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  1. 1. Recipe For SuccessAnne Shillolo #ecoo12
  2. 2. Blending Literacy, IT and More
  3. 3. A Vision of K-12 Students... Today• YouTube
  4. 4. Michael Fullan• The Digital Dimension, Leaders In Educational Thought video series• Technology has far outpaced pedagogy
  5. 5. More Fullan• Student use of technology is pervasive and primarily outside of school. Its irresistible, you can’t keep it out.• What’s the pedagogy that goes along with it?• The teacher becomes designer, enabler, change agent.
  6. 6. More Ideas• New pedagogy puts students in charge of their own learning, working with each other. Teacher is not dominating, and this is consistent with best pedagogical practices.• Technology is just accelerating it.• We are at the tipping point now, in 2012-13 I believe there will be an absolute explosion of innovation in pedagogy.
  7. 7. Go For It!• We do not have the traditional model for development: innovation and then training people in it.• Like lot of lean start-ups: we have preliminary examples that are not fully developed, and we are in an improvement cycle now, we need support for teachers.• We are building technology but also but building, in parallel, a support system.
  8. 8. Khan Academy Quote• Teachers are more important than ever!• Technology allows the role to evolve and become what most teachers actually went into the profession to do. Instead of spending so much time grading homework or giving the same lecture over and over again, they can use real-time data to ensure they use their time most effectively. They can personally interact and provide guidance to every student. They have time to facilitate more collaborative activities with students actively interacting with each other. Technology will not replace teachers, but it will empower them to be great mentors to their students.
  9. 9. Contact Information Twitter @anneshillolo
  10. 10. Unit Plan Templates There are three: one blank, one History sample and one with justthe apps pick-list. Email me and I will send them to you. Thank you!