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Facebook = Your Identity


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Many people use Facebook as a way to talk with friends and just post anything and everything they want. Time to change that.

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Facebook = Your Identity

  1. 1. FACEBOOK = YOUR IDENTITY A UniqueBlog Presentation, Presented by Derek Jensen UNIQUE BLOG
  2. 2. THE OVERVIEW Facebook = Your Identity UNIQUE BLOG Introduction / Staying Updated Connecting w/ Friends & Family Your Likes & Interests Setting Up Filters (Privacy) How Personal? (Privacy) Particapting / Adding Feedback Act as ifYour Dream Job is Watching Seperating Personal from Fun and Professional
  3. 3. Introduction / Staying Updated More than 500 million people call Facebook their online home Time spent on Facebook really varies, but it’s increasing Your friends and friends of friends are now updating you You can stay updated on all the information that interests you by simply liking a page There are no tutorials on how to use Facebook properly, but their should be some guidelines to only help you UNIQUE BLOG
  4. 4. Connecting w/ Friends & Family You catch up with friends that you haven’t talked to in awhile You talk with certain friends on a constant basis Strive to connect with people you’ve actually met or truly do know of and they would immediataly add you Family reunions happen more often if you want It’s more than just socializing with them. You can show them how you are developing / changing as a person. UNIQUE BLOG
  5. 5. Your Likes & Interests There are millions and millions of pages to like If you can’t find anything you’re looking for, create one! Like something somebody posted or said Connect with others that have liked the same thing, specifically talking about pages Edit your interests and connect with others with your same interest. How? Just click on your interests. UNIQUE BLOG
  6. 6. Setting Up Filters (Privacy) Whenever you add a friend you can create lists or now groups Example: everyone that friends me that I met from the online world is put under a diferrent list than my college friends Help organize who are the friends you want to truly connect to Don’t allow certain people to see certain things on your profile, but you still would like to connect with them Protect your identity, but don’t hide it (too far) UNIQUE BLOG
  7. 7. How Personal? (Privacy) You have the right to say anything. Just know that whoever you setup through your filters to see your status updates or anything you post on your wall or others they can see Don’t be a robot though, but don’t do or say things that you wouldn’t want to be remembered for Self-control UNIQUE BLOG
  8. 8. Particpating / Adding Feedback Did you know there is a discussions tab? Start a new group to communicate with a select individuals Add your input to get noticed through comments and discussions The more you add feedback, the more you are noticed, the more you can get feedback in return UNIQUE BLOG
  9. 9. Your Dream Job is Watching What is the number one job or position you’d like right now? Pretend someone related to that job or position is watching you Aggresive filters showing a sign Be yourself, but don’t go “over the top” Facebook is a great tool to socialize with others and also a great way for employers to notice you UNIQUE BLOG
  10. 10. Seperate Personal from Fun & Professional Facebook is a place meant for you to have fun Facebook is a place meant for you to be who you are and socialize with your friends & family Facebook is home to many professionals and businesses that can notice you and go out and explore your profile if they want to This is why Facebook is your identity for the online world Just be careful and know the possibilies UNIQUE BLOG