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Session 2013-14
SIFS INDIA was founded from 2005 with an aim to impart high quality and
Module I
Forensic Graphology
Module II
Aspects of Graphology in
2443, Basement,
Hudson Line,
Kingsway Camp,
Delhi-110009, India
Phone : +91-11-47074263, +91-9871502343
Email : education@...
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Forensic graphology and handwriting courses will cover all topics related to forensic investigation, Handwriting analysis, signature verification, forgery document etc

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  1. 1. FSP- 105 FORENSIC GRAPHOLOGY Session 2013-14
  2. 2. FSP- 105 FORENSIC GRAPHOLOGY ABOUT SIFS INDIA SIFS INDIA was founded from 2005 with an aim to impart high quality and easily accessible Forensic Services and Education to meet the growing demand of Law enforcement and other Government and private legal Departments. We aim to encourage new developments and research in the field of Forensic Sciences including Cyber Law, Cyber Forensic, Fingerprint Verification and Handwriting Analysis. SIFS INDIA is registered with Govt. of India, We provide various science services including- Forensic Education- Department of Education provides various Forensic Science Courses in the fields of Forensic Science and Criminal Investigation. These courses provide you advantages for the development of your career in the fields of Private Forensic Investigation, Banks, Police Departments, Detective agency, IT industries, IB, CBI and many more.. We impart services to the several Govt. and Corporate agency to help them in field of forensics under our other departments such as-  Forensic Investigation  Forensic Training  Forensic Internship  Forensic Research  Security Services  Scientific Equipment Department COURSE INTRODUCTION Forensic Graphology is the study of handwriting especially to know the psychological traits and behavior of a person. Handwriting is a neuromuscular process that originates in the brain. Some researchers have called it brain writing. The study of handwriting, involving the interpretation of character and personality traits. Forensic graphology is the study and analysis of handwriting in relation to human psychology. In this course we will study about movement and speed, analysis of handwriting. Theories of personality related to handwriting, characters and signatures. Forensic graphology: This module deals with introduction to graphology, movement, speed, arrangements, size and writing. Aspects of graphology in investigation: In this module we will discuss about scope of graphology, graphology questioned document and handwriting analysis, self-awareness and analyzing of own handwriting. OVERVIEW  SIFS INDIA  Course Introduction  Course of Studies  Entry Requirements  How to apply  Fee Structure  Career Prospects  Library  Training & Internship  Contact Us
  3. 3. FSP- 105 FORENSIC GRAPHOLOGY COURSE OF STUDIES Module I Forensic Graphology Module II Aspects of Graphology in Investigation Module III Aspects of Graphology in Psychology Module IV Analysis Techniques of Graphology ENTRY REQUIREMENTS Certificate Course: 10th Passed from Recognized Board/ School and basic knowledge of Science related field. Diploma Course: 12th Passed in any discipline from Recognized Board/ School/ basic knowledge of Science related field. Post Graduate Diploma: Graduation Passed from Registered Board/ College and basic knowledge of Science related field. HOW TO APPLY 1. First select the course. Then Check the fees and fill up the complete online application form or download the application form. 2. Make sure to sign the application form. Include your complete mailing address and all other details. Please provide telephone number and/or email address and also attach a self-attested photograph of the candidate. 3. Things to be send with application form: - Attach photocopies of the Academic qualification certificates duly attested by a notary or a Gazetted Officer (Mandatory); Send three additional passport size photographs along with the application form. Payment: Include the total fee as per the course selected as per your choice. Amount can be deposited in the bank or send a cheque or demand draft (DD) or money order (MO) or banker’s cheque in favor of “SIFS INDIA” payable in Delhi. Visit: Post/e-Mail the above required items to- SIFS INDIA, 2443, Basement, Hudson Line, Kingsway Camp, Delhi-110009, India. What You Will Receive: Admission Letter, Online User name and Password to excess the course content, Printed Material (Books / Notes/ CD/DVD/Software's/Tools/Kit) (For Distance Courses Only), Identity Card and Examination Card, Course Completion Certificate, Mark Sheet and Certification. FEE STRUCTURE Fee for Online Course- (INR) Certificate : 5000 Diploma : 8000 PG Diploma : 10000 Fee for Distance Course- (INR) Certificate : 6000 Diploma : 9000 PG Diploma : 11000
  4. 4. 2443, Basement, Hudson Line, Kingsway Camp, Delhi-110009, India Phone : +91-11-47074263, +91-9871502343 Email : Web : CAREER PROSPECTS Forensic Graphologist: Forensic graphologists examine the handwriting or drawing movements by considering them as movements organized by the central nervous system and produced under biomechanical and dynamical constraints. Given these considerations, graphologists proceed to evaluate the pattern, form, movement, rhythm, quality, and consistency of the graphic stroke in terms of psychological interpretations Forensic graphologists are hired to analyze the writings of criminals. Handwriting Analyst: Handwriting analyst may be called upon to examine what may be suspicious - or fraudulent - documents as is sometimes the case with insurance claims and indeed in some rare instances, police statements where there have been allegations of corruption. Placement agency In Govt. Sectors: Central Forensic Science Lab (CFSL), State Forensic Lab (SFL), Govt. medical sector In private sectors: Pvt. Detective agencies, Forgery detective agencies, Banks & health insurance companies.. LIBRARY We have online Forensic e-Library, which have more than 1000 Forensic Books. We provide membership number with username and password to enrolled students. Students can use this to access our online materials straight away. TRAINING & INTERNSHIP After completion of online course we provide Training and Internship which help in making your career as a Forensic Expert. Training includes several practical aspects with real cases and crime scene visit.