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A content management system was integrated to aid the data operability and future scalability. An Ajax based page refresh mechanism was developed and integrated to resolve the issue of
partial refresh. This improved the usability of the portal by multi-folds - Automated Verification, Bulk Coupon Management, Scalability

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Gated Internet Community

  1. 1. www.sigmainfo.netRapid Functionality Development with Higher ROIthrough a Dedicated Off-shore Team for one ofthe World’s Gated Online Communities
  2. 2. The ClientIn order to make the online community a safer place for peopleto interact with socially and for business purposes, the client hascreated and operates a gated online community which thrives onverification of every single member using its services. This providesa platform for community members to indulge in trade as well associal interaction in a secure manner.Business CaseThe client was developing this online community internally. However,in the process the in-house development slowly disintegrated. Theclient was then evaluating various technology vendors for relevantexpertise and experience on eBusiness and eCommerce technologyplatforms. The client wanted a technology vendor who could takecomplete ownership of the development process and execute allinitiatives as per the business plan.The client asked all the prospective technology vendors to solve2 key technical challenges in a stipulated amount of time. Thesechallenges acted as evaluation criterion to select the right partner.Based on turn-around-time time and quality of problem resolution,Sigma Infosolutions was rightfully awarded the project.ChallengesSince, the client’s internal development team had disintegrated,there was no documentation pertaining to the existing code. Also,the client didn’t clearly list all requirements for the portal. This putSigma Infosolutions’ team in a challenging position as the team didn’thave any visibility in to the future course of development. Someof the other uphill tasks, successfully solved by Sigma Infosolutionsteam are:1. Partial refresh functionality to ensure faster web page loading2. URL naming process to ensure a SEO friendly site3. Integration of web servers for SSL operability4. Development of key modules such as verification moduleExecutive SummaryThe client embarked ondeveloping a gated onlinecommunity portal to makeonline interaction safe forpersonal and business. Duringthe development process,their in-house developmentteam slowly disintegrated.After having successfullysolved two specific challengesput forth by the client asthe selection criteria, SigmaInfosolutions was chosen asthe dedicated team for thisproject. Sigma Infosolutionssuccessfully built the keyfunctionalities of this portal.The client was thus able torealize its vision of a safeand gated online community.This has opened avenues foradvanced features in the nearfuture and expansion to othercities across US. The projectis ongoing with a bandwidthof 360 hours per
  3. 3. The SolutionSince, there was no documentation from the client’s side, SigmaInfosolutions quickly put a team together that streamlinedrequirement gathering and other project related documentation.A content management system was integrated to aid the dataoperability and future scalability. An Ajax based page refreshmechanism was developed and integrated to resolve the issue ofpartial refresh. This improved the usability of the portal by multi-folds.The various modules were developed to ensure key functionalities ofthe portal. Some of the key functionalities of this portal are:1. Automated Verification: Automates verification process toensure the authenticity of the user. This includes differentlevels of verification such as personal verification as well ascheck for existence of a criminal record.2. Bulk Coupon Management: The bulk coupon module iscapable of processing unformatted data to ensure seamlessoperability of data with the portal.3. Scalability: Sigma team has ensured scalability of this projectin the near future by integration of modules such as reputationmanagement, reporting module etc.TechnologySigma Infosolutions used thefollowing technologies for thisproject:• Groovy Grails• Standard Java plug-ins• Remote pagination• Acegi security• Searchable plug-in• CMS plug-in• Mail plug-in• FCK editor 0.9• Barcode• Static resources• Model box• Form helper 0.28Business BenefitsThe improved functionalitieshelped the client to achieve thefollowing business benefits:• A fully automated solutionto validate the core businessproposition to have a gatedsecure community portal• Flexibility to upload data ina simpler formatwww.sigmainfo.netThe gated internet community
  4. 4. Sigma Infosolutions LLC-USA, California2082 Michelson Dr.Suite 100Irvine, CA 92612Telephone: (714) 717-1826Fax: (866) 405-6750Toll Free No.: 1-888-861-7360Sigma Infosolutions Ltd.-India,BangaloreSigma Towers#66/A, 13th Cross6th Main, JP Nagar3rd Phase, Bangalore- 560078Telephone: +91-80-40865100About Sigma Infosolutions• Sigma Group, an Indian conglomerate has more than 4 decades of experience in Mining, Chemicals Manufacturing &Export, Handicrafts Manufacturing & Export, and Software Development• Sigma Infosolutions is a TUV certified ISO 9001:2008 & ISO 27001:2005 company• Headquartered in US with presence in India• Some of our esteemed customers include Airtel, Zyme Solutions, Yodlee, Celerity Consulting, Resolution Economics,Birla Global Asset Finance, Fosroc Chemicals, Surgery Planet etc.• Sigma Infosolutions’ services comprises of application development, application management, IT consulting, offshoretesting, and website and portal developmentThe business registration page The individual registration pageA fully automated solution to validate the corebusiness proposition to have a gated securecommunity portal“