Web based reporting system


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Web Based Reporting System_Pentaho Solution

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Web based reporting system

  1. 1. Improved customer convenience through aweb based reporting system for aleading natural gas and crude oilinformation providerin North Americawww.sigmainfo.net
  2. 2. One of the leading providers ofinformation on crude oil and naturalgas prices wanted to migrate from alegacy standalone desktop reportingtool to a web based system. Theywanted to provide their users aninstant access to information theyneed.Sigma Infosolutions leveraged itsexpertise in Business Intelligence tobuild this reporting tool. The systemprovides business users role-basedaccess to the central knowledge-store. The system generates reportsand analysis on index comparisons,multiple leases and their prices,pricing data required for annual AdValorem tax preparations, etc.Since its inception in 1988, the client has been a leading provider ofinformation on crude oil and natural gas prices to customers ranging fromindustrial consumers, marketers, oil and gas operators, investors, litigationsupport, etc. Their proprietary databases comprise of natural gas Henry HubNymex prices, oil volumes, and natural gas volumes. Their currentknowledge bank stands at 51,597,034 records including 641,144 leases. Theyalso maintain a comprehensive library of crude oil bulletins for over 100different crude oil purchasers dating back to January 1977.The ClientExecutive SummaryThe client combines multiple data sources like Texas RRC data, TexasComptroller data, Nymex crude oil and natural gas futures, as well as crudeoil purchaser WTI postings into one single repository system. To access thisdatabase the user needed to install a desktop client and the database ontheir local machine, which was provided by the client on a CD. The desktopclient synched with the database and generated reports on the informationthe user needs. The users only got to update their databases twice a year.Therefore, this system was not giving real-time information to the users.Since, the analytical reports generated by the clients software was critical tocontract negotiations, wellhead price confirmations, tax preparations, andregulatory filing confirmations, the client wanted a new system that couldsimplify their role based subscriptions to an all-time updated database.The client approached Sigma Infosolutions to advance from a standalonedesktop reporting tool to a web based system built on Pentaho. The systemwill consolidate all crude oil and natural gas information from various sourcesand give business users instant access to the information they need.Business Casesales@sigmainfo.netChallengesDue to the scale of the clients information sources, the databaseexponentially grew to a size of more than 100 million records. Since, theclient never organized the database; Pentahos reporting tool took 15-20minutes to compile one report. However, conditioning the database toimprove search results, all the while reducing the report compilation time toReducedturnaround timefor sign upsfrom few daysto few seconds“
  3. 3. TechnologySigma Infosolutions used the followingtechnologies to build the solution: Pentaho 3.5 Reporting BIRTBusiness BenefitsBy leveraging Sigma Infosolutionsexpertise on web based technologiesand Pentaho, the client was able todevelop a solution that: Gave 24X7 access to informationfor customers Reduced turnaround time for signups from few days to few seconds S a v e d o v e r h e a d s o n C Dprocurement, management, anddistributionSolutionA team of experts operated from Sigma Infosolutions office in Bangalore andtook four months to develop, integrate, and test the system.The Sigma Infosolutions team closely worked with the business analysts atthe client side. They comprehensively understood the system requirementsand functionalities of the new system. Post this, Sigma Infosolutions migratedthe database from Foxpro to My SQL and then started developing thereporting tool using Pentaho and BIRT.The new system now: Provides role-based access to business users Generates big and complex cross-tabbed reports in a few seconds Executes complex conditional column computations Extends the ability to export the report in MS Excel and PDF format Paginates the results of a report by page(s) Generate more than 13 reports including 4Ad Valorem reports Generates analytic reports which show index comparisons, wellheadcomparisons of multiple leases and their prices, pricing data requiredfor annualAd Valorem tax preparations, and much morea few seconds was challenging.Adding to this, Pentahos reporting tool was publishing the entire report onone web page instead of splitting it in multiple pages. However, the newversion of reporting tool paginated the report, but presented a secondchallenge: to do away with query execution each time the user navigates tothe next or the previous result of a report. Pentahos pagination functionalitywas not serving the clients business need. This required exceptional insightfrom Sigma Infosolutions into the convergence of various DB engines whichcan paginate results of a report in a variety of ways, with the existing Pentahoreporting tool.www.sigmainfo.net
  4. 4. About Sigma Infosolutions“ Sigma Group, an Indian conglomerate has more than 4 decades of experience in Mining, Chemicals Manufacturing & Export,Handicrafts Manufacturing & Exports, and Software Development Sigma Infosolutions is a TUV certified ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 27001:2005 company Headquartered in US with presence in India Some of our esteemed customers include Airtel, Zyme Solutions, Yodlee, Celerity Consulting, Resolution Economics, BirlaGlobal Asset Finance, Fosroc Chemicals, Surgery Planet etc. Sigma Infosolutions’ services comprises of application development, application management, IT Consulting, Offshore testing,and Website and Portal DevelopmentGenerates analytic reports which show indexcomparisons, wellhead comparisons of multiple leases andtheir prices, pricing data required for annual Ad Valorem taxpreparations, and much moreSigma Infosolutions, Sigma Towers, #66/A, 13th Cross6th Main, JP Nagar, 3rd Phase, Bangalore- 560078Telephone: +91-80-40865100Sigma Infosolutions, 2082 Michelson Dr.Suite 100, Irvine, CA 92612Telephone: +1-714-717-1826Fax: +1-866-405-6750, Toll Free: 1-888-861-7360