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Take note!


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The importance of note-taking in the classroom for maximum information retention.

Published in: Education, Technology
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Take note!

  1. 1. TAKE NOTE!The Importance of Note-Taking By: Lisa Camp
  2. 2. Does note-taking really help?* Humans forget things easily. * After 20 min 47% is forgotten. * After 1 day 62% is forgotten. * After 2 days 69% is forgotten. * After 75 days 75% is forgotten.
  3. 3. THE CORNELL SYSTEM* A: The "Cue" Column. divide the pg The recall column. Write questions to test yourself.* B: The Summary Column. Summarize notes in your A B own words.* C: Note-Taking Area. c Notes taken during class.
  4. 4. Whats going on in your brain?* If youre NOT taking notes, the brain transfers auditory info but it doesnt know whats important!* If you ARE taking notes, the brain is organizing and filtering relevant info. Its the sorting process that helps us to remember!
  5. 5. Technology makes it easier! Average student writing speed: .3-.4 words p/sec Averagestudent typing speed: 1.5 words p/secAverage teacher words per second: 2-3
  6. 6. Cool Classroom Technology* Sounds very "James Bond" but how about recording PENS so they dont have to worry about notes?* Want more control? Try videotaping the lesson without the class present! Summarize important points without distractions.* How about laptops? Allow students to take notes using a laptop or other digital device during lectures.* Share notes via a collaborative website such as Wikispaces or Diigo for student access anywhere.
  7. 7. So...are notes important?* You better believe it! They help our students remember, summarize and LEARN!* Teach them how to take notes on the 1st day of class.* Check their notes every so often to optimize student performance.* Use technology whenever possible.* Collaborate and share on-line.
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