an IMCplan to develop materials to reinforce our position as a valuable partner and resource for allyour visual communications needs, we know firsthand the challenges you face and canrecommend the solutions that are right for you. It’s the perfect time to reevaluate your company’s marketing plan and ensure that youhave an integrated approach designed to deliver maximum results. And remember, your localSigns By Tomorrow graphics, digital printing and sign making center is always available to helpdeliver consistency across all your marketing channels. Signs By Tomorrow USA Inc., 8681 Fulton Dr., Columbia, MD 21046 877-728-7446, 5