Solving Your Paperwork Pain With Online Digital Signatures


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Learn about the benefits of going paperless and how digital signatures can make that goal a reality. This webinar was originally presented with our partners at Computime on July 25, 2013.

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Solving Your Paperwork Pain With Online Digital Signatures

  1. 1. (800) 423.8826 What’s the Best Solution for You?
  2. 2. Introductions We’re excited about this partnership because of our compatible business values and mutual respect developed through the years of working with SIGNiX. ” ”
  3. 3. © Copyright 2013 SIGNiX, Inc. All Rights Reserved. THE DIGITAL SIGNATUREAUTHORITY™ SolvingYour Paperwork Pain withOnline DigitalSignatures Presented byJohnHarris DirectorofProductManagement
  4. 4. More than 50% of all signatures are intended for seniorexecutiveswho are on the road frequently.* *AIIM
  5. 5. With SIGNiX, your customers can sign documents online no matter where life takes them. Our best-in-class security and technology produces electronic signatures and processes that hold up in court and stand the test of time. Who Is ?
  6. 6. ANSWERS ① Why Are Digital Signatures Better? ② How Do Digital Signature ServicesWork? ③ What ShouldYou Be Looking For? ④ Why SIGNiX? ⑤ …You Get to Ask the Questions…
  7. 7. ROI Digital Signatures Save Money Paper processes cost up to 14 times more than an automated electronic process. Tower Group • 50-75 times less storage cost • Reduce document handling, shipping and loan processing costs by over 75%
  8. 8. ROI • Faster receipt of revenue and delivery of services • More time for sales agents to focus on selling • Improved client perception Digital Signatures Are Fast “Financial services firms and insurance companies report average contract cycle times falling from 1-2 weeks to a matter of days—or hours.” Forrester Research
  9. 9. Digital Signatures Improve Productivity • Automate delivery and routing to multiple signers • Govern who signs what and when • Send out reminders • Ensure signers are completing forms correctly • Receive electronic documents that can be input directly into systems • No rekeying
  10. 10. ROI Digital Signatures = TransparentWorkflows • Know where documents are at any time • Identify hold-ups • Modify workflows in real time • Easily send reminders
  11. 11. • Authenticate signers • Tamper-evident • Audited process • Can’t copy signatures • Less risk to brands, reputation Digital SignaturesAre Less Risky
  12. 12. • Manage workflows and input • Data flows directly to systems • No more re-scanning Over 40% of all annuity transactions are NIGO (Not-In- Good-Order)…[resulting in repeated processes]. Tower Group DigitalSignatures Deliver the Promise
  13. 13. ROIHow Do SIGNiX Digital Signatures Work? Prepare documents with our simple, 4-step process Send documents & manage workflows We securely authenticate signers Signers use web browser to sign, no downloads required We send reminders to the signers Track your documents through the signing process We deliver a comprehensive audit trail Download your signed documents
  14. 14. AQuick Demo…
  15. 15. What ShouldYou Be Looking For in aVendor? Authentication & Identification Audit Trail Information / Notice / Consent Signature / Intent / WYSIWYS Association Integrity / Tamper- Evidence Standards / Verification Method Long-term Standing Branding / Customization
  16. 16. Why • Cloud Service • Accessible • Easy to Use • Flexible • Legal • Experience • Secure • Long-term Assurance • Competitive Pricing •Vendor Freedom™
  17. 17. ROIHow is SIGNiX Different From OtherVendors?PAPEROTHER E-SIGNATURES OTHER E-SIGNATURE SERVICE OTHER E-SIGNATURE SERVICE Vendor Freedom™ Portable, IndependentlyVerifiable Signatures Proprietary, Vendor-Dependent Signatures /Verification Vendor Lock-In = Future Risk FOREVER TotalAudit™ Lightweight AuditTrail
  18. 18. Call your Computime representative today to arrange a demo and see how SIGNiX can improve your bottom line. 800-423-8826 Want to Learn More?THEDIGITALSIGNATUREAUTHORITY Follow us @SignixSolutions
  19. 19. © Copyright 2013 SIGNiX, Inc. All Rights Reserved. THE DIGITAL SIGNATUREAUTHORITY™ Thanks for your time!
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