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We expertise in providing solutions using - Groovy, Grails, J2EE, Liferay, Pentaho, Magento, Drupal & Joomla.

This document discusses our capabilities in the area of Groovy and Grails Development.

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  1. 1. Acceleratedtime-to-market by 30%at cost savings.30%GROOVY & GRAILS CAPABILITY DOCUMENTLeverage Sigma Infosolutions expertise on GRAILS framework for accelerated web application
  2. 2.  Build faster go-to-market products compared totraditional JAVAweb frameworks Plugin-based development gives more advantage toinclude third party utilities very easily into the application Strong community support Exploit all JAVAlibraries to the fullest Re-use proven JAVA technologies such as Hibernate andSpring under a simple and consistent interface GRAILS helps to create meshups like Twitter, Google Maps,etc. in just 20 minutes Ready-to-use development environment ensures reducedtime-to-market GRAILS applications are mobile phone friendly Add compass-powered search to GRAILS application GRAILS supports several Ajax libraries includingOpenRico, Prototype, Dojo, jQuery and YUI. Useexisting tag libraries which create HTML withAjax code.Also easily create your own tag libraries. GRAILS provides its API methods to write the businesslogic. The domain classes managed by GORM havemagic dynamic and static methods to performpersistence operations on these classes and its objects. GRAILS scaffolding to support CRUD operations (Create,Read, Update, Delete). Any domain class can bescaffolded by creating a scaffolding controller. GRAILS gives you the power and features of Spring andHibernate frameworks but applies the principle ofconvention over configuration to them and wraps themin the Groovy language to make them much easier touse. Awide range of plugins are available for rich client/Ajaxdevelopment, web services and performancemanagement. Also customized plugins can be createdby following the GRAILS methodology. Functionality available through mixins - a method whichis added to a class dynamically as if the functionalitywas compiled in the program; GRAILS provides dynamicmethods based on the type of class.Why consider Grailsover J2EE or Ruby on Railsor jRuby?Features and BenefitsTodays highly competitive business landscape demands quick time-to-market. The faster; the better! This rule applies both toenterprises and ISVs. If you are an organization looking to eithertransport the current on-premise solution to theweb, or build a new web based solution by usingJAVA as a core development platform; you mightjust negate the above stated rule.Developing web applications in JAVA,traditionally, forces the developers to assembleand maintain deployment units, along withconfiguring and maintaining environments andframeworks during the entire development lifecycle. This eats up a significant share ofdevelopers time which could have been usedsingularly in building more functionalities rather than maintainingthe ecosystem to support the development. You would agree- JAVAbased web development is notoriously tedious.Therefore, with a strong foot holding in application developmentservices for global clients, Sigma Infosolutions offers its expertise onGRAILS for accelerated web application development. GRAILS is anopen-source web framework for JAVA platform, whichthrough its core principle of convention overconfiguration allows organizations to fasten theirdevelopment time by a staggering 30%.By leveraging our development outfit in Bangalore-India and GRAILs for web application development,organizations can not only have highly qualityapplications in a quick turn-around time but also enjoyalmost 30% cost savings. Talk about immediatelysecuring a high return on investment! Call us now oremail us at & GRAILSThe Holy Grail of today’s web application development.
  3. 3. FEATURED CASE STUDIESIncreased Operational Efficiency through Sales Force Automation for aLeading Copper Mining CompanyThe client, a leading producer of copper in the world is headquartered in Mumbai, India. With assets of morethan USD 9 Billion and nearly 20,000 employees spread globally, it commands over 40% share in domesticcopper market. It has 14.2 million tonnes of copper ore reserves in Australia and operates Indias largestprivate sector continuous cast copper rods plants through copper smelting and refining.In order to sustain business profitability and growth, accurate communication with customers and timelyanalysis of sales data is critical. The clients sales teams were using excel sheets for maintaining customerdata, which was unable to cope with the increasing business. The client approached Sigma Infosolutions todevelop a sales force automation solution that could be used for a dynamic and effective sales management.Sigma Infosolutions team worked closely with the clients team to design a customized solution forautomating both domestic as well as export sales processes. The SFA solution built on GAILS frameworkhelped the client to focus on enhanced customer service and build a competitive advantage. The specificareas of impact it had on the business were: Accurate revenue forecasting Strengthened customer service operations Centralized tracking mechanism to review sales team’s tasks and their status on a daily, weekly, andmonthly basis Improved collaboration between the distributed sales teams and clients delivery departmentsImproved Operational Efficiency through a GRAILS based CRM fora Leading Medical Tourism Company in North America Technology UsedTechnology UsedThe client is a US based, global medical tourism company offering healthcare facilitation services in 44countries through a network of over 1000 hospitals, clinics and health resorts in 120 destinations includingThailand, Mexico, Belgium, India, Germany, Costa Rica, Malaysia, Singapore, USAand Brazil.In order to take their business to next level and sustain multifold growth in their business, effortless, efficient& accurate communication and flow of information amongst stakeholders plays a key role. The clients salesand operation teams were using excel sheets and emails for maintaining customer data and their treatmentneeds, which was unable to cope with the fast growing business. The client approached Sigma Infosolutions todevelop a highly automated end-to-end solution that could be used for dynamic and effective sales andoperations management and for connecting service providers, patients, & facilitators.Sigma Infosolutions leveraged its experience and expertise on GRAILS framework to design a customized end-to-end solution which included a customer CRM solution,Partner Portal, and Customer Portal. The CRMsolution helped the client to focus on enhanced customer service and build a competitive advantage. Thespecific areas of impact it had on the business were: Increased focus on customer management, thereby improving customer service which led to increasedcustomer satisfaction and loyalty Enabled 100% visibility of operations with centralized tracking mechanism Improved communication between prospects, sales & operations teams and service providers Significantly improved sales forecasting and productivityJ2EE, GRAILSMySQL deployed onApache Tomcat ServerGRAILS developmentenvironment (GRAILS1.0.5)J2EEMySQL deployed onwith Apache tomcatserver2
  4. 4. Increased Operational Efficiency and Reduced Errors throughTransition Manager for a Leading Datacenter Relocation CompanyThe client provides unbiased assessments, recommendations and improvements for IT including data centerfacilities, relocations, consolidations, technical operations and applications software development. Theyprovide services to companies having a few servers to media giants, nationwide insurance companies having10,000+ servers.In order to minimize the mistakes & lapses in the process of datacenter migration, effective planning andmonitoring of activities and dependencies is critical. The client was using Excel sheets for maintaining datarelating to servers,equipments, plan for relocations etc. which was unable to cope with the increasingbusiness and reducing tolerance in the customer for mistakes. The client approached Sigma Infosolutions todevelop a custom transition management solution that could be used for hassle free relocation ofdatacenters.Sigma Infosolutionss team worked closely with the clients team to design a customized solution on GRAILSframework. This product comprehensively removed the need for manual planning, identifying dependenciesas well as tracking things at the time of relocation.GRAILS cuts down the development time by 40% due to its design and wide range of ready to use plug-ins.Technology UsedGRAILS developmentenvironment (GRAILS1.0.5)3Built a Utility Application for the iPhone from Concept to an End Productfor a Company in North America. Technology UsedThe client is funded tech product start-up with a vision to develop iPhone applications that are meant to easepeoples lives. The client is based in NorthAmerica. The client wanted to build an iPhone application that willenable its business users to connect with a comprehensive network of utility service providers ranging fromplumbers, carpenters, electricians, to many more across the entire North American region. With this visionthe client approached Sigma Infosolutions to build this from concept to an end product.Sigma Infosolutions leveraged its expertise on GRAILS framework and iPhone SDK 3.0 to develop acomprehensive iPhone application along with a web engine for a company in NorthAmerica.The iPhone application now connects its users to a comprehensive database of utility service providers acrossNorth America, based on the type of service requested and the nearest/proffered location of the user. Builton GRAILS, the application also extends numerous customization capabilities to both the users and serviceproviders.Developing the end product on GRAILS framework and this combined with Sigma Infosolutions’ GlobalDelivery Model, not only fastened time-to-market but the client also experienced significant cost savings.iPhone SDK 3.0GRAILSGRAILS Captcha plug-inGRAILS Mail plug-inGRAILS Jmesa (withfiltering) plug-insMessage Media SMSservice providerJava APNS library4Why did the client chooseGRAILS?Faster applicationdevelopmentOpen-source andrapid web applicationdevelopmentframeworkShorter responsetimeLower developmentcost
  5. 5. RESOURCE POOLWHY SIGMASigma Infosolutions has a dedicated team of qualified professionals who have extensive expertise and experience in architecting and developing webportals and applications on GRAILS framework.8+ Years5+ Years2-3 Years3-6 Years6+Years1-2Years3+ Years2+ Years1-2 YearsSigma is a TUV Certified ISO 9001:2008 CompanySome of the factors that equip us to deliverfast, cost-effective, high-quality webapplications on GRAILS framework include:Our wide spread competencies,resources, methodology and alliancesOur half decade of experience increating solutions for specificindustriesExpertise to exploit open-sourcetechnologies to deliver cost effectiveyet high performing solutionsOur repository of reusable modulesand frameworks that reducedevelopment time and thus costSeveral success stories of ontime, highquality, and high performancesolutionsDOMAIN EXPERTISESERVICE OFFERINGSFOCUS AREASSIGMAAuctionsDistributionManufacturingBusiness ServicesTravelAgenciesClinical ResearchLitigationTelecomLife SciencesEducationInsuranceApplication DevelopmentApplication MigrationMaintenance and SupportIndependent TestingContent Management SystemsE-Commerce SolutionsSocial Networking SitesCustomer RelationshipManagement SystemsProject Management systemsClassification of Web Portal Team based onyears of experienceClassification of GRAILS Developers based onyears of experienceI have had the pleasure of interacting and collaborating with the Sigma InfoSolutions team on various web-based projects. Iappreciate their professionalism, timely delivery, and above all the effort spent in providing the right technical solution to the end-customer. I highly recommend the Sigma team for your web development needs.- Meena Srinivasan, SCION IDEAS, Chief Brand Consultant/Founder
  6. 6. Sigma Group, an Indian conglomerate has more than 4 decades of experience in Mining, Chemicals Manufacturing & Export, HandicraftsManufacturing & Exports, and Software DevelopmentHeadquartered in US with presence in IndiaSigma Infosolutions is a TUV certified ISO 9001:2008 and 27001:2005 companySome of our esteemed customers include Airtel, Zyme Solutions, Intuit, Yodlee, Celerity Consulting, Resolution Economics, Birla Global AssetFinance, Fosroc Chemicals, Surgery Planet etc.Other Services span across Program Management, Project and Product,Application Management, ConsultingOur Mission: We work towards providing reliable, relevant and robust IT solutions at most competitive prices to our customers. We ensure 100%customer satisfaction at all timesAll company names, brand names, trademarks, and logos used in this document are the properties of their respective owners. Sigma Infosolutions Ltd. acknowledges the proprietary rights of the trademarksand product names of other companies mentioned in this document.Stay ahead of your competition while taking a big leap onto enterprise web business. Get in touch with us to claim your free consultation reportnow >Sigma Infosolutions - USA, California2082 Michelson Dr.Suite 100Irvine, CA 92612Phone: (714) 717-1826Fax: (866) 405-6750Toll Free No.: 1-888-861-7360About Sigma InfosolutionsOffice LocationsSigma Infosolutions - India, BangaloreSigma Towers#66/A, 13th Cross6th Main, JP Nagar3rd Phase, Bangalore- 560078Phone: +91-80-40865100Website: www.sigmainfo.netE-mail: