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Thursday, July 9, 2009

 DOTHAN EAGLE                                                              Real p...
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Al De

  1. 1. Thursday, July 9, 2009 DOTHAN EAGLE Real people. Real news. 75 cents Today: Partly cloudy Braves shut down North Korea Stricter labeling 8A 40% chance of storms High 91° Cubs in blamed for urged for Low 71° 4-1 win 1B cyber attacks bottled water 7A Three dead in apparent murder-suicide Lance Griffin at Spanish Trail Park, picked up ering evidence. His neighbors bors, investigators believe this were present. They fled the his newly purchased 12-gauge may have been shaken but not is what happened: home and began running to shotgun and blew a hole in his stunned and baffled. Turner’s girlfriend Roselyn another neighbor’s home when CHIPLEY, Fla. — Distraught television. Three people would not be Jackson, 50, who also lived they heard a gunshot and a and apparently frustrated over If he had stopped there, yel- dead. at the residence, confronted scream. Police believe that’s a broken truck and lawn low crime scene tape would not But Turner didn’t stop there. Turner after he shot the televi- when Turner shot and killed mower Tuesday, police believe surround the residence and Based on a Washington County sion. Three children between Jackson. John an angry John Henry Turner another one nearby. Forensic Sheriff’s Department investiga- the ages of 5 and 11, believed to Turner Jr. Jr. went inside his mobile home technicians would not be gath- tion and interviews with neigh- be Jackson’s grandchildren, See MURDER, 3A Police say SO LONG, HUEY teen shot New medevac helicopters arrive at Fort Rucker at officer 19-year-old charged with attempted murder Ebony Horton OZARK — Alcohol may have been a factor in a two-minute scuffle between a teenager and a veteran Ozark police offi- cer who was shot at sever- al times early Wednesday morning, according to authorities. Ozark Police Chief Tony Spivey said the officer, whose name was not released, stopped to ques- tion why Bryan Bowman, Bryan 19, was walking in the road Bowman at the intersection of East Andrews Avenue and West College Street around 12:30 a.m. Spivey said it is protocol for an officer to question anyone walking that early in a residential area or business district. Spivey said Bowman became combat- ive. When the officer attempted to retrieve a Taser, Spivey said Bowman reached into his waistband for a handgun Danny Tindell / and fired at the officer three to five times. Flight crews look over the new UH-72 “Lakota” medevac helicopters at Cairns Army Airfield on Wednesday afternoon. At least one bullet hit the officer’s patrol vehicle, but none struck the officer, Spivey Ebony Horton “We’re going from the beloved, reliable, durable ecessor by about 30 to 40 said. The officer did not return fire because knots and has a more modern Bowman fled into a residential area. aircraft we trust to a new sports car with the latest avionics package. DALEVILLE — Six U.S. electronics and gadgets and that’s also reliable, “The gauges are glass. The See SHOT, 3A Army UH-1 “Huey” medevac rescue hoist in no longer in helicopters, at least one of so it’s bittersweet.” the cabinet. There are just a which was used during the Vietnam War, will be phased out over the next two years Lt. Col. Kyle Patterson Fort Rucker Medevac Flatiron Company lot of benefits to the new air- craft that can maybe help in saving lives,” Patterson said. Midland City police chief at Fort Rucker to a more “We’re going from the modern model for medical commander of the 1-223 received UH-72s in March. beloved, reliable, durable support. Army Regiment Battalion at According to the press aircraft we trust to a new Military personnel on the Fort Rucker, said the plan to release, the new helicopter is sports car with the latest post welcomed the arrival of the first three of eight UH-72 “Lakota” helicopters at Cairns phase out the UH-1 was an Army-wide initiative to streamline its fleet. a twin-engine, fully automat- ed aircraft and can carry loads up to 3,777 pounds at electronics and gadgets and that’s also reliable, so it’s bittersweet.” out of a job Army Airfield in Daleville The estimated cost of each speeds up to 142 knots. Officials said the UH-1s on Matt Elofson around 1 p.m. Wednesday. aircraft is about $5.5 million, Lt. Col. Kyle Patterson of Fort Rucker have an average The UH-72s were flown from according to a press release the Fort Rucker Medevac of 6,500 flight hours, with at Columbus, Miss. by the Washington, D.C., Flatiron Company said the least one in excess of 10,000 The Midland City Police Department Lt. Col. Joseph Matthew, National Guard unit that UH-72 is faster than its pred- flight hours. has one less officer working the streets after the police chief was relieved of his duties Tuesday. Bob Brogden, an Ozark Group helps youths give back to the community attorney who represents the town of Midland City, said Keith Rinehardt Greg Phillips Volunteers resigned as police chief participating after he refused to follow in Wired an order handed down by While many teens are spend- Week 2009 Mayor Virgil Skipper and Keith ing the summer lounging at the the town council. Rinehardt organize a beach, one group of youths is garage at the Tom Brantley, who represents Rine- using its time to help residents Wiregrass hardt, said his client did not quit and and service organizations in the Hope Group, plans to contest how he lost his job. Wiregrass. Wednesday “He was accused of using his police vehi- Now in its second year, Wired afternoon. cle for personal use by going to work anoth- is a one-week program allowing er security job at BamaJam,” said Brantley, teens from churches through- Max Oden / who represents Rinehardt through the out the Wiregrass to volunteer moden@ Police Benevolent Association. “It was not for service on a local level. dothan a resignation. It was a termination.” “It costs the kids less, and Rinehardt said Midland City hired him they’re still involved,” said as police chief in November 2008. He pre- Sharon Sizemore, marketing viously worked as a K-9 officer for the director for Wiregrass Hope Dale County Sheriff’s Office. Group, which Wired has helped Brogden said Rinehardt resigned after throughout the week. “Money is he refused to follow an order by Mayor tight. You can take 35 youth and Virgil Skipper to change the unmarked drive to Texas and spend two teered for the program. This their housing, so it’s a lot cheaper The volunteers chose between vehicle he drove as police chief to look like days on the road and thousands year, that number is up to 600. than some mission trips. Most of three different team types. a patrol car. Brogden said for some rea- of dollars to go to there, or you “It really put a taste in the the churches are from the Social teams worked at nurs- son Rinehardt said he would not mark can stay right here and benefit kids’ mouths to want to do volun- Columbia Baptist Association, ing homes, adult day care cen- his car and quit. your own community.” teer work in their own communi- but two are from Jacksonville ters, Mama Tina’s Kitchen, the “He resigned, and they’re not going to Last year, 230 teens volun- ty,” said Susan Anderson, a vol- and one is from Birmingham.” Dothan Rescue Mission, Wire- let him come back,” Brogden said. “He unteer at Wiregrass Hope Group Half the volunteers are grass Hope Group and other just got all irate and mad and told the whose husband, Mark, helped housed at Mount Gilead Baptist social service organizations. mayor he would not drive a marked unit. found Wired last year. “These Church, while the other half are kids paid $99, which includes all at Ridgecrest Baptist Church. See GROUP, 3A See JOB, 3A