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Admira digital networks - digital signage software

Digital signage collaborative suite. Best software solution according to the Digital Signage Group 2008 (Digi Award)

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Admira digital networks - digital signage software

  2. 2. Index About Admira digital networks 1. Our understanding of digital signage 2. Benefits & advantages 3. How does it work 4. Digital exposition systems 5. Competitive advantages 6. Key milestones to Admira digital networks Live! 7. Advantages and references 8. Contact and key clients 9.
  3. 3. About Admira Digital Networks Admira Digital Networks (Admiradn / ADN) is leading the way in the development of digital  signage technologies. Admiradn has collaborated with many companies in the implementation of digital signage networks across a variety of sectors that include retail, financial, transportation, government, and museum expositions. In the retail space, ADN’s web-enabled software solutions have helped many organizations communicate, retain, and influence customer’s buying decisions at the point-of-sale by delivering with speed and flexibility multimedia content directly to any Internet-enabled system. Admiradn has an extensive experience in the advertising sector and developing  technological solutions. Admiradn is a complete and versatile interactive digital advertising and exhibition solution at the point of sale. This solution provides numerous advertising possibilities at the point of sale and offers a creative and effective answer to the current business (marketing, promotional, sales) needs. Our mission is to help our clients achieve excellent MARKETING, PROMOTIONAL AND SALES results
  4. 4. Our understanding of digital advertising at the point of sale Advertising is an effective tool for customer management and developing a lasting relationship  with ones clients. However digital advertising at the point of sales – Admiradn - goes a step further. It is a innovative solution that takes advantage of the latest technologies. It can use numerous channels, segment and differentiate contents, and allows personalization. Its results can be measured in terms of creating awareness and increased sales at the point of sales. Admiradn is an innovative advertising software that allows the advertiser to reach new levels of brand awareness and promotional competencies. It is a fresh approach to proactive customer management at the point of sale. The Admiradn state of art market approach creates new informational and promotional flows  with the consumers that benefit their decision making capacities and reminds them of their preferred brands. For the brand owner, Admiradn is far more effective and attractive than the traditional point of sales marketing initiatives. Not to mention, the enormous potential of its segmentation and last minute functionalities that it offers at the point of sale. Admiradn incorporates an intuitive content management system of production, segmentation and distribution of promotional and informational multimedia trailers. Our interactive advertising solution will reduce corporate costs of below the line activities and above all increase the efficiency of their marketing and promotional strategies. Admiradn also responds to the increased costs of advertisement and to the  fragmentation of the traditional media, it will allow companies to achieve higher impact of their marketing and promotional investments. The solution has an enormous potential cross- sector and can be adapted to any point of sale.
  5. 5. Our understanding of digital advertising at the point of sale About digital signage – figures  With the fragmentation of traditional TV advertising due to a proliferation of alternative communications mediums, advertisers are looking for the best way to reach potential customers The digital media and digital signage market is the fasted growing advertising medium across the world today. It is because it reaches the customer out of home and at the point of sale enabling advertisers to target their message more accurately and effectively. In 2005 the market value for digital signage services in the UK and Europe has been  estimated at 420 million euros. These figures are projected to grow by 300% to 1,5 billion euros by 2010 Media sales in the UK has grown by 40% year on year since 2002 and in 2005 were 45  million euros. They are forecast to grow to at least 260 million euros by 2010 Based on recent surveys there are now over 600,000 screens in Europe being used to  advertise, inform and influence the buying public. Networks are not only be found in large public areas such as train stations, shopping malls,  major retail stores, metro, but also in convenience stores, post offices, fast food outlets, bars, hairdressers, pharmacies, garage forecourt shops, betting shops, taxis, trains and buses.
  6. 6. Key benefits Develop closed advertising circuits with hundred of points of emission of personalized  multimedia advertising contents. Segment all of the contents based on time frame, geographical, market and qualitative  data; and based on the point of sales objectives. Develop, integrate, manage and transmit all multimedia contents through user friendly  content management solution (internal or external). Lowers advertising expenditures at the POS (point of sale) and ensures quality of the  marketing contents and manage the effectiveness of the publicity at the point of sales. Superior advertising impact at POS (brand awareness / purchase ratio).  Ability to sell time / space to third parties (potential revenue stream).  Portrays high tech modern image of the brand  Potential training tool for POS staff (during downtime) 
  7. 7. Admiradn advantages at the point of sales It promotes products and services during the 24 hours of the day.  It is ideal for promotional actions and increases sales effectiveness.  It provides information to the merchant on the client's preferences.  It reinforces the image of the brand and strengthens customer retention and loyalty  It allows to show an updated and last minute information and on moving targets  It facilitates the communication in several languages.  It reinforces the company’s CRM strategy  The digital advertising circuit and screens system are ideal for the following POS:  Real estate agencies Hypermarkets / Supermarkets   Travel agencies Postal offices   Banks Fairs   Retails Hotels   Official government offices Pharmacies   Car dealers Public transport   The installation of the system is easy and does not require technical expertise. In addition, the  digital exposition systems can be placed in all types of public facing points of sale.
  8. 8. How does Admiradn Suite work ADMIRA DIGITAL NETWORKS is an unique multimedia advertising software solution that  manages networks of hundred of displays from a central collaborative web solution. ALL TYPES OF SALES POINTS MARKETING PLAN. KEY SALES OBJECTIVES. MARKET STUDIES. HUNDREDS OF INTERACTIVES SCREENS EASY TO USE AND INTUITIVE DDS WEB SOLUTION WWW.ADMIRALO.COM MOVING PROMOTIONAL TARGETS MULTI MEDIA ADVERTISING LIBRARY All of the multimedia contents can be segmented according to different business criteria  allowing the circuit owner to personalize, preview, multicast contents, integrate news wire (xml) and develop a full advertising schedule and programming.
  9. 9. Digital exposition systems DIGITAL CCTV: DIGITAL KIOSK : INTERACTIVE SCREENS: DIGITAL TOTEM : Digital CCTV are extremely Digital kiosks are self- Interactive screens are also The digital totem is most useful advertising circuits contained computing self-contained computing powerful digital exposition that are ideal for terminals that provide terminals that provide system in terms of brand transmitting multimedia access to on-demand access to on-demand notoriety and highest contents at the point of transactions & information. transactions, information exposition quality. It is sale. It is possibly the most Interactive kiosks typically and interactions. This extremely attractive effective real time utilize a touch screen for solution offer touch screen exposition solution from a advertising solution with data entry. These option is functionalities that are ideal consumer perspective. The personalization, preview, ideal for advertising for onsite selling options totem is ideal for multicast, news wire xml transactional solutions and it allows the businesses that are looking integration and scheduling where a customer will consumers to perform for new promotional options. perform a specific business interactions with the techniques at the point of operation. business offering. sale. New Screen saver alternative
  10. 10. Admira Digital Networks competitive advantages Extensive web and digital advertising experience and know how. Unlimited passion for our  value proposition and software product. Admiradn helps all types of companies optimize their marketing and promotional efforts -  around their customers. Admiradn helps overcome the challenges and achieve outstanding sales results.  Total commitment to our customer’s success and marketing advantages  Proven experience in the advertising world to contribute a superior vision to make the best  decisions Possibility of adapting the advertising solution to each client's necessities.  The proven technological option and the best option for integration, emission and  development. ADMIRADN HAS A FIRM COMMITMENT OF BEING AN EXCELLENT CLIENT DRIVEN COMPANY DEVELOPING MORE EFFECTIVE PROCESSES AND TOOLS OF MARKETING AND ADVERTISING AT THE POINT OF SALE.
  11. 11. ADMIRA DIGITAL NETWORKS competitive advantages matrix Benefits Benefits vs. Competitors Best global advertising interactive platform. Open development standards and full   Unique transmisión and content (multimedia) integration with all multimedia solutions  management functionalities (Adobe, Microsoft, Macromedia, Mac, etc). Supports all types of digital contents from HD High Density Video transmission capacities.   video, flash, quicktime, images). Only market Remote system (point of sales systems) and  solution with complete range. GPRS / GPS transmission capabilities. Easy to use and intuitive advertising content Unique functionalities: programming events,   management system (ACMS). direct cast & segmentation options. Strategic and technical project support, and Personalization, preview, multicast, news   attractive pricing scheme. wire xml integration and scheduling options. ROI & Savings Prizes 2004/2005 Maximum advertising effectivity: share of  MASSACHUSETTS INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY mind / eye catching : > 90% Significant advertising copy, production and  DESIGN & ADVERTISING COMMUNITY distribution savings. ROYAL COLLEGE OF LONDON 100% timing effectiveness at all points of  CREATIC sales with segmentation and personalization. INTERACTIVE INNOVATION PRIZE Ideal platform for security and learning on  INTERACTIVE ADVERTISING SOLUTION demand. S&MB “TOP MANAGEMENT” CATEGORY Proven flexibility, reliability and scalability.  New revenue streams possibilities.  100 TOP INNOVATIVE TECHNOLGIES Ten years of solution development.
  12. 12. Key milestones to ADMIRA DIGITAL NETWORKS Live! Presenting 1 month 2 month 3 month Admiradn  Initial meeting  Present demo of Admiradn  Develop business case  Formalize project agreement and scope  Define and assign team kick off Project  Analyze client needs  Develop Admiradn installation guidelines (hardware, communication, screens)  Personalize Admiradn solution  Develop multimedia contents  Initial POS installations  Software installation  Develop POS pilot  Implement pilot  Adapt suite solution  Extend Admiradn solution to rest of POS  ADMIRA ds LIVE!
  14. 14. User management and work flows • User management (roles / permissions) • User friendly collaborative environment • Task sharing • Workflows
  15. 15. Video posting • Video uploading and previsualizations • Automatic templates • RSS feeds • Marketplace options
  16. 16. Content management system • Intuitive content management system • Tags and marketing search • Supports all formats (flash, HD, avi, mov)
  17. 17. POS & Playlist management system • Simple process for playlists and circuit management • Timetable and playlist segmentation
  18. 18. Control panel and statistics • Real time control panel and statistics of all emission points
  19. 19. Admiradn Suite main functionalities Online management for each exposition circuit or group of devices.  Web upload and distribution of all known multimedia formats.  Video posting functionalities and web workflow for creation of new exposition points.  Full circuit management workflows with different user profiles, roles and permissions.  Supports advertising metatags for each multimedia content.  Peer to peer, collaborative and market place possibilities.  Real-time web access and supervision to each of the exposition points.  Web media library and content management.  Played media statistics stored in a database and reporting functionalities.  Communication across LAN or the Internet.  Supported media: Video: MPEG, AVI, HD, Div-x, QuickTime, Flash. All known codecs and  continuous updates
  20. 20. Experiences – Public transport • 1 million visual impacts • GPS advertising
  21. 21. Experiences – Supermarkets • More than 40 daily promotions and over 50 weekly playlists • Excellent track record and boost of sales • Promotional and loyalty multimedia contents
  22. 22. Experiences – Expositions • World famous exposition • Over 6000 m2 of exposition space and > 100 synchronized exposition systems
  23. 23. Experience – Retail • Over 150 synchronized screens • Automatic promotional contents • Usage: screen saver, screens, video walls, projector
  26. 26. 08037 BARCELONA, SPAIN 28028 MADRID, SPAIN