Pc Ware Norway Consepts And Solutions 2009


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Pc Ware Norway Consepts And Solutions 2009

  1. 1. PC-Ware Norway – Consept and solutions Why Consepts and solutions? We need to: • Increase and make visible our value add to the marked and our customers. • Expand our service in the PC-Ware group Strategic direction. • Get more revenue and margin from solutions that the norwegian marked for ICT-services is demanding. • Offer complete services for our custromers; our competitors are already offering full package deals; software, software ICT consulting services and hardware services, www.pc-ware.com
  2. 2. PC-Ware Norway – Consept and solutions What will our customer gain by using our solutions? • Ashive more efficiency and redused cost in their IT infrastructure. (IT Optimization) • Stability and predictability in relation to investments and increased power of competitivness. • Scalability and flexibility to be prepared for any possible changes. www.pc-ware.com
  3. 3. PC-Ware Norway – Consept and solutions What is IT-Optimization from PC-Ware Norway? Through d fi d consept and solutions - i t d Th h defined t d l ti introduce processes and systems th t d t that supports the organisations goals in IT-optimization; • Through research; define customers level for optimization; basic,standardize,rationalize,dynamic • Capasity and -inventoryanalyzing ; today-situation and future demands • Project definition; use of resources, and budget • Plan for; consolidation, disaster recovery,client administration, identity managment storage and backup • Installation and support of IT-optimization tools for IT-management www.pc-ware.com
  4. 4. PC-Ware Norway – Consept and solutions What is included in our solutions? • Selected software product areas who represent PC-Wares ”best of breed” and/or independent recomendations within the actual solution area. • C Consultant assistance and services who i relevant f th actual lt t i t d i h is l t for the t l solution. • Recommended hardware spesification and infrastructure. infrastructure • PC-Ware will use standard process for project accomplishment: • Plan and analysis y • Pilot study and testing • Recommended scale and sizing of solution • Installation • Management, support, and SLA www.pc-ware.com
  5. 5. PC-Ware Norway – Consept and solutions PC-Ware group Portefolio Services Software-Management Infrastructure Services Asset Management Location Services, Green IT, Virtualization Services, Advicing, Analysis, Planning Availability Services, Data Protection Services, Licencemanagement Multi Vendor Services, monitoring/remote management, Agreement administration, support and optimization Exclusive Services Services for operative prosessing ITSM, ISM, Emergency Manual Services, Hardware-Integration Support for reorganisation of IT Organisation Enterprise Server p Administrasjons Services Projectadministration, support management Enterprise Storage / Backup, Archive Audit, Reporting, analysis and calculation services Selective Client / Server Rollout www.pc-ware.com
  6. 6. PC-Ware Norway – Consept and solutions PC-Ware Norway – solutions overview Licence Administration (In business) Business Security PC-Ware Inteligence (Not started) Co septs Consepts (Not started) d) Automatization of datacenter (In progress) www.pc-ware.com
  7. 7. PC-Ware Norway – Consept and solutions Automated Datacenter - Competence and resources PC-Ware PC W licence sale PC-Ware PC-Ware pc-ware Solution - solution solution solution- sale consultant resources selected vendors and distributors www.pc-ware.com
  8. 8. PC-Ware Norway – Consept and solutions Automated Datacenter solutions Data protection disaster recovery Backup and restore Synckronization Datastorage Lifsycle Management Terminalserver Multi OS Virtualization and client management X86/Intel/ Consolidation Migration Desktop infrasturcture AMD Business continuity and availability Centralized services Unix/Linux Datacenter analysis Capasity demands Resourceanalysis Asset management www.pc-ware.com
  9. 9. PC-Ware Norway – Consept and solutions Automated Datacenter solutions – virtualization and vendors VM Ware Citrix Xen Microsoft Virutalization Consolidation Business Continuity Availability CA Platespin XOSoft www.pc-ware.com
  10. 10. PC-Ware Norway – Consept and solutions Automated Datacenter solutions– Data Protection and Vendors VM Ware Veeam Microsoft Dataprotection Disaster recovery Backup and restore Synckronization Platespin CA XOSoft www.pc-ware.com