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Mobile Apps 101 - Mobile Industry Trends and Development Best Practices


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This presentation was made at a B2B seminar and provides mobile industry statistics and trends, as well as our approach to mobile app development.

Published in: Technology
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Mobile Apps 101 - Mobile Industry Trends and Development Best Practices

  1. Mobile Apps 101Bringing your brand to youraudience’s
  2. Mobile Industry Overview
  3. Mobile AdoptionMobile is the most popular and most rapidlyadopted technology in the world with an estimated 6billion subscribers, about 86% of the world’spopulation.Source: ITU World Telecommunication/ICT Indicators Database. *Estimates
  4. Smartphone Sales WorldwideSmartphone sales are rising, even in a global recession.Source: Gartner as cited by MediaPost
  5. The 7th MediaSource: Tomi Ahonen #1 Print: 1500 #2 Recordings: 1900 #3 Cinema: 1910 #4 Radio: 1920 #5 Television: 1950 #6 Internet: 1995 #7 Mobile: 2000
  6. Mobile’s Unique Benefits⠿ Always on⠿ Always within reach (10 feet)⠿ Engaging - Android & iPhone users spend 80 min/day on apps⠿ Truly personal
  7. U.S. Platform Market 14% Other 7%Blackberry 56% Android 23% iPhone
  8. There’s an App for That
  9. There’s an App for That⠿ What is an app?⠿ The web is dead?⠿ Average iPhone user has 37 apps⠿ Average Android user has 22 apps⠿ Average Blackberry user has 10 apps⠿ How many do you have?
  10. Mobile App StoresiPhone App Store: ~650,000+ appsAndroid Market: ~500,000+ appsBlackberry App World: ~70,000 appsDespite lower device marketshare, Apple’s App Store still leads thepack in terms of total apps available and total downloaded apps (30Billion, compared to Google’s 15 Billion).Source: May 17, 2010 -
  11. Free vs. PaidConsumers download 15 free apps for every paidapp in the Apple App Store.
  12. Per Month DownloadsSurvey based on 963 respondents in February 2010. Visit for more details 12.1 8.8 8.7 5.7
  13. Top Mobile Trends
  14. The Rise of Web Apps232% Growth in 2010 Source: Taptu April 2010
  15. Native Apps vs. Web AppsNative Apps Web Apps⠿ Rich design ⠿ Good design⠿ Can use all device features ⠿ Can use some of device features⠿ Best experience ⠿ Must be connected to the⠿ Distribute on app stores Internet⠿ You can charge fee ⠿ Deploy across multiple platforms⠿ Developing for multiple platforms is costly
  16. Location as a PlatformMobile check-in’sWhere you are will help providevalue, like Who you know doeson Facebook.⠿ News feeds⠿ Events⠿ Advertising
  17. Sensors & Barcode ReadersQR Codes⠿ Smart Tags⠿ Self-guided tourRed LaserSensors⠿ Coupons⠿ Geofencing SCAN IT!⠿ Traffic Alerts
  18. Augmented RealityCombining thecomputer world withthe real worldNFL Football. Layar browser.
  19. Developing a MobileApplication
  20. Initial Discovery⠿ Who is user audience?⠿ What is the challenge were trying to overcome?⠿ Why is a mobile application the appropriate solution?⠿ What business and/or market factors are contributing to this initiative?⠿ What type of mobile application is best suited to address the business need?⠿ How will the application be marketed/promoted?
  21. Initial Sitemap & Proposal⠿ Based on the initial discovery session, a sitemap is created.⠿ The sitemap is used to define a scope of work and associated costs.⠿ Upon presentation and approval, work begins for the app development team.
  22. Initial Sitemap & Proposal
  23. Planning⠿ Functional specifications are determined.⠿ Wireframes are developed and a creative brief is produced to inform the design and copywriting functions.⠿ A content outline is developed⠿ Deployment and post- deployment marketing plans are created⠿ Approval is granted on all planning elements.
  24. Planning
  25. Creation⠿ Interface sketches are made⠿ Interface Design is finalized based on the approved sketches⠿ An alpha version is created (graphic, non-functioning)⠿ Upon further approval, a beta version is developed (fully functioning prototype)
  26. Creation
  27. Creation
  28. Delivery⠿ Tracking elements are embedded into the app code⠿ The app is registered and delivered to the App Store (or deployed through other appropriate channels)⠿ Promotion to the user audience begins.⠿ Results are monitored and analyzed to determine impact.
  29. Delivery
  30. What Others are Doing
  31. Bald Head IslandBranded iPhone AppAfter observing consumers accessingthe Bald Head Island web site usingmobile devices, we proposed amobile app to provide a better userexperience and greater accessibilityfor island-goers.We developed a multi-functioniPhone app offering up-to-date newsand weather, an interactive map ofthe island, a calendar of events, a liveweb cam and photos.
  32. Bald Head IslandMobile Web SiteDue to the positive response of thenative app, we are currently creatinga mobile optimized version of BaldHead Island’s full web site.
  33. John DeereInteractive BrochureThe primary objective of the MowerMatch iPad app is to assist dealerswith showcasing features of lawnequipment that are difficult toillustrate on the showroom floor.This interactive brochure utilizesvideo, interactive 3D modeling andanimations to showcase productfeatures and benefits.
  34. Interactive “hot spots” provide more detailon specific product features using 3Dmodeling, video and animations.
  35. Clinical Trials MobileUtility AppWe created this iPhone and iPad appfor a multinational clinical researchorganization. The objective was toincrease awareness of clinical trials,and build the company’s database ofpotential trial participants andinvestigators.The app allows the user to searchtrials near them from the NationalLibrary of Medicine’s database ofover 100,000 trials, save trialinformation and share via email.
  36. Basic and advanced keyword search.Search by current location. Save andemail functions.
  37. SignalBranded iPhone AppOur own branded app gives users thelatest news updates from the Signalblog, plus contact information anddriving directions for our locations inRaleigh, Wilmington and Nashville.Browse a mini portfolio of our designwork and watch videos we’veproduced. Meet the Signal team instaff bios and in fun photo galleriesfrom special events and creativechallenges.
  38. Signal MobileMobile Web SiteWe firmly believe that optimizing yoursite for mobile should be the #1priority of a mobile strategy.With about 70% of the world’spopulation using mobile technology,smartphones are on track tooutnumber Internet access viastandard computers.While apps play an important role inmobile, it’s worth remembering thatthe web itself remains accessible forthe majority of mobile Internetdevices. Even without having an app,your company can build an excellentmobile presence through your website.
  39. How will you implement? ?
  40. Thank YouFor more information,